Learn best Inspirational stories

Learn best inspirational stories 

1) God does what is right!

The God of Death sent one of his messengers to Earth. A woman was dead, her soul had to be brought. The angel came, but was worried. Because three little girls, twins — one still with that dead woman's breast. One is screaming, calling. A weeping woman has fallen asleep, her tears have dried up near her eyes — three little twins and a woman have died, and no one is going to see. The husband is dead earlier. There is no one else in the family. What will happen to these three little girls?

Learn best Inspirational stories

When that angel got this idea, he returned empty-handed. He went and told his head that I could not bring him, forgive me, but you do not know the situation. There are three twin girls small, weaning. One is still with dead breast, one is asleep weeping, the other is still screaming. Heart could not bring me. Could it not be that this woman is given some days and lives? At least the girls grow up a bit. Nobody else is going to see.

The God of Death said, then you become wise again; More than that, one who dies of free will, who has a life of free will! So you have committed the first sin, and you will be punished. And the punishment is that you have to go to earth. And unless you laugh three times at your stupidity, you will not be able to come back.

Understand this a little. Will not laugh thrice on his stupidity because the ego laughs at the other's foolishness. Ego breaks when you laugh at your stupidity.

The angel did not think. He agreed to suffer the punishment, but still he felt that I am right. And how will the opportunity to laugh?

He was thrown to the ground. A chamar was approaching the winter day and went to the city to buy coats and blankets for the children, after collecting some rupees. As he was going to the city, he saw a naked man lying on the side of the road, choking. This naked man is the same angel who was thrown on the earth. That chamar got pity. And instead of buying clothes for his children, he bought blankets and clothes for this man. This man did not have anything to eat or drink, neither was there a house, nor was that shed even where he could stay. So Chamar said that now you come with me. But if my wife is angry — which she will be sure, because the money she brought to buy clothes for the children, that money is spent — if she shouts, then you don't get upset. Everything will be alright in a few days.

Taking that angel, Chamar returned home. Neither Chamar knows that the angel is coming into the house, nor does the wife know. As soon as Chamar arrived at the house carrying the angel, the wife went completely mad. She was very angry, she screamed.

And the angel laughed for the first time. Chamar said to him, laugh, what is the matter? He said, I'll tell you when I laugh three times.

The angel laughed for the first time, because he saw that this wife did not know that Chamar had brought the angel into the house, which would bring thousands of happiness in the house. But how far a man can see! The wife is able to see so much that a blanket and children are not caught. She is able to see what has been lost, she does not have any idea of ​​what she has got free! An angel has arrived at home. With which the doors of thousands of happiness will open. So the angel laughed. He felt, his foolishness, because even this wife cannot see what is happening!

Soon, as he was an angel, he learned all the work of the chamar within seven days. And his shoes became so famous that Chamar started getting rich within months. By the time he was half a year old, his fame reached all the world that there was no one to make shoes like that, because he used to make shoes. The shoes of the emperors began to be built there. Wealth started raining in extortion.

One day the Emperor's man arrived. And he said that this leather is very precious, does not get easily, make no mistake. The shoes are made exactly like this. And take care to make shoes, not sleepers. Because in Russia, when a man dies, he wears him in a sleeper and takes him to the burgh. Chamar also told the angel not to make a sleeper. The shoes are made, the order is clear, and the leather is all that. If there is a mess, we will be in trouble.

But even the angel made the sleepers. When Chamar saw that the sleepers were made, he was enraged. He picked up the wood and agreed to kill him, that you will get us hanged! And you told me again and again that you don't have to make sleepers, then what is a sleeper for?

The angel again blushed and laughed. Then the man came running from the Emperor's house. He said, don't make shoes, make sleepers. Because the emperor has died.

The future is unknown. No one else is known except him. And the man decides on the basis of the past. If the emperor was alive, he needed shoes, if he was dead, he needed a sleeper. Then the chamar grabbed his leg and started apologizing for forgiving me, I hit you. But he said, no harm. I am suffering my punishment.

But he laughed again today. Chamar then asked that the reason for laughter? He said that when I laugh three times….

Laughed again because the future is not known to us. So we make aspirations that are meaningless. We make wishes that will never be fulfilled. We ask for what will never happen. Because something else is certain. Our destiny is revolving without asking us. And we in vain make noise in the middle. Need sleepers and we make shoes. The time to die is getting closer and we organize life.

So the angel thought that those girls! I know what the future is going to be. I came to the beach undisturbed.

And the third incident happened that one day three girls came young. All three of them were getting married. And the three of them ordered shoes to make shoes for them. An old lady came with him who was very rich. The angel recognized, these are the three girls whom he left to the dead mother and due to which he is suffering punishment. They are all healthy, beautiful. He asked what happened? Who is this old lady? The old lady said that these are girls from my neighborhood. There was a poor woman, there was no milk in her body. He did not even have money and rags. And three child twins. She died while feeding them. But I felt pity, I have no children, and I raised these three girls.

If the mother had been alive, these three girls would have grown up in poverty, hunger and lowliness and poverty. The mother died, so these three girls grew up in wealth and wealth. And now these are the three owners of all the wealth of that old man. And they are getting married in the emperor's family.

The angel laughed for the third time. And to Chamar he said that there are three reasons. The mistake was mine. Destiny is big. And we can see as much as we can see. What we cannot see, there is a lot of detail. And from what we can see, we cannot guess what is going to happen, what will happen. I have laughed at my stupidity three times. Now my punishment is complete and now I go.

Abstract: If you stop bringing yourself in the middle, then you have found the way of the ways. Then you will not have to worry about innumerable routes. Leave it at that. Thank you for what he is getting done so far. Thank you for what you are doing now. Thanks for what he will get done tomorrow. You thank him without writing a check. Whatever it is, there will be no difference in your thanks. Look good, feel bad, people should say good or bad, people should show bad luck or good luck, don't worry about all this.

2) This is what is known as living!

Once a group of fifty people. Was attending a meeting.

The meeting started just a few minutes before the speaker suddenly stopped and said, ballooning to all the participants, "You all have to write your name on the balloon with this marker. Everyone did the same.

Learn best Inspirational stories

Now the balloons were placed in another room.

The speaker now asked everyone to go to the room together and find a balloon bearing his name within five minutes.

All the participants quickly entered the room and started searching for a balloon named Madly.

But in this chaos, nobody was able to get a balloon with his name…

Five minutes later everyone was called out.

The speaker said, Hey! What happened, why are you all empty handed? Didn't anyone find a balloon bearing his name?

No ! We searched a lot but always came up with a balloon in someone else's name... a participant said, feeling somewhat disappointed.

Never mind, you go back to the room once more, but this time take whatever balloon you get in your hand and call the name of the person whose name is written on it. The speaker instructed.

Once again all the participants went to the room, but this time everyone was calm, and there was no chaos in the room. Everyone gave balloons of his name to each other and came out in three minutes.

The speaker said seriously, The same thing is happening in our lives as well.

Everyone is living for himself, it doesn't matter how he can help others, he is just looking for his own happiness like crazy, but even after searching a lot, he gets nothing,

Our happiness is hidden in the happiness of others.

When you learn to give others their happiness, then you will get your happiness automatically. And this is the purpose of human life.

3) False Pride. 

A fort was built on the top of a hill in a forest. There was a huge cedar tree on the outside with a corner of the fort. A unit of the army of that state was stationed in the fort. An owl lived on the pine tree. In search of food, he would come down to the mowed pastures spread in the valley. Many small creatures and moths were found in the tall grasses and shrubs of pastures, which the owl would make food. Nearby was a large lake, in which Swans was inhabited. The owl sat on the tree and stared at the lake. He would be enchanted to swim and fly with swans. He thought how magnificent birds are swans. Absolutely milk-white, dumpling body, jugular neck, beautiful face and stunning eyes. He had a great desire to befriend a swan.

Learn best Inspirational stories

One day the owl landed on a bush on the banks of the lake on the pretext of drinking water. A very gentle and gentle goose was swimming in the water nearby. The swan came near the floating bush. The owl found an excuse to talk, The Swan, if you have my command, I should drink water. She is very thirsty. Swan looked at her in surprise and said,“ Friend! Water is a boon given to everyone by nature. No one has authority over. The owl drank water. He then nodded as if he was disappointed. Hans asked Friend! You come dissatisfied. Didn't the thirst quench? The owl said, Hey Swan! The thirst for water was extinguished, but with your words I felt that you are the ocean of policy and knowledge. His thirst has awakened in me. How will she get out? Swan smiled Friend, you can come here anytime. We will talk. Thus what I know will be yours and I too will learn something from you.  After this, swans and owls started meeting daily.

One day Swan tells the owl that he is in fact Swan, the king of swans. After giving his real introduction. Swan invited his friend to take him home. Lotus and Nargis flower dishes were served for dinner and the owl did not know what were the rare food. Later pearls were introduced in place of fennel-cardamom. The owl was stunned. Now Swan took the owl to the palace and started feeding and feeding. Feast daily He started feeling afraid that someday Swan would break the friendship as an ordinary owl. Therefore, in order to keep himself equal with Swan, he told the lie that he is also the king of owls. Owl thought of telling lies that it is also his duty to call Swan to his house.

One day the owl looked closely at the activities taking place inside the fort and a tip came to his mind. He understood the things of the fort very carefully. Soldiers' programs noted. Then he went to Swan. When he reached the lake, Swan was swimming in the water with some laughs. On seeing the owl, Swan said, “Friend, you this time?” The owl replied "Yes friend! I have come to take you today to show my house and make you my guest. I have been your guest many times. Give me a chance to serve as well. Swan tried to avoid Friend, what's the hurry? Will walk again sometime. The owl said, Today I won't abandon you. The Swan had to go with the owl. Pointing to the fort on the top of the hill, the owl rode and said, He is my fort. Hans was very impressed. When both of them landed on the tree that housed the owl, the parade of the soldiers of the fort was about to begin. Two soldiers started playing bugle on the turret. The owl had missed the program of the ridge of the fort of Durg, so had Swan at the right time.

The owl expressed, Look buddy, my contenders are playing trumpet to welcome you. After that my army will honor you by giving a parade and salute. The parade took place as usual and the flag was saluted. Hans understood that this is really happening for him. So Swan gagged and said, Blessed are you my friend. You are ruling like a mighty king. The owl pounced on Swan I have ordered my soldiers that as long as my supreme friend King Swan is my guest, till that time the bugle and the soldiers are The parade went out. The owl knew that it was a daily job for soldiers. There are daily rules. Owls fed fruits, walnuts and vines of flowers to Hans. He had already deposited them. Food is no longer important. The magic of the parade of soldiers had done its job. Swan had a great respect for an owl friend in his heart.

On the other hand, the troops had received orders to march from there. The next day, the soldiers started packing their belongings and Swan said, “Friend, look, your soldiers are going somewhere without taking your orders.” The owl murmured, Someone must have given them the wrong order. I stop them now. He started saying I am. The soldiers heard the owl's roar and postponed it as a bad omen. The same thing happened again the next day. When the soldiers started leaving, the owl turned around. The heroes of the soldiers were enraged and ordered the soldiers to shoot the wretched owl. A soldier shot an arrow. The arrow caught Hans sitting next to the owl. He fell down after eating an arrow and died. The owl began to mourn near his corpse. Hi, I lost my best friend in the guise of my false pride. Damn me. Seeing the owl weeping indiscriminately from the surrounding news, a wolf pounced on him and did all his work.

Lesson: False pride is very expensive. Never get caught in the false pride.

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