Want to be something in life। Inspirational stories

Want to be something in life। Inspirational stories

Want to be something in life। Inspirational stories

Want to be something in life। Inspirational stories 

Friends, today in this article we will tell you about want to be something in life. We should decide ourselves what we want to become in our lives, Sometimes it happens that we take our decision after obeying others, then we have to repent. Therefore, if you want to become something in life, then make your own decision. If you want to achieve your goal, then choose the right path which will benefit you if you move forward. Some say that everything in the world is useless, nothing is good but is everything in the world is precious, Rather we should respect them. The sooner we understand our responsibility the more it will be right for us, If we do our duty properly then people will also remember us.

1) Choose the right path to get to the floor.

There are many occasions in life when you feel that you can reach your destination quickly by walking on the wrong path, while the right path seems to be difficult. In such people often choose the wrong path but they forget that going ahead What will be the result of this. Therefore, whenever we take a decision, we must also think about its far-reaching consequences.

Two friends lived in a village. His name was Sohan and Mohan. Sohan was very clever and clever, he wanted to get rich as soon as possible. While Mohan was very simple, he believed in his ability and hard work. Once, both friends thought of going to the city to earn money. Both friends came to the city with some money. Sohan got addicted to gambling in the city. At the beginning he earned a lot of money in gambling. With this money he made money in the city. Not only took one home and luxuries - rest stayed Mohan has refused him a lot but he did not.

Mohan opened a small shop in the city. He worked hard day and night and did his job honestly. Within a few days his shop started running properly. Mohan too took a small house in the city. Sohan often Mohan used to make fun of him but Mohan does not say anything to him.

There was a time when Sohan became a pauper due to gambling addiction and came on the road. Then Mohan supported him and gave him a place to stay in his house. Seeing Mohan's nature, Sohan's mind also melted and he made Mohan He apologized for his actions and vowed to follow the right path from the front. This way the two friends started running the shop together. This made the shop run even better and their income also increased. In this way both friends live happily.

2) Everything in the world is precious. 

Some people consider something special in their life and everything else is unimportant for them. But they do not understand that everything in this world has a different importance.

A disciple, after finishing his studies, gave his guru a golden currency in Guru Dakshina on his way home. Then Gurudev said that it is of your use, then give me something that is not useful for you in Gurudakshina. Filled the soil and said that it is of no use to me, you should keep it with you. So, I said that I have deemed it useless, if I do not live then how will the grain be produced? I will die of hunger. Then the disciple brought the pieces of stone and started giving it to the Guru, then he said that if we are not there, how will we build the house, where will you live. Then he brought the dirt and said that it is of no use. Keep it, then I think dirty, if I do not live, then how will the fertilizer be made?

Then the Guru said that this is also not meaningless, then Gurudev explained that nothing is meaningless in this world. Man starts considering many things as meaningless only because of his importance. Then that disciple gave his important thing to the Guru in Dakshina Became an ideal disciple.

3) Do some duty like this. 

In today's time, it is a common problem that whenever a person is given some work or responsibility, they keep complaining something or the other. With dedication and dedication to complete any work in life It is important to be. If a person fulfills his responsibility without complaining, then certainly good results will come out.

It is a very old thing, due to heavy rains in a state, the river was flooded. The whole city was flooded. People fled to high places after saving their lives. Many people lost their lives. The king of the state was upset. He saw the view of the city from a hill. The whole city was submerged in water. The King discussed the rescue work with his ministers. Anyhow the flood water should be drained from the city, that was the only concern. The king asked Proven Saints Is there any method that can flow the river upside down, Which drain the flood water. Scholars say that there is no such method. 

Just then a prostitute came there, she told the king that she could make the river vomit. The king got a laugh. The ministers and Brahmins rebuked him, where are the great Provens given up, what are you there. Said to give me an opportunity once. The king thought where so many people are trying, what is evil even doing this. The king gave orders to him. prostitute murmured a little while closing his eyes.

She remained sitting in a state of meditation. Then suddenly a miracle happened. The flow of the river started returning in the opposite direction and on seeing it, all the water flowed. Shock was averted. The king grabbed the feet of that prostitute. Where did you come from? The prostitute said that this is the effect of my teacher's education. The woman who pushed me into this blasphemous work, gave me an education that maybe God has made you for this work Do not ever curse your destiny. Always bear whatever responsibility you have. And I did the same. I never complained to God, nor cursed my luck. My duty became my penance and I have God today Asked for the fruits of that penance.

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