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Short stories for kids In english

Hello friends, welcome to our website. Today in this article we are telling you about short stories for kids with moral.

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1 Aroma and Plunk

Nakhanat was a poor laborer. He used to work in the fields one day by finishing his work in the evening. Returning home there was a sweets shop by the way. The sweet sweet aroma of sweets was coming all the way. This brought water to the laborer's mouth. he went to the store . He stood there for a while and had some money. But they were not enough to buy sweets. He returned empty-handed when he heard the hoarse voice of the shopkeeper. "Stop! Keep giving money.

Money? What money? The worker asked? Sweets and what!

The shopkeeper said, "But I did not eat sweets!"

He replied . 'But you have taken the aroma of sweets, haven't you?

The poor laborer got scared. A clever man standing there was listening to this. He called the worker to him and whispered something in his ear and said something. Hearing the man's face, the laborer's face blossomed, he went to the shopkeeper and began to pocket the money in his pocket, the shopkeeper was happy after hearing the tinkling of money. Let's withdraw money. The laborer said, "I have paid the money", the shopkeeper said, "Hey, when did you pay the money?"

The laborer said, 'You have not heard the tinkling of money if the smell of sweet is equal to eating sweets. So hearing the tinkling of money is equivalent to taking money. Ha ha ha he stood there proudly for a while. Then he went on smiling.

Moral - like tit.

2 Slick Fox

One day a crow snatched a bun from a child's hand. After that, he flew away and sat on the top of the tree and started eating bread. When a fox saw him, his mouth was filled with water. She reached under the tree. He looked at the crow and said, "Hello King, hello." Are you good

The crow did not reply.

The fox said to him, Crow King, you look very beautiful and bright. If your voice is also sweet, you will become the king of birds. Just let me hear your voice.

The foolish crow thought, I am really the king of birds. I should prove it As soon as he opened his beak to sing, the bread fell down from the beak and came down.

The fox ran away immediately after picking up the bread.

Moral - Should be wary of those who praise it falsely.

3 Rural Rat and Urban Rat

There was a rural mouse. He lived on the farm. An urban mouse was his friend. He lived in the city. One day the rural rats invited the urban rats to eat. He gave sweet berry, peanut and kandamul to his urban guests. But the urban rats did not like the simple village food. He said to the rural rat, brother! To be honest, I did not like this country food of yours. This is very poor food. It also has no taste. If you come to my house, then you will know what it is like to eat great.

The rural rat accepted the invitation of the urban mouse. One day he went to the city. His urban friend gave him food to eat azir, dates, honey, biscuits, pavroti, jam. The food was very tasty.

But in the city, they could not eat both peacefully. Repeatedly a cat would come there and the mice had to run to save their lives. The urban rat bill was also very small and narrow.

How sad is your life, brother? The rural rat said to the urban rat, I return home. There, at least I can eat peacefully. Returning to their place on the farm, the rural rat was happy.

Moral - True happiness in peace and fearlessness.

4 Grasshopper and Ant

They were summer days . It was sunny and the weather was clear. Grain was also rich. At such a time, a grasshopper was busy singing the song after eating a lot of food. He saw some ants carrying food items.

Perhaps she was collecting for the future. He started laughing after seeing the ants. He was friends with one of them. The grasshopper said to the ant, "How greedy you all are! Even working on this happy occasion! The pity is upon you!" The ant replied, "Hey brother, we collected food for the rainy season." Is doing .

The rainy season started after summer. There was a cloud in the sky. The open sun kept going! Now it became difficult for the grasshopper to raise food. Eventually, the problem of starving arose.

One day the grasshopper knocked on the door of his friend Ant. He said, 'Ant sister please give me something to eat. I am very hungry . The ant replied, 'During the summer days you continued to roam around here and there, rejoicing in the song, now go somewhere in the rainy season and dance. I can't give a single person a lazy like you. "And he quickly closed the door.

Moral - Today's savings only work tomorrow.

5 Bait Dog

Once a dog found a piece of bone. He sat in a corner by pressing it in his mouth. He kept sucking that piece of bone for a while. Later, he tired and slept there. When he woke up, he got very thirsty. Pressing a piece of bone in the mouth, he went in search of water.

He went to a river bank. When he bowed down to drink water, he saw his own shadow in the water. He thought, there is another dog in the river. The dog also has a piece of bone in its mouth. The dog got the idea to grab this piece of bone. He got angry. When he came and opened his mouth to bark, a piece of bone fell from his mouth into the river. He also lost his mouth bone in greed.

Moral - Greed is bad.

6 Bee and Pigeon

There was a bee. Once, she was going over a flying pond.

Suddenly she fell into the water of the pond. His wings got wet. Now she could not fly. His death was certain.

A pigeon was sitting on the tree near the pond. He saw the bee drowning in water. The pigeon peppered a leaf from the tree. Raised him in his beak and dropped it near the bee in the pond. Gradually the bee climbed on that leaf. In a short while, its wings dried up. He thanked the pigeon. Then she flew away.

A few days later there was a crisis on the pigeon. He was sleeping blindly on a tree branch. Then a boy targeted him with a slingshot. Pigeon was unaware of this danger. But the bee had targeted the boy. Bee-flew and reached the boy. He bites the boy's hand. The catapult fell from the boy's hand. He started screaming in pain. The pigeon woke up on hearing the boy's scream. He thanked Bee for saving his life and flew off with fun.

Moral - Good people always help others.

7 Farmer and Magical Duck

A farmer had a magical duck. She used to give a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell gold eggs in the market. This earned him a good income. Within a few days the farmer became rich. He built a huge house. In this, he lived happily with his wife and children.

This went on for many days. One day the farmer thought, if I take out all the eggs from the body of this duck, then I will become rich.

The farmer took a big knife and ripped the belly of the duck. But he did not get a single egg from the stomach of the duck. The farmer felt sorry for his mistake. He started regretting it. His condition became crazy. The duck was dead. He used to get a golden egg daily from duck, now he could never get it.

Moral - Greed is bad.

8 Two goats were two goats

One was black or one was brown. One day they were passing through a bridge over a waterfall. A black goat was coming from this end of the bridge and a brown goat was coming from that end. The middle of the bridge - the two goats face to face. Both stood up together. The bridge was very narrow. Only one animal could go through the bridge at once.

The black goat growled with the gray goat and said, 'Get out of my way. The gray goat also growled and replied, "Abe, let's go back, otherwise I will throw you into this waterfall."

They continued to threaten each other for a while. After that both of them clashed with each other. Then, it was all set to begin ! Both of them lost their balance and stumbled and fell into the waterfall. They started flowing along the stream of waterfall. Both drowned shortly after.

Similarly, for the second time, two goats came face to face in the middle of this bridge. She was both intelligent and calm. One of them sat the goat. He let the other goat go over his body. She then stood up. Slowly, he too crossed the bridge.

Moral - Anger is the root of sorrow, peace is the mine of happiness.

9 The Lion and the Mouse

They were summer days . In the afternoon, a lion was sleeping in the shade of a tree. There used to be a mouse in the bill near the same tree. He got out of his bill to play and started running around the sleeping lion. This broke the lion's sleep. He caught the rat in the claw. The poor rat trembled with fear. Chi-chi, he said to the lion, "Please forgive me, O king of the forest. Have mercy on me. Leave me. One day I will repay this favor."

"The lion laughed loudly after hearing these words of the little rat. He said, 'You have a great sense of wisdom, little one! It is like that! What will you help a king of the mighty jungle like me? Still the lion is on the rat.' Pity came. He released the mouse.

A few days passed. A rat gave a lion's painful roar. He immediately exited the bill. He saw that and was really in trouble. The lion was trapped in a web of sugar. He tried his best to get out, but he did not succeed. The rat came running to the lion. He said to the lion, "King of the jungle, don't you worry. I free you now. The rat started munching on the trap with his sharp teeth. Within a short time the lion was freed from the trap."

The lion thanked the rat and walked towards his cave.

Moral - The power of small creatures should not be underestimated.

10 Ox and frog

Once, small frogs were playing on the banks of a pond. Then an ox came there to drink water. He dashed loudly after drinking water. All the frogs were frightened on hearing the bull's bull. He rushed to his grandmother on a gallop.

Grandmother asked her grandson, why Ray, what happened? Why are you nervous?

The little frog said, "Hey grandmother, a very big animal had come to the pond without water." His voice was very sharp and terrifying.

Grandmother the bull and the frog asked, how big was that animal? The little frog replied, hey, that was too big. Grandmother spread her legs and cheeks and said, he was so big, what?

The little frog said, "Oh no, grandma. He was much bigger than this." Grandmother grandmother then said after chewing the cheeks, it would not be bigger than this. Is not it !

The little frog replied, Grandmother, he was much bigger than this. Grandmother inflated her body further. Thus she inflated her body. Eventually her stomach explodes and she dies.

Moral - Some pride causes destruction.

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