Effect of Consistency । Motivational story

Effect of consistency । Motivational story 

Effect of Consistency is improved life of many people and spoiled the life of many people. It is said that good associations and good ideas open the door to human progress. Consistency has great importance in human life. If you are in a bad Consistency, no matter how intelligent you are, you will never be able to move forward in life, and if you are in the Consistency of good people, then you will start seeing big problems even small. Consistency is something that can make a good person bad and a bad person good. We should think what am I doing, who am I going around with? Friend good or bad, we should take care of it so that we never have any problem in our life.
Effect of Consistency । Motivational story

Today we are going to tell you a true incident. Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the world who has made a great contribution in the field of science. Once Einstein was doing research on the topic of Physics called Relativity. He used to go to big universities and colleges and give lectures to people. Their driver used to watch them very closely.

Einstein and his driver

One day Einstein was returning home after finishing a seminar in a university, suddenly his driver said - Sir, if you give a lecture in the university on Relativity, it is a very easy job, I can do it too. Einstein said laughing - Okay, don't worry, I will definitely give you a chance. Then the next day when Einstein went to lecture at the new university, he gave his driver his clothes and put himself on the driver's clothes and asked the driver to take the lecture. The illiterate driver gave a lecture in front of big professors without any problem.

Nobody came to know that he is not Einstein. As soon as the lecture was over, a professor asked some questions to that driver, then the driver said - such a simple question, only my driver will answer it. Einstein as the driver came forward and answered all the questions. Later Einstein told everyone that the person giving the lecture was not Einstein's driver, so all the professors sitting there chewed them under teeth, no one was sure that the Relativity big professors could not understand how easily this driver gave him Have explained to others. It is called the effect of consistency, even an unread driver became so intelligent by staying with Einstein.

Learning: Friends, good thoughts and good Consistency brings a sense of courage and positivity in human beings, so try to avoid bad addiction, bad habits and bad Consistency, then life will be very bright after that. If someone from your family or your friend is in bad consistency then try to get them out of that bad consistency as soon as possible.

Help: Friends, there are many people around you who you don't know. if you think this person is in a bad consistency then try to get him out of that bad consistency so that his family can be of great help.

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