We should keep learning । Best motivational stories

We should keep learning । Best motivational stories 

We should keep learning । Best motivational stories

We should keep learning । Best motivational stories

Friends, we should keep reading something because we get new inspiration from reading, we get to learn something. I am not saying that you keep reading my story. Because you might think that this guy is asking to read his story But it is not so If you want to read this story when you read it.

1) These three bandits are around us.

It's a very old matter. At one time a traveler from the forest was going towards his destination. Suddenly he was surrounded by three bandits and robbed of all his wealth.

After robbing the person a robber said, 'Now what is the benefit of leaving this man alive?' He pulled the sword from the sheath.

Then the other robber stopped him and said, "When we have already taken all our money, what is the benefit of killing it?" Tie it with a rope and leave it here. If luck supports, it will not survive, otherwise it will be the feast of a wild animal here.

The bandits did this as per the strategy laid down. After some time the third robber returned and opened the rope of the passenger and freed him and said, 'Brother! I am sorry. I leave you to the right path. '

Seeing the gratitude of the third traveler, the traveler said, 'You receive hospitality with me.' The third robber said, 'I will meet you in another disguise some other day. When the traveler reached his home, a smile came on his face because of the sorrow.

Because his lost luggage was already here. A letter was kept with it, it was written in it.

'The world is a forest. Three bandits live in it. They are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Tamas tries to eliminate man. Rajas binds him to the world. But Sattva frees him from the clutches of Tamas and Rajas and leaves him on a path where there is no fear. That is, at the feet of God. '

2) Where religion there victory.

A donor and a devotional king ruled in Roop Nagar. One day a monk came to him and said, 'You give me your kingdom or give your religion for twelve years'.

The king said, 'I will not be able to give religion. You can take my kingdom. ' The monk sat on the throne and the king walked towards the forest. The king found a young woman in the forest. She told that she is the princess of Anandpur state. Enemies have annexed the kingdom by killing his father.

At the behest of the young woman, the king accepted to live in another city. Whenever the king needed something, the woman would help. One day the king of that city met the king. The two became friends.

One day the displaced king invited the king of the city and his soldiers to the banquet. The king of the city was surprised. Seeing how the displaced king made all this arrangement.

The displaced king was also surprised when he asked the young lady, 'How did you make all these arrangements in such a short time?'

The woman said to the king, 'The time has come to take over your kingdom. You go and handle the kingdom. I am not a woman but a religion. One day you left the Rajpat and saved me, so I helped you.

One who knows and protects religion. Religion protects him. Where there is religion there is victory. Therefore it is necessary to understand religion deeply.

3) As feeling like that desire.

Once Lord Buddha was giving discourses in a city. After the sermon, he finally said, 'Wake up! Time is running out. In this way the discourse meeting of that day ended.

After the meeting, Tathagata said to his disciple Anand, walking a little distance. Anand walked with Lord Buddha. They had just reached the main gate of the Vihara that they stopped on one side and stood up.

People coming to listen to the sermon were coming out of Ebahar, so there was a crowd atmosphere, but a woman came out of it to meet Tathagata. She said, 'Tathagata I am a dancer'. Today, my dance program was pre-decided at the house of the city's best, but I had forgotten about it. You said, 'Wake time is running out, so I immediately remembered this.'

After that, a robber met Lord Buddha, he said, "Tathagata, I will hide something from you. I forgot that today I had to go to a place to rob me, that I remembered my plan as soon as I heard the sermon today."

In this way an old man came to Buddha and the old man said, 'Tathagata! Throughout his life, he was running after the things of the world. Now the day of facing death is coming to a close, then I feel that the whole life has become useless.

Today my eyes opened with your words. From today I will leave all my attachment and try for nirvana. When everyone left, Lord Buddha said, 'Anand! I gave only one sermon, but everyone interpreted it differently. '

In short. 

This is to say that the person who gets the bag, the more donations he gets. Even to attain nirvana, the bag of mind has to be worth it. For this, it is very important to be pure in mind. It is the same in this inspiring context.

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