Motivational stories for learning

Motivational stories for learning

Motivational stories for learning

Motivational stories for learning 

Friends, many such situations arise in our life, we should fight those situations and learn from them. The more we learn the less it is because there is no limit to learning And learning will increase our knowledge.

1) Biggest lesson.

An envoy came from China during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya. He wanted to discuss 'philosophy of politics' with Chanakya. The Chinese ambassador was monstrously arrogant. He asked for time to talk to Chanakya. Chanakya invites him to come to his house at night.

Chinese Ambassador reached Chanakya's house in due time. He saw Chanakya sitting in front of a small lamp and writing something. He was surprised that a very senior minister in the court of Chandragupta Maurya is using such a small lamp.

Seeing the Chinese ambassador, Chanakya stood up and welcomed him with respect. And before the conversation started, Chanakya extinguished that small lamp and lit a big lamp. After the conversation ended, Chanakya extinguished the big lamp and lit the small lamp again.

The Chinese ambassador did not understand this task of Chanakya at all. While walking, he asked why they did this.

Chanakya said - When you came to my house, I was doing my own personal work at that time, then at that time I was using my own lamp. I lit the state lamp when we started talking about government affairs. As soon as our state conversation ended, I again lit my own lamp.

Chanakya further said - I am sometimes the 'minister of the state', sometimes the 'common man' of the state. I know the difference between the two.

2) Different point of view.

In one school, the teacher told a story to his students and said that it was a matter of time that a small ship accident occurred. A couple of husband and wife were traveling on it. He saw that there is a lifeboat on the ship in which only one person can sit, seeing that the man pushed his wife and jumped herself and sat on that lifeboat.

His wife shouted and said something…. The teacher asked the children, "Guess what she will be screaming," Many of the children said almost simultaneously that she would say that you are unfaithful, I was blind who loved you, I hate you. Then the teacher saw that a child is sitting silent and is not saying anything. He called her and said what the woman must have said. So the child said that I think the woman must have shouted "take care of your child". The teacher was surprised and said, Have you heard this story before, that child said no but my mother told my father before she died.

Your answer is absolutely correct. Then the ship sank, and the man went to his house and raised his innocent daughter alone to raise her. After many years, when that man dies, then the girl finds a diary of her father in the household items, in which her father wrote that it was only when he was about to board the ship that he came to know that his The wife is suffering from a serious illness and she is not expected to survive, yet to save her, she was being asked to ship with the hope of getting some treatment. But unfortunately by accident, he also wanted to drown with her in the depths of the sea, but left his wife alone to drown in the sea with a heart sad for his daughter.

The story was over, the whole class was silent, the teacher had understood that the students had understood the moral of the story. There is both good and evil in the world, but there are also many complexities behind them, which depend on the circumstances, which are difficult to understand. That is why we should not form our opinion by looking superficially at what is visible in front of us, unless we understand the whole thing if someone helps someone. So he does not mean that he is doing favor, but it is that he understands the meaning of friendship. If someone apologizes after a fight with someone, it does not mean that he is scared or he was wrong, but it is that he understands the values ​​of humanity.

If someone does all the work in his workplace with integrity, it does not mean that he is afraid, rather he understands the importance of labor and contributes to the development of the country. If someone is willing to help someone, it does not mean that he is useless or wants something from you, rather it is that he does not want to lose a friend.

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