Think about the future। Inspirational story

Think about the future। Inspirational story

Friends, if we want to move forward in life, we should think about the future. By thinking about future work with what we are currently doing, if we prepare to do future work together in the present, we can become something in life. So today I tell you a story. Friends, you will read the whole story only then you will understand well. You will get good inspiration after reading this story. Let's start the story.

Think about the future। Inspirational story

Think about the future। Inspirational story 

Have you also prepared for a happy future, as it is the practice today that presidents are there for some rain. Then there is a new election. Similarly, in any one country, it was customary that the rulers were changed every year. Kings were changed. When the king was changed, all the clothes of the old king were taken off and a loincloth was worn and a sheet was put on the body. And he was made to sit in a boat and leave it in the jungle.

There was no settlement here in this forest. This practice was going on. Those people who were left on the other side lived, they would die after finding sadness. They used to suffer neither there was any goods, nor there was any food, there was a thick forest. Everyone knew this thing to go away from here after a year. But they did not do anything.

Once someone found that place. He was somewhat sensible. The sensible one who makes his next work, the one who sees the future, the sensible one. As soon as he got the rights, he asked the ministers and others that how many days we have the right? He was told that one year old. He then asked if there was any limitation of authority in a year? There is no limit - got this answer. You can sleep whatever you want. For one year, your whole thing will be accepted completely. You give anything, do anything, settle someone, someone deserves your right.

Then he decided in his mind that when he has to go from here after a year and he wants to go, then find the place where to go and make arrangements there first. Those who have to stay here throughout the year will act with the responsibility of those who have got responsibility. Above all things - dancing, allowance, Pageant, greetings, stoop, party, feast, losing time in all these things, losing time in comfort, losing time in the enjoyment of senses is foolish. Because after a year all these things will be finished. He did all the wasteful work which is not needed in life, Only Pageant is done with curiosity and pleasure and lust. Stopped all those works. People are new kings, they have to take something from them, they have to get work done and they have to prove their selfishness - they come thinking that. Also came to him and said - We have made a big arrangement in front of them, it will be very beautiful dance. All the Maharajas have been visiting there, you should also visit. The king said - We do not have a holiday. People came for a few days, then started thinking that it is a wretched man, it will come somewhere or not leave it. This is the nature of the world. We confuse the name of others, we keep getting trapped by ourselves. If you get separated and see the world that they will not prove their selfishness, then they will give up all of themselves and keep a relationship even if they are above. Being civilized.

Mother-father has grown up and the boys are very pious, yet they do not have time to sit near them. They are not working. Dad will hire a servant for Mataji. Will ask the doctor to come and see. We will arrange the medicine, but sit with them and listen to them throughout the day and they interfere in the middle, they do not interfere, they will explain to the father that see - now you have grown up, you take the name of God, you stay, your There is no man, there is no shortage in service. We are working men and we have the leisure to sit with you. Your world is different and today's is different. You speak in between and our work gets spoiled. You should be silent, this means that no work is done by them. No work with a worthless man. As long as there is selfishness in the world, there is love.

As long as there is selfishness to remember this, then there is love, love, and where it is seen that there is no selfishness, then there is neglect where there is some kind of malice in selfishness. When people saw that Raja Saheb does not get some work done, why should he come in vain. That's why people stopped coming. They thought it was very good, the people who were left out were harassing themselves more and now they all settled themselves. Now he began to see his rule and ordered that the entire forest on the other side of the river should be populated. Towns of the city settled there. And the goods here should be sent there. Till eleven months are over, all the arrangements should be made there and all the work there should be completed. This was the edict, there was no shortage of goods and this was the thrust of the rule. The entire forest on the other side of the river was inhabited, good things went from here.

Now, after the completion of the year, their clothes were removed and sheets were given. Where did you go to sit in a boat and sit in a noose? This king walked away laughing He was asked that the king before you all went crying, why are you laughing? He said- Everyone was laughing here so we went crying, I left laughing here so I am going to laugh. Here we would go on singing, mamta, laughing and we would go crying empty handed. But we have done all our work. Where we want to go, there is more happiness for us than here.

Mahatma Charandasji gave this parable in his book to say that this is our age, which is absolutely napy. Every breath is accounted for. That so many breaths will come. And where the breath is completed then you have to go after it. Do not make the doctor's capacity even signable. Therefore, do whatever you want to do now and do whatever you have got this human life to do. Be ready for here, being ready means that you do not get stuck and stay ready for the future. Preparation for the future has to be done that we should keep our mind in God. God is present to carry us. This is a further preparation. For this we have to make sure that no Mamta remains here. Whatever is the bond here is not a bond between Mamta and attachment. This is mine - this is love. Mamta binds itself. Therefore, all the animals, substances and conditions of the world will be left untouched. This is certain. And will be so touched that we will not be able to keep a relationship with him Then even if you wander in horror, weep and shout. I have talked to phantom spirits, I have known all these situations with them. In the Phantom folk, there is a lot of trouble with the lusts here, with the feelings here, with the attachment here, with the opposition here. Therefore, the account of this place should be paid. If the account of here means raga-malice, Mamta's account gets paid here, then it gets power easily. Otherwise Maharaj gets such terrible pain that he is helpless. And there the creature is destitute. Can't do anything And his heart burns day and night. The phantom cunt, which are the phantom of the following plot, have to suffer the hell journey, in addition to that their mental distress is so terrible that they cannot be erased in any way. Can be deleted here.

Human actions are independent but not phantom. There is such a bad condition that there is no where. Therefore, just like such a king, you too spend your life for futile life without wasting, meditate, do means, do penance. Do not get caught in worldly fascination, if not fine, and like kings, you too will be farewell crying at the end of your life. The decision is in your hands.

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