Recognize talent | Inspirational stories

Recognize talent। Inspirational stories 

Recognize talent। Inspirational stories

Recognize talent। Inspirational stories

Friends, any talent is hidden somewhere inside us, we just need to recognize it.If we recognize the talent hidden within us, then no power in the world can stop us from moving forward. Remember, nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Just keep believing in yourself. I can do it.

1) Identify your talent yourself.

There is some quality in every human being that if he uses it in the right place, then his life can become successful, but for this, the most important thing is to recognize that talent of his own. Once upon a time. Wanted to distribute property among sons but could not understand which of the three sons to give their property. Three were twins cannot be decided even by age. He could not understand anything. He consulted the fakir. Fakir told him a way. He told the sons, I am going on a pilgrimage and to the sons he is going on some bijatirth yatra and he gave some seeds to the sons and said that by handling these seeds After that, after his father went on pilgrimage, after that he returned after a long time. He went to the house of three, one by one. He reached the house of the first son. He first asked the son who gave you the seed. A. What did you do to him? He said, "Father, I don't remember which seeds. The father didn't say anything to him. After that the father went to his other son's house and did the same. He gave the key of his chest to the father." Gave and said I have kept your security in the vault. The father again felt disappointed. Now he went to the third son and repeated the same question. 

He said father you will have to go with me somewhere. They walked away and there was a garden in front. The son said, "Father, these are your seeds. The father's heart was filled with happiness and he gave all his property to his third son with happiness. God has given everyone the skills, all Has given the same body and possibilities. But the only difference is how many chances you see in an opportunity or in yourself and how well you use the opportunity or the body. The father gave the same seeds to his three sons, but all three used it in their own way. God in the same way.

2) Any work no difficult. 

If a person is determined in his mind, he can also touch the height of Everest, but today's youth accepts his defeat with a small failure. Today, if he convinces his mind and thinks about his destination, then his victory is certain Henry Dwarving was a famous Hollywood star of his time. Through his acting, he made a mark in Hollywood. He was so busy in his career that he did not have his own fur It was not for the family. Henry used to work hard day and night and play his characters very well. But gradually his health started deteriorating and he became ill. Henry was getting worse day by day but his acting love was no less Hua doctors advised him to rest. But Henry did not believe he was just acting and was always ready to roll the best. The bar doctors warned Henry that he should stop his acting and no one else should act otherwise his life could be in danger.

The very next day Henry did not do a memorable act which people still remember today. The essence of the story tells that if the power of the mind is strong then a human being can do anything.

3) Those who try never give up. 

Those who try to win with the desire to win, they get victory one day or the other, in fact, trying continuously is the key to success. And those who get frustrated by failure, success remains far away from them.

According to a legend in the Karma Purana, a king of a province in central India attacked the enemy army with full preparedness this time. A fierce battle ensued. The king and his soldiers fought with great valor, but lost for the seventh time. Raja was put to death by his own life. He fled to save his life. Running away, he reached the dense forest and sat in one place and thought that seven times After the defeat, there is no hope of regaining my kingdom from the enemy. Now I will live in this forest and live in solitude. What is left in my life. Ajnk slept killed King lost some ideas.

When he woke up after a long time, he saw in front a spider on his sword. He carefully watched the scene. The spider fell repeatedly and climbed on the sword making the net again. It fell again and again for ten times. Then a saint came there and got engaged in making a king. Then there came a saint and knowing Raja's disappointment, see Rajan. A small creature like a spider is also there again and again. Darkar does not disappoint. War does not call defeat a defeat, rather he calls it a defeat. You try again. Gather your soldiers, battle them with renewed vigor, see, this time the victory will be yours. And he won this time.

The essence of the story is that instead of sitting down frustrated at failure, one should try continuously. This one day definitely suffers. That is why those who try will never give up.

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