Funny and Comedy stories in english 2020

Funny and Comedy stories in english

Hello friends, welcome to our website. Today I am going to tell you funny and Comedy stories in English. After reading these stories, you will get a very good smile.

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Best comedy stories 

The purpose of our stories is to remove the sadness on your face and bring a smile.

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1 Poet Robber

A poet became a robber, fed up with poverty.

He went to the bank to robbery and went and pointed a pistol at everyone and said

"It has been requested..... What is in the fortune, You will get what is in your fortune, Will get the same.

Hands up! No one will move from their place!

"Going to the cashier says -" Take out some of your dreams from my eyes, Take out some of your dreams from my eyes.

Whatever you have, quickly put it in this bag! !

When he was robbed of the bank, he used to go while speaking.

Forget me, what goes
Forget me, what goes

I'll shoot whoever chased me! ! "

2 Letter to Vishnuji

A child wanted a bicycle. His father refused and he became depressed. Then there was a thought in his brain that why not ask God for money for a bicycle.

He wrote a letter and put it in the post office box.

Kshir Sagar
Vaikunth Dham

My greetings to Vishnuji!
Just like that,
everything is given by you.
If you send 5000 thousand then the devotee will be very happy

Your - Bunty

When the postal department received this letter, they felt very sad. Everyone collected funds and deposited four thousand rupees and sent money order to that boy.

The boy was very happy after getting the money order.
A week later, he again wrote a letter - in the name of Vishnuji.

Kshir Sagar
Vaikunth Dham

My greetings to Vishnuji!
God! Got your sent money, thanks a lot

By the way, you must have sent all five thousand. But these postal department officials are getting very angry. Years ate thousands of rupees.

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Life is learn

3 Reward Money

Chandulal could not swim. He vowed until he learned how to swim properly - would not step into the water.

It was the day of spring, the river Ganges was in full bloom. Chandan Lal's friend Matkanath Brahmachari said - "Let Chandulal teach you how to swim."

Chandulal said - 'I swear, I will not even set foot in the water until I can swim "

"Hey! What can happen like that, without getting into the water you can't learn to swim," said Matkanath Brahmachari - "Now let the stubbornness come and let Ganga ji.

Matkanath Brahmachari reached Ganga ji with Chandulal and said - 'Look at that board - a reward of five hundred rupees to the person who saved the drowning - the District Officer by order "

Now you get down into the river and shout loudly - save, save - I will come and get you out - And we will share the prize money among ourselves "

Chandulal liked the idea - he went down to the knee in the water _ _ he started shouting loudly as soon as he went to water, he drowned! help Help .

Matkanath Brahmachari, showing eyes, said - “Abe, shut up! Does anyone drown in knee water? Hey and go ahead - don't you want the prize money? "

Chandulal proceeded in fear and shouted again when there was water up his neck.

Matkanath Brahmachari looked at the eyes and said - and further! ! I am - why are you afraid ".

This happened two or three times and Chandulal went very far in the water and really started drowning!

"Oh I really.......... (Jaggery Jaggery)......... I am drowning........ Help.......

Matkanath Brahmachari did not say anything and kept smiling on the banks of the river.

Now Chandulal's breath started to lose.... Shouted loudly - "Hey bastard! What are you doing...... Quick...... Save...... Don't you want five hundred rupees.....!"

Matkanath Brahmachari pointed with a finger - another board was placed on the other side of the earlier board. .

It was written on it - "Reward of one thousand to the one who took out the floating corpse - the District Officer by order.

4 Hey Pathan, You killed me!

Pathan was carrying grain bags in his bullock cart to the city.

Had just come out of the village, his bullock cart overturned in a pit. Pathan tried to straighten the bullock cart.

Had just come out of the village, his bullock cart overturned in a pit. Pathan tried to straighten the bullock cart. A passer by sitting under a tree at a distance, gave a voice saying, "Hey brother, don't bother, come and have dinner with me first, then I will make your bullock cart straight.

Pathan: Thank you, but I can't come now.My friend Bashir will get angry.

Rahgir: Hey you won't be able to lift the bullock cart alone. You eat the food and then both of us will pick it up.

Pathan: No, Bashir will get very angry.

Rahgir: Hey please agree. Come to me.

Pathan: Well, if you say so, I will come.

Pathan ate food fiercely and then said, "Now I go to the bullock cart and you also go. Bashir must be getting angry.

Rahgir smiled and said, Come on, why are you so afraid? Where will Bashir be right now?

Pathan: Under the bullock cart.

5 In our Punjab

Sardar ji went out for the first time to ride his boy Monty on a scooter.

See grapes on the way

Shouted Monty: Papa Papa! ! Have to eat grapes!

Sardar ji: huh! Our Punjab has great grapes. This is Anguri, Anguri! 

And moved forward.

On the way I showed the apple. Shouted Monty: Papa Papa! Apples are food!

Sardar ji: huh! In our Punjab, there are big big apple! This is SEBI And moved forward.

See bananas on the way

Shouted Monty: Papa Papa! ! Have to eat banana!

Sardar ji: huh! Big bananas are available in our Punjab! This is Kelly, Kelly!

And moved forward.

Showing samosa on the way.

Shouted Monty - Papa Papa! Samosa is food!

Sardar ji: huh! There are big big samosas meet in our Punjab! This is a Samosi, Samosi!

While doing this, Sardar ji came back with Monty and did not take anything.

Monty's anger was on the seventh sky.

Mother asked: Did Monty enjoy hanging out with Papa?

Monty said: huh! There are big big papa meet in our punjab! This is so Papi, Papi!

6 School Inspection - English Vinglish

Education officer came to inspection a government school.

Went to a class and wrote on the blackboard..... "NATURE

(It reads nature) and asked the children - children, can you read this!

All the children raised their hands - Sir! Sir! - started saying.

The education officer liked it - he was very impressed. Asked a child, the boy said - Sir, this is Natoore !

The education officer was aghast and asked the second..... boy........ then third..... fourth... Everyone said - Natoore!

Education officials were furious with anger - Master Sir, What has taught upside down? All these are speaking Nature to Natoore!

Master Sir - Hey sir! Children - they are not matoore, they will learn when they become mature!

(Master sir was calling MATURE as matoore)

The education officer got out of anger and reached the principal's office directly.

"Principal Sir! What are you studying? Children read Nature as Natoore and Master Sir is calling Matures as Matoore."

Principal Sir - "Oh let go sir! Why are you upset? You go to the rest house comfortably! They are spoiling all their fatoore - not our fatoore!"

( Principal sir was calling FUTURE as fatoore )

The Education Officer shouted loudly - "If the above people did not presyure, then I would have closed this school

( Education officer was calling PRESSURE as presyure )

Friends, how did you like these comedy stories, tell us in the comment box so that we keep writing such funny and comedy stories for you. If you have any questions, you can definitely ask.

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