Inspirational stories for students

Inspirational stories for students 

We have written stories for all of you which after reading will give you very good inspiration.

1) Why do we scream in angrily?

Once a saint sat with his disciples. Suddenly he asked all the disciples a question. Tell when two people get angry at each other, why shout loudly?

The disciples thought for a while and one replied: We have lost our peace so we start shouting.

Inspirational stories for students

The saint said with a smile: If both people are very close to each other, then they can also talk slowly. Why does he shout?

Some more disciples also responded but the saints were not satisfied and started answering themselves.

He said: When two people are angry with each other, the distance increases in their hearts. When the distance increases, it is necessary for the voice to be sharp. The greater the distance, the louder the shout will be. This distance of the heart only forces two angry people to shout. He further said, when two people fall in love, they talk to each other very comfortably and slowly. Love brings the hearts closer and there is no need to shout to get closer. When love becomes even stronger in two people, they even whisper and reach each other. After this a state of love also comes that there is no need to whisper. Only by looking into each other's eyes can you understand what is being said.

Broach : Looking at the disciples, the saint said: Now whenever you argue, do not let the distance of the heart grow. Talk calmly and in a slow voice. Keep in mind that the distances should not increase so much that it is not possible to come back.

2) Desire does not want to see the truth.

Once two saints were passing through a path. There was a lot of crowd on that road, another saint said that I could not hear anything here. It is very noisy here. Do not talk about knowledge here, let me tell you what I do by walking in private. That saint stood there. He took out a rupee coin from his pocket and slowly dropped it on the way. Hearing the sound of that rupee falling, the crowd started.

Inspirational stories for students

I said to another saint, I did not understand what you did. He picked up the money, and walked away with a pocket. Then he said, "It is so crowded on the road, it is so noisy, but the sound of little mining of money and so many people have gathered, they are all lovers of money." Even if there is a terrible uproar in hell and if the rupee falls, they will listen.

Often we hear what we want to hear. The saint said, if you are a lover of God and if I tell you something about God in this crowd, you will listen. There can be no other obstacle in this. We listen to what we want to hear. We see what we want to see.

We meet with whom we want to meet. Those who understand the law properly in this life, they do not blame each other again.

Broach : Learning in the story : Your wish will not let you see the truth. If you want to see the truth, you have to go beyond the desire, that is, you have to be free from the desire, only then you will be able to become familiar with the truth.

If someone goes to a woodcutter in a beautiful forest, he will see something else, if someone goes to a beauty lover, he will see something else, a painter will see something else, and if a hunter goes, he will see something else. All four are in the same place but the attitude of the four will be different.

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