life is a learn | Motivation story

Life is a learn। Motivation story

life is a learn | Motivation story

life is a learn

Hello friends Today we are going to talk about life is a learn. Yes, in life we ​​get to learn a lot, life itself makes us feel happiness and sorrow. How much we do to live our lives, we make every effort to become something in my life, so that I also have a name in this world.

1) what is life. 

Life is like a wind ever such as, the wind moves fast So ever it moves slowly. In the same way, our life is ever also so much happy Whose any does not live locus And is so much sad ever Which has no limit. Life is the world, If not life, not even the world.

2) Importance of Life. 

Understanding the importance of life is not so easy. To understand the importance of life, we have to live our whole life. Yes living life lets us know what life is, What does that mean. A person like me cannot explain the importance of life, Because we have to feel it ourselves. What do we do in our whole life, How we live with family, society, relatives, friends That is the importance of life. Therefore only we ourselves can understand the importance of life. The other person can show us the way but cannot explain the importance of life.

3) Life teaches us a lot. 

How lovingly God created this world. But know that we have ruined this world. We have forgotten our culture and have also forgotten the God who created us. Friends, in this small life we ​​get to learn a lot, but we do not learn it, we learn something else. In today's world, people keep on doing such things like theft, rape, murder. Has God we sent this world to do all this. Have you ever thought. If we continue to do all this, what will be the impact on the coming generations? Life teaches us both good and bad. It is upto us what we learn. If you learn well, you will be able to teach people well. Even if we die, our goodness will never die, it will always remain in this world. If we learn bad then we will make good man bad also people will get upset with us. That is why we should always study, it will benefit us that good ideas will come in us. Now you have to decide whether to become good or bad. Always remember if you cannot be good then do not force a good person to become bad. 

4) Life experiences. 

Talking about life experience Meaning the stars of the sky are equal to the count. Because we cannot count the stars of the sky. In the same way, all the experiences of our life cannot be told. The first experience of our life, we get from our family only, it is our identity. When the first day of is our school Then we feel fear Because then we are small, we like sports Do not like going to school. Then we experience fear, as well as school. Just like we grow up, our friends also grow like this, our identity also grows. Then we experience friendship with our friends, we know what friendship is. When we study well, we see good people and meet them and get some kind of information from them. Then we think that I will make a career like these people. At that time we feel very happy from inside, then we happy experience. When our heart breaks, then we get to know what is suffering, Only then do we sad experience. When we finish our studies after that do any job or our own business, After some time our first income comes then we have the experience of earning money. Our parents grow old and the whole housework falls on us, then we know what the responsibilities are. Then we do responsibility experience. When we become one to two like Such as Mr. And Mrs. It is then that we get to know what marriage is.At that time we get to experience marriage. As our life progresses, in our married life a new child comes into this world, then we experience our child. Our children do a good job reading and writing, then we know what a father's feeling is. By the way has many experiences of our lives, if they go to tell all the experiences, they will not end ever.

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