Inspirational stories for all of you

Inspirational stories for all of you 

Whatever we get to learn, we should keep learning, our knowledge grows from it. We get a new inspiration. I hope that after reading these stories you will get very good inspiration.

1) Relaxation of mind. 

Matang Rishi had great affection for animals and birds. Often he used to play with birds after studying and playing God. Sparrows and crows used to come to the ground at his behest and sit on his shoulders and hands.

Inspirational stories for all of you

One day when he was chirping among the birds, then the sage Ananga came there. He used to respect Matang Rishi very much. Seeing them playing with birds, he said,
Maharaj, you are such a great scholar and playing with birds like children. Doesn't this destroy your valuable time? 

Hearing this question of Ananga Rishi, Matang Rishi smiled and asked one of his disciples to bring a bow. The disciple came with a bow shortly. Matang Rishi took a bow and kept his cord loose.

Surprisingly, Anang Rishi said, looking at Matang Rishi, Why did you loose the bow of the bow? What do you want to say through this? 

Matang Rishi said, 'I have answered your question. Now let me elaborate on this. Our mind is like a bow. If the lanyard is always mounted on the bow, then its strength goes away in no time and it breaks quickly, but if the lanyard is mounted on it only when the work is done, it not only lasts longer, but it also works better. Happens in the way. Similarly, the mind should concentrate on working. If he continues to get rest after work the mind will become stronger. He will get elation. This keeps him healthy for a long time. 

Hearing the answer of Matang Rishi, Anang Rishi said with folded hands, 'I get your point. Now you know why you are continuously getting success in every field. Saying this, he left from there.

2) Sensitivity. 

A postman knocked on the door of a house and said, Take the letter. A girl's voice came from inside, I am coming. But when no one came for three-four minutes, the postman again said, Hey brother! Is there anyone in the house, take your letter. The girl's voice came again, Postman sir, put the letter under the door, I am coming. The Postman said, No, I am standing, enrolled letter."Yes, you need your sign on the acknowledgment. The door opened after about six-seven minutes. The postman was fretful for this delay and was shouting at him, but he was shocked as soon as the door opened, a bedridden girl with no legs was in front. The postman walked away quietly giving the letter and carrying his sign.

Inspirational stories for all of you

In two weeks, whenever the mail came for the girl, the postman gave a voice and stood until the girl came. One day Kanya saw the postman barefoot. Deepawali was coming closer. He thought what should I give the postman. One day when the postman went by mail, the girl, where the marks of the postman's feet were made in the soil, took paper on them and took a picture of those feet. The next day, he got the shoes of that size from his workmate.

Deepawali came and the next day, the postman asked for a reward from all the people of the street and thought, what reward should I take from this girl? But if I have come to the street, I should meet him. She knocked on the door. A voice came from inside. Who?

Postman, answer found. The girl brought a gift pack in her hand and said, Uncle, I have this gift from you on Deepawali.

The Postman said, You are like a daughter to me, I cannot take a gift from you. Kanya urged me not to refuse this gift. All right, the postman took the packet. Girl said, Uncle you take this packet home. And will definitely open it once. When he opened the packet at home, he was amazed because he had a pair of shoes. His eyes were filled.

The next day he reached the office and requested the postmaster to be transferred immediately. When the postmaster asked for the reason, the postman told the whole story with those shoes on the table and said to the wet eyes and sickened throat, Today I will I will not be able to go in the street. That handicapped girl gave shoes to my bare feet, but how will I be able to give her feet? 

This is the best example of sensitivity. Sensitivity… that is, to understand, experience and participate in the suffering and pain of others, to be involved in it. It is a human quality without which man is incomplete. Pray to God to give us jewelery in sensitivity so that we can contribute to reduce the suffering of others. In the hour of crisis, no one should understand that he is alone, but feel that the whole humanity is with him.

3) Legacy of Happiness. 

A person's sweet little pleasure was a small house with peace, which he had made with great effort and efforts. In his small world, he was happily spending his life thinking that one day suddenly due to flood in the village, his old parents came to live with him.

Inspirational stories for all of you

After a few days, the peace of his house was disturbed, all the happiness was shattered, the entire account of his house was disturbed. Fed up with the calamity that came upon him, that person took refuge of a saint.

With a very sad and sad heart, he said to the saint, I am so broken by this calamity that I cannot bear the burden of life now. In such a difficult situation, you should suggest a solution.

That saint tried a lot to convince him, but the person kept on saying that "if you bless, everything will be alright"

Then the saint also thought of an idea, he said to the person, I bless you in the go that if you keep 1 0 chickens at your house for only 1 0 days, then all the comforts of your house will return.

The person felt strange about the remedy, but he thought that the hens did not start giving golden eggs to the majesty of the saint. So he got very excited and bought 1 hen from the market and took it home.

After 10 days, the person came to the saint hanging his mouth and before saying anything of the saint he said, Maharaj, what birth has you hated from me, I was already burdened with the burden of my parents. Then you put the burden of 1 0 hens. I already had a lack of money, now also worry about the water of the chickens and the dirt keeps spreading in the whole house because of them. That means my grief is now four times larger than before.

The saint said with a certainty, O gentle man, there must have been some shortcoming in the remedy, so now the intensity of the remedy will have to be increased for achieving the goal very quickly. Do this now while going home you take 2 rabbits, 2 goats and 2 cows home. This will erase your problem from the root and after 1 0 days you will come to thank me heartily by jumping with joy.

Believing the words of the saint, the person did the same, but after 4 days, crying and crying came to the saint and said Maharaj, if you don't want to bless me then refuse straight away, at least my life. And don't make hell. What I was less sad than before, now my house has become a zoo. 

The saint again said with boundless patience and peace, Watts seems this remedy has not worked on you. Do this, leave the chickens, rabbits, goats and cows back to their place. 

The man did this and after a few days the same saint came smiling calmly and thanked him heartily and said Maharaj! By your grace everything is efficient Mars. Now there is a lot of peace in the house. 

Then the saint laughed and said, Son! When you came to me for the first time, the same situation was there today, but you are no longer suffering because you have faced a bigger and more difficult situation in your life. 

This is also the formula of living life, which teaches us the art of being balanced in every difficult situation. First of all try to improve or change any lack or opposite situation. If you cannot change the situation, then always remember that God has given it better than anyone else.

A poet has written in a very poignant expression that… I used to cry to God that I have no shoes to wear, but not until I met someone who had no legs to wear.

Do we still have to wait to thank God for that moment when there will be no complaints on our lips? 

Lord, give me the strength to accept those situations, Those which cannot be changed.
To force me to change those circumstances,
Those that can be changed and give me discretion so that I can recognize both those situations.

4) Two frogs. 

A group of frogs were traveling and one came out of the forest. Then on the way two of them frogs fell into a very deep pit. When the other frogs saw that the pit was too deep, they shouted to the two frogs that they thought they were dead.

Inspirational stories for all of you

Those two frogs continued to try to rise above full power, ignoring the talk of the other frogs. The rest of the frogs continue to tell the two frogs that they are trying in vain to come up, and that there is no benefit.

Finally, one of the two frogs stopped trying to come up at the behest of the other frogs and he gave up his life after falling into a deep pit. However, the second frog continued his efforts to come out of the deep pit and jump with as much power as he could. Then the other frogs began to yell at him not to make any efforts to go up in vain. However, it seemed as if this frog was made of some other soil. He started jumping up and down with more power and eventually he came out of that deep pit. As he came out, all the other frogs surrounded him and asked, Weren't you listening, when we were trying to get you to come up? At that the frog gestured to all the other frogs Explained that he was deaf, he could not hear.

Moreover, with the gestures and gestures of the other frogs, he understood that all the other frogs were encouraging, prompting him to come upstairs.

We get the following teachings from this story:

1. If the tongue speaks correctly then death is certain if not life. If someone is depressed or desperate, some inspirational words or promising words filled with enthusiasm can end the disappointment of that person and fill him with happiness in life.

2. If someone is already frustrated or frustrated and if someone utters frustrated words or discouraging things, it can end their life. So before you say anything, think your spoken words are going to fill the happiness of others or take away their happiness.

3. The most important lesson that comes through this story is that no matter how depressed you are, you are never affected by the depressing and discouraging words of others and do not focus on them at all. two. Always think that you have to make your conditions better and better than before and always try tirelessly for this. You will definitely get success.

5) Story of the pencil. 

A child was seen writing a letter to his grandmother. Suddenly he asked his grandmother.

Inspirational stories for all of you

"Grandmother!" Are you writing about my mischief? You are writing about me, Hearing this, her grandmother stopped and said, Son, I have been writing about you, but the words I am writing here are more important than this pencil which I use I am doing I sincerely hope that when you grow up you will be like this pencil. 

Hearing this, the child was a little shocked and looked carefully towards the pencil, but he could not see anything special.

To this the grandmother replied - Son! It depends on how you see things. It has five such qualities, which if you adopt, you can always live peacefully in this world. 

The first quality: you have the ability to achieve great accomplishments, but you should never forget that you need a hand that can guide you continuously. For us that hand is the hand of God who always guides us.

Second quality: son! In the middle of writing, writing, I have to stop and then the cutter has to make the tip of the pencil, it hurts the pencil a bit, but later it becomes very fast and runs well. Therefore son, you should also come to bear your sorrows, humiliation and defeat, you should bear patience. Because by doing this you will become a better man. 

Third quality: son! The pencil is always allowed to use rubber to correct mistakes. This means that if we have made a mistake, it is not wrong to correct it. Rather, doing so helps us to move towards our goals more seamlessly. 

Fourth quality: son! The main role in the functioning of a pencil is not the outer wood but the graphite inside it. The better the quality of graphite or lead, the more beautiful the article is. So son! Always be alert to what is happening within you, how thoughts are going on. 

Final Qualities: Son! The pencil always leaves its mark. Similarly, if you do anything, then you also leave your mark.

Therefore, always do such things which you do not have to be ashamed, but you and your family are raising their heads with pride, so be aware of each of your actions.

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