Inspirational stories for students

Inspirational stories for students

Inspirational stories for students

Inspirational stories for students

Friends, whatever work we do, it should be done thoughtfully. Always work with the mind, the decision taken by the mind is never wrong, because we make decisions by thinking. 

1) The bird gave valuable lessons.

The farmer caught a small bird one day. She was so small that a handful of farmers could contain two birds. The farmer said that he would cook and eat it. The bird said, 'Please leave me. Anyway, I am so small that you will not even be equal to a mouthful. '

The farmer replied, "But your meat is very tasty." And yes, I have heard the saying that it is better to be nothing than nothing. Hearing her, the bird said, “If I promise to give you a pearl that is bigger than an ostrich egg, can you set me free? Will you? The facrmer became very happy on hearing this and immediately he opened his fist and blew it.

As soon as the bird was free, it sat at a distance on a small tree, where the hand of the farmer could not reach. Seeing him sitting, the farmer said eagerly, "Go, go fast, bring that pearl for me." The bird laughingly said, "That pearl is bigger than me, how can I bring it?" Said to him, 'You must bring, you have promised.'

The bird sitting there. She replied, 'I did not promise you. I just said that if I make such a promise, will you leave me. And on hearing this you were blinded by greed. The farmer started rubbing his hands after listening to him. The bird said, 'But do not be sad, I have taught you that lesson today, Which is more valuable than every such pearl.

Always think before you do anything. 

2) Ability.

There was a huge pond in a forest. There was a garden near the pond, in which many types of trees were planted. People from far and wide used to come there and praise the garden.

Everyday, seeing a leaf on a rose tree, used to see people coming and praising the flowers, he might think that one day someone will praise him too. But even after a long time, no one praised him, so he started feeling inferior, he started getting different thoughts - "Everyone does not get tired of praising roses and other flowers, but nobody even sees me , Maybe my life is of no use, where are these beautiful flowers and where am I, and thinking such thoughts, that leaf became very sad.

Days were just passing that one day a very loud wind started moving in the forest and it took the form of a thunderstorm. The trees and plants of the garden began to collapse, all the flowers fell on the ground and fell down. The leaf also broke away from its branch and fell into a flying pond.

The leaf saw that from somewhere far away from it, an ant had fallen into the pond due to the winds and was struggling to save his life.

The ant was exhausted while trying and it seemed certain of his death that the leaf gave him a voice, "Do not panic, come, I will help you." And sat on him saying so. The intermittent leaf reached one end of the pond; Ant reached the shore and became very happy and said, "You have done a great favor today by saving my life, really you are great, thank you very much!"

Hearing this, Leaf became emotional and said, "Thank you, I should do it, because for the first time because of you I had to face my ability, which I was unaware till today." Today for the first time I have been able to recognize my life's purpose and my strength.

Friends, God has given us all unique powers; Many times we ourselves are unaware of our abilities and we come to know when the time comes, we should understand that failing in any one thing does not mean being unfit forever. By recognizing your own ability, you can do the work that no one has done till date.

3) Important decision.

The eagle has lived for nearly 70 years, but by the time he enters his 40th year of life, he has to make an important decision. At that stage, the three major organs of his body begin to become ineffective. His claws become long and flexible and unable to grip the prey. His beak is turned forward, causing disruption in the extraction of food. The wings become heavy and do not open completely due to sticking to the chest, ie restricting flights.

He has only three options left, either to renounce the body, or to leave his instinct to live on the food like a vulture or to restore himself. While the first two options are simple, the third is extremely painful and long. The eagle chooses pain and restores itself. He makes his nest on a high mountain and then starts the whole process. First he breaks his beak on the rock and waits for his beak to rise again. He then breaks his claws in the same way. After the new beak and claws appear, he scratches his heavy wings and waits for the wings to grow again. After 150 days of agony and waiting, she gets the same grand and high flight. He has lived another 30 years since this restoration. With energy, respect and dignity.

Similarly, we humans, desire, activism and imagination, all three begin to weaken! We too have to renounce the heaviness of existence in the past and fill the mind free.

150 days is not right, 60 days should be spent in restoring yourself! The body and the mind that is affixed will be pained in breaking and scratching, and then when ready to fly like an eagle, this time the flights will be higher, experienced, eternal.

Every day something should be done thinking and you are the person who knows himself better than others.

Even if this is not the reality, then how much nature is sitting to teach us.

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