Motivational stories for people about life

Motivational stories for people about life 

We get to learn a lot in life, learning increases our confidence. It is only through change that we gain something new. We should never forget our past. Because we should always remember the life we ​​had lived in our past. If we want to be successful, then something has to be done only then success will come to us. 

1) Change is Life 

Change is the essence of life, where there is no change, nothing happens.

There was a shortage of fruits in a small village near the city. The people there were not rich but were genuine at heart. Only a few fruit trees were visible there. Seeing the scarcity of fruits in the village, God called his messenger and said, "You go to the village and tell everyone to eat only one fruit a day and if possible, plant fruit plants."

Motivationl stories for people about life

The messenger did this and asked everyone to eat a fruit and plant fruit. It continued like this from generation to generation, and gradually the environment was preserved there, because the seeds of the remaining fruits had left more new plants, and the people had also brought small plants of fruits from the city. . Those who grew up now started giving fruits. Within few years the entire village had become green. Now there was no shortage of any fruit. All the fruit trees of the village were laden with fruits, but even now the people of the village used to eat only one fruit during the day. They should have eaten only one fruit during the day, thus they had made it a custom. He was still completely loyal to the tradition that had lasted for years.

He himself used to eat only one fruit during the day, and if someone from the city came to collect fruit from him, he would also return it empty-handed. As a result of this, tons - tons of fruit started to get wasted, and were seen scattered here and there on the roads. God felt very bad seeing all this, and immediately he called one of his messengers and said, "Go and tell the villagers, eat as much fruit as you want, and distribute the remaining fruits to other cities."

The messenger went to the village with this message, but the villagers did not listen to him and drove him away. The words of his ancestors had sat so deeply in the minds of the villagers, that he was no longer willing to listen to anyone. He was ready to waste fruits, but was not ready to change his mind.

Moral: Friends, there is a lot of truth in this story, even today in our society, people are associated with many mentalities of high and low and caste-clad, from cutting the way of the cat, to ramming the crow, not sweeping at night. Which really has no meaning today.

Just as in this story, those who believe in such things consider themselves to be very religious and believers of God, in the same way in our society people who believe in all these beliefs consider themselves to be very holy and greatest saints. While the truth is something else. We should also continuously develop our thinking, keeping in view the changing nature of time. What is right today, it can be wrong tomorrow, and what can be wrong tomorrow, it can be right day after tomorrow.

2) Don't forget the past

Friends, you must have known the most eminent person in the world, his name is 'Bill Gates', one day Bill Gates went to eat in a hotel with his friend, after having dinner, the working waiter brought the bill, then Bill Gates ate it. He gave the food bill and also gave the waiter a tip of 10 dollars to provide good service, and started getting out there, but the waiter kept looking at him and that thing came to the understanding of Bill Gates. Scope of asked the waiter - Why brother, what happened? Why are you staring at me like this?

Motivational stories for people about life

So the waiter replied - It was just a few days ago that your daughter had come to our hotel here, she and some of her friends had eaten here, and gave me $ 100 in tip while going, and your father Despite being the richest man in the world, he has given me only $ 10 tip.

Then Bill Gates smiling replied - yes brother, because she is the daughter of the richest man in the world and I am the son of a poor man.

I always remember my past because he is my guide and I never forget him.

3) Continuously move in one direction, Success will kiss step.

Once a king needed a trusted commander for himself. He selected four worthy men, bringing them water from the palace steps and filling them with a drum. Each was given a bucket made of bamboo cane to drain water. When water was drawn from the stepwell, till the bucket came up, only 2 chulu water was left in it, it also perished after walking 2-4 steps. The first man tried 10-12 times and sat down saying that the king had given impossible tasks.

Motivational stories for people about life

The second person kept trying for half an hour and he too started getting the first person's words right. He also went to the first person. The third and fourth person kept on trying. Continuous practice led to the bucket emptying when moving from the well for about 40–50 steps. The third person too gave up the courage after hundreds of attempts. He sat next to the other two.

The fourth person did not give up the effort, he believed that the king has given possible work. Success will be achieved only after doing continuous work. After noon, he saw that bamboo cane has started blooming and small holes are being closed and water can be carried to a greater distance. By evening, the bamboo cane has flowered and the water leaks out. Some water from that bucket could be poured into the drum. By nightfall, the drum of water was full and that fourth man was appointed the commander by the king.

Even among those with normal abilities, the person making continuous efforts goes ahead. You have merit, you want to succeed and you have chosen the direction of work according to your ability, then there may be small obstacles in the work, do not be discouraged.

Another story. 

A rabbit and a turtle lived in a forest. The two were friends, but the rabbit would often make fun of the turtle's slow gait and tease it by being lazy. The turtle thought with a calm mind, "The rabbit is full of enthusiasm and very confident, why not teach it a lesson?"

One day, seeing the turtle, the turtle proposed, "Let us both do a long haul competition, who is so lazy, who will get a leaf?" Laughing after hearing the proposal of Rabbit Race. But due to the stubbornness of the turtle he accepted to race.

The rabbit and the turtle started running in the morning on the fixed day. The rabbit ran very fast in the beginning and got tired in a short time. He looked back, the turtle was far behind. "The hare thought, "The turtle has been abandoned far, let me rest for quite a while with fun." I will win the race even when the turtle comes close. What is it I will win. The rabbit went to sleep in the shade of the tree and fell asleep. After a while, he fell asleep.

The tortoise kept going at its slow pace, neither ran fast, nor tired nor stopped, it continued continuously at a steady pace. Even after reaching the rabbit did not stop, did not stop even after it overtook him. It continued till it reached its destination.

On the other hand, when the rabbit woke up, he was shocked to see the sun set. He missed the race and ran at a fast pace. The hurricane fell from several places due to falling several times. Somehow reached the destination.

The turtle had already hoisted the victory flag there.

The tortoise won because of slow and steady movement.

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