Motivation stories for success

Motivation stories for success 

You have to achieve success in life, do not ever give up. It is said that Victory is beyond fear, Nothing is impossible, Do not give up is success. 

1) Victory is beyond fear.

A long time ago, there was a mouse in a forest who was always afraid of the fear of the cat. Due to the fear of the cat, he often kept hiding in his bill, neither playing with his fellow mice nor got the courage to get out.

Motivation stories for success

One day an elder told that timid rat about a miraculous Swami ji who helped everyone. The timid mouse dared to come out of the bill and went to Swamiji. The rat reported his problem to Swamiji and started crying, asking for help. Swami ji started taking pity on that rat and he blessed that rat and made a cat with his power.

For a few days, the cat was fine, but now he started being afraid of dogs, he again went to Swamiji and started crying. Swami ji made him a dog with his power. After becoming a dog, he began to fear the lion in the forest. Swami ji made him a lion.

Despite the strength and ability of the lion, he now began to fear the hunter. He again went to Swamiji and started asking for help. Swamiji, after listening to the lion, made him a mouse again and said, "No matter what I do with my power or what I make you, I cannot help you because your heart will always be that sneaky rat. "

This is not just a story! This is the reality of many of us somewhere. Today we are all living in the fear of some fear. Somebody is afraid of death, someone is afraid of being separated from loved ones, of rejection, of boss or of failing. Because of this disease called fear, we are unable to reach the point that we are capable of. Gabbar has also rightly said, "He who is scared, die!".

The more you run away from your fears, the more you will come to dominate them. The day you take up the courage and face it, it will disappear in a moment and then you will understand that what you were afraid of is only the gift of your mind. With confidence and grace, you can achieve your destination by removing the fear settled in your mind.

2) Do not give up is success.

The true meaning of success is known only to the person who has stumbled, who has struggled to succeed even after so many struggles, who has handled himself many times, when he has lost courage, who has repeated his tears Wiped and stood up to show something, and who has fully understood that it is wise to be patient until the crop is fully ripe, to prove that it is worthwhile. He can be successful in life, and he can tell us the true meaning of success.

Motivation stories for success

Greek eloquent Demosthenes: The Greek eloquent Demosthenes has shown that the power of oratory is greater than the power of the king. He was born BC Took place in 384. Astrologers called him a normal person. He always stuttered, was physically weak, and was often ill. His classmates used to laugh at him and sometimes expressed sympathy. His parents left him orphaned as a child, his uncle took away all his property. Demosthenes complained against him in the court but there was no hearing. He saw one day that a Greek speaker captivated the audience and became extremely respectful. Amidst his grief and frustration, he also had a strong desire to become important.

Demosthenes pledged to become an influential speaker. But in the meantime there were many difficulties, he used to stop in the middle due to stammering, he used to have trouble in speaking a long sentence, he could not speak a long sentence together. But through constant practice he overcame this difficulty. On the advice of a doctor, he used to practice correct and high pronunciation of words by placing tablets on his tongue. He used to practice standing on the beach every day, giving a speech even louder than the sound of waves. He spent 16 hours every day in solitude studying the scriptures and the Greek Puranas and meditating deeply. He used to stand alone in front of a large mirror and practice solitude to become proficient in the art of effective oratory. To avoid association with people, he shaved half his head and sat in the cellar. After three years of tireless effort and patience, he came out with a treasure trove of knowledge .. The Greek King Philip had said: "Even if one conquers the whole world, but in speech he can never defeat Demosthenes." Now Demosthenes is a power Had become the master of The patience and perseverance of Demosthenes was incomparable, his success as a result was also incomparable. With patience, you can get what you want!

Newton's Patience: - Newton has spent his life in search of years and wrote his results and put them on a table. A burning candle fell from his dog on those papers and everything burned to ashes. Newton was very unhappy but he never gave up .. He did all the experiments again, vowing that on the strength of will, he succeeded in completing them. His view was different after everything was burnt to ashes, he said- "When I used my patience for so many days, I will continue my experiment further with this patience."

Edison's Patience: Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, persevered in his work despite failing in his experiment more than a hundred times when he was asked, "Were you not disappointed by so many failures?" Did you not get bored with these numerous experiments? He said, No, I have not yet been defeated in trying to know the truth and falsehood, I am glad that even after 100 mistakes, my search for truth is worthwhile. all this is a result of my patience, if I had given up trying, my experiment could hardly have been successful today, I was persistent, patient and today my experiment was successful. '

3) Nothing is impossible.

Wilma Rudolph was born in a poor home in the Tennessee state of the United States. At the age of 4, Wilma Rudolph developed polio and became disabled. Wilma Rudolf walked with the help of Calipers. The doctors conceded defeat and said that she will never be able to walk on the ground.

Motivation stories for success

Wilma Rudolph's mother was a positive attitude woman and she inspired Wilma and said that you can do anything in this world is impossible. Wilma said to her mother, "Can I become the world's fastest runner?"

Mother told Wilma that with faith, hard work and dedication to God, you can achieve whatever you want.

At the age of nine, he insisted to have his brace removed and started walking. After trying to walk after removing the calipers, she was injured and endured pain several times but she did not lose courage and kept trying. Ultimately she won and after a year or two, she managed to walk without any support.

She took part in her first race competition at the age of 13 and came in last place. But she did not give up and continued to take part in successive race competitions. Despite losing several times, she did not back down and kept trying. Finally came a day when he finished first in the competition.

At the age of 15, he attended Tennessee State University where he received coach Ed Temple. Wilma reveals her wish to Temple and says that she wants to be the fastest runner. The coach told him - "If you wish that you want to move forward, then no power in the world can stop you and I can help you in moving forward."

Wilma continued to work hard and finally got a chance to participate in the Olympics. Wilma was confronted by a runner (Jutta Hein) whom no one had yet defeated. The first race was of 100 meters, in which Wilma won the gold medal by beating Jutta and in the second race (200 meters) also in front of Wilma, Wilma defeated Juta and won the second gold medal.

The third race was the 400-meter relay race and Wilma once again faced Jutta. The last part of the race in the relay is the team's fastest athlete. Three men from Wilma's team ran in the first three parts of the relay race and easily switched bets. When Wilma's turn came to run, Beton missed it. But Wilma noticed that at the other end, Jutta Heine was running fast. Wilma picked up a fallen baton and ran like a machine and beat Jutta for the third time and won his third gold medal.

In this way, a disabled woman (whom doctors had said that she would never walk) became the fastest runner in the world and proved that there is nothing impossible in this world.

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