Success in life

Success in life 

To get success, success has to be understood as to what success is. We have to take life towards success, so first we have to work very hard and get a lot of understanding. 

1) What is a successful life?

A son asked the father - Father what is this 'successful life'?

The father took the son to fly a kite.

The son was watching the father carefully fly a kite.

Success in life

After a while the son said, Papa .. due to this thread, the kite is not able to go up, shall we break it !! It will go up. 

The father broke the thread. The hinge went up a bit and then came back down waving and fell away to an unknown place. 

Then the father explained the vision of life to the son.

Son - The height we are in life. We often feel that some of the things we are bound by are preventing us from going higher such as: home, family, discipline, parents etc. and we are free from them Want. 

In fact, these are the threads that keep us at that height. Without these threads, we will go up once, but later we will have the same fate as the kite of a thread. 

So in life, if you want to stay on the heights, never break the relationship with these threads. 

The height attained by successful balancing of thread and kite-like connections is called 'successful life' son!

2) Do not compare yourself to others. 

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a city who was very poor. I could barely manage 2 times a meal by working hard. One day he went to interview for a peon in a big company. The boss assured him of seeing him and got him work.

Success in life

When the boss asked - What is your email id ?

The boy innocently stated that he did not have an email id. Hearing this, the boss looked at him with disgust and said that today the world has moved so far, and you are one that does not even have an email id, I cannot hire you. Hearing this, the selfesteem of the boy was greatly hurt, he had 50 rupees in his pocket at that time. He bought 1 kilo of apples from those 50 rupees and made it his home. He went from house to house selling those apples and by doing so he collected 80 rupees. Now the boy would buy apples every day and sell it from house to house. The same process continued for years, the hard work of the boy paid off and one day he opened his own company from where apples were supplied abroad. After that the boy did not look back and soon spread his business on a large scale and became a street print boy billionaire. 

One came to interview a boy with some media and suddenly someone asked - Sir, what is your email id? 

The boy said - "No", all the people were shocked to hear that a billionaire man does not even have an "email id". The boy laughed and replied - "I don't have an email id, that's why I am a billionaire, if I had an email id, I would be a peon today."

Friends, that is why it is said that there is something unique inside every human being, stop running after the crowd and recognize your talent and skill. Do not compare yourself with others that they have that I do not have, go ahead with what you have, then no power in the world can stop you from being successful.

3) Trust your goal. 

Once some scientists did a very interesting experiment. 

He locked the 5 monkeys in a big cage and placed a ladder in the center of which the bananas were hanging on top.

Success in life

As expected, as soon as a monkey's eye fell on bananas, he ran to eat them. 

But as soon as he climbed some stairs, a sharp blade of cold water was put on him and he had to run down. 

But the experimenters did not stop here, they gave the punishment of one monkey to the rest of the monkeys and soaked them all with cold water. 

Poor monkeys stuttered in a corner. 

But how long did they sit, after some time they felt like eating another banana.

And he jumps and runs towards the ladder. 

He had just started climbing that he was knocked down by a sharp torrent of water. 

And this time too, the monkey's impudence was punished to other monkeys as well. 

Once again the poor monkeys sat in a place stunned. 

After a while, when the third monkey caught for bananas, a strange sentence happened. 

The rest of the monkeys broke on him and stopped him from eating bananas, so that once again they would not have to face the punishment of cold water. 

Now experimenters did another interesting thing. 

Took out one of the monkeys locked inside and put a new monkey in. 

What is the new monkey rules there. 

He immediately jumped towards bananas. 

But the other monkeys quickly beat him. 

He could not understand why these monkeys were not eating bananas themselves and were not allowing them to eat either. 

Well, he also understood that bananas are only for viewing and not for eating. 

After this, the experimenters removed another old monkey and moved the new one in. 

This time the same thing happened to the new monkey caught on bananas, but the rest of the monkeys smacked him and the funny thing is that the new monkey who came last time was also involved in beating.

While not even cold water was poured on him once!

At the end of the experiment all the old monkeys had gone out and the new monkeys were inside which cold water had not been poured even once.

But his behavior was like that of the old monkeys. 

They also do not allow any new monkey to touch bananas. 

Friends, this behavior can also be seen in our society. 

Whenever someone tries to start a new job, whether it is related to education, sports, entertainment, business, politics, social service or any other field, people around him stop him from doing so. 

He is shown fear of failure. 

And the interesting thing is that the maximum logs to stop it are those who have never tried themselves in that field. 

Therefore, if you too are thinking of doing something new and you are also having to face opposition from the society or people around you, then be careful.

Listen to your logic and guts. Keep faith in yourself and your goal and keep growing.

4) Chance. 

Once a customer went to the photo shop. He saw strange pictures there. In the first picture, the face was completely covered with hair and the legs had wings. In another picture, the head was bald from the back.

Success in life

The customer asked - whose picture is this?

The shopkeeper said - of opportunity.

The customer asked - why is its face covered with hair?

The shopkeeper said - Because often when the opportunity comes, a person does not recognize it.

The customer asked - and why did it have wings?

The shopkeeper said - He immediately flees because if it is not used, it immediately flies away.

The customer asked - and whose bald head is this back in the second picture?

The shopkeeper said - This is also an opportunity. If you grab the opportunity from the hair from the front, it is yours. If you try to catch it a little late, then the bald head will come back and it will slip. That customer was surprised to know the secret of these pictures, but now he understood it.

You may have heard others saying many times or even said that 'we did not get the opportunity' but this is just an excuse to run away from our responsibility and hide our mistake. God has given us birth among many opportunities. Opportunities are always coming from us, but we do not recognize them or delay in recognizing them. And many times we miss just because we live in a big opportunity. But the opportunity is not big or small. We should make full use of every opportunity.

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