I will come back - Inspirational story

I will come back । Inspirational story

Hello friends, In this article today we are telling you about that I will come back, This is an Inspirational story. When we are sad Or someone's words are hurting us a lot then We know the importance of these words. At that time, we tell ourselves that I will come back and I will definitely come to answer all these. When we stumble, only then do we know how people are in the world, what is sorrow. After that we become a strong person. That's why we will explain to you through a story.

I will come back । Inspirational story

Jai's life story. Inspirational story

This is the story of a person who did not give up under any circumstances and win achievement. Now we start the story.

The hero of our story is Jai Rajvanshi. The name of Jai's village is Jabalpur. Jai was from a middle class family.

Jai when a little child Then he was very naughty. Used to play all day with the children of his village. His parents wanted him to become a big man after reading and be happy in his life. Jai was a little child so Jai's parents didn't say anything to him, They thought that when Jai will grow up, he would automatically start reading. Jai's entire childhood went into sports, But he could not do anything good in studies.

As Jay grew older, he worsened. He did not feel like studying at all. His family got fed up with him, But there was no effect on Jai. He was remains lost in his own world. He was neither studying nor doing any work.

Jai had no experience about what is sorrow because he was got everything he needed. Many people used to convince Jai that you either study or do some work, But there was no effect on him. People used to come but Jai neither talked to them nor sat with them. This was the life of the hero of our story.

One day it happens that a trouble comes upon Jai's family. Trouble is that Jai's father gets an accident, The whole family goes rate, The amount of money they had All the money was spent to Jay's father treated. Jai's father got well but now there is no one to earn money at home. Jai's mother started running the house by demanding money from her relatives, friends and nearby people. Everybody used to come to Jai's house every day to ask for money, But not all people are good, some of them are also bad. one of them was such a relative that when he came, he used to narrate a lot to Jai's family. Jai's mother did not speak anything in front of him, because his circumstances were very bad at that time.

When Jai is sitting with his father Relative comes to ask for money from them, He say that you guys are not giving my money on time. At the same time, looking in front of Jai, he says that your son does not do any business? Whatever comes in the relative's mouth is spoken but Jai does not say anything. At the same time Jai's life takes a different turn. Because Jay's mother borrowed money. Did not tell this thing to Jai. Jai thinks in the mind. Till we have no money, Until then we cannot do anything. He tells himself that whatever bad things people have said me and my family, I will definitely come back to answer all those things of those people. That too with money and work.

Jai leaves the house to work, but he does not know what I will work and how I will get work. Jai believed in himself that I would find some work. At first Jai goes to the hotel and goes there to talk to the hotel owner to work as a waiter but he does not get a job there. Jai goes to different places in the city all day, after that he gets a job at a hotel. Jai's salary is only 5000 thousand rupees per month. He started feeling that there is not enough money to spend on the house and he will have to earn money, so he started working overtime. Jai works well there. Jai thought that until he became a successful person, Till then I will not go home, I will only call home and keep sending money every month. One year passed, but none of Jai's savings were saved because all the money went into household expenses. Even then Jai worked as a waiter in the hotel for 5 years, but nothing good happened.

Jai began to worry about how I would fulfill what I had promised. He thought that he would have to do something. Jai thought that with the help of this hotel, I learned a lot of work from the hotel So now I open my small tea-breakfast canteen. Jai left the hotel job and started the canteen. Now Jai's luck was taking a new turn. Gradually Jai's canteen started running well due to which Jai started earning a very good income. Now Jay and his household expenses were also going well. If Jai has to go ahead a lot, he will have to work very hard.

Jay ran the canteen for 1 year. Then he thought that let's convert the canteen into a small hotel. Jai opened a small hotel with all the money he had saved from the canteen. In the initial period, the hotel did not run well but Jai did not give up. Then slowly his hotel started running well. There was a time that Jai used to work as a waiter in the hotel, but today people work near Jai.

After 3 years Jai converted his hotel into a big hotel. Then slowly Jai moved his business forward and gained his name in the market. It took Jai 10 years to become a successful person.

Jai comes to his house While after the completed 10 years. He brings a lot of money with him. He comes to the village with 5 cars and 20 people. The entire village is left staring at Jai. All the villagers start saying who this person is And so many people So many cars. Whose is it all. Jai meets his parents, tears come to Jai's parents' eyes, but those tears are of joy. Jai had not seen his parents for 10 years. Tears also come in Jai's eyes.

Now comes the turn of the person who used to go saying bad when Jay and his family had bad circumstances. Jai meets that person, that person keeps on seeing Jai, Remember How bad did you say about us. But at that time, my family and I did not respond to your saying words, Because at that time our situation was very bad. Today I will not tell you anything, just say that the person whose circumstances are not good we should encourage that person, But what did you do, you know, Helped us by paying money. But you broke our morale and courage. You got me wrong. Today, I have gained a lot of fame through my hard work and hence we should never laugh at a person in bad times and should not make fun of him. Jai started living happily with his family. Everything went well.

Learning: Our aim is to inspire you through this story.  The person who has bad circumstances, Of any person one should not make fun of him but rather help him. It is said Whatever happens is always for good, Like happened with Jai's life. 

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