Best motivation stories for learning

Best motivation stories for learning

We will get to read many stories about motivation on the Internet, And we should also read. This increase our morale and confidence.

1) Change yourself first.

It's an old-fashioned thing. The Acharya of a Gurukul was very impressed by the service spirit of his disciple. After the completion of learning, he offered him a divine mirror as a blessing, which had the ability to show a person's sense of mind while leaving the disciple.

Best motivation stories for learning

The disciple pleased to find the divine mirror. In his hurry to take the examination, he first turned his face to the mirror in front of Guruji. He was surprised to see that fascination, arrogance, anger etc. were reflected in Guruji's heart. He was very sad on this. He considered his Guru as a Satpurush devoid of all bad qualities.

He left the Gurukul with the mirror. He took the test by placing a mirror in front of his many friends and other acquaintances. Everyone had some bad luck in his heart. Moreover, even his mother and father did not miss the examination from the mirror. When he saw some bad luck in his heart, he was shocked. One day again he reached the Gurukul with a mirror.

He humbly said to Guruji- "Gurudev, with the help of your mirror I saw that there are many kinds of faults in everyone's heart."

Then Guru Ji turned the mirror towards the disciple. Pupil got stunned. Because in every corner of his mind, there were bad qualities like raga, malice, ego, anger.

Preceptor said - Watts, I have given you this mirror so that you look at yourself in this mirror and recognize yourself How many demerit your inside, Did not ask to see the demerit of others. you would have changed your personality by now. The biggest weakness of man is that he is more interested in knowing the badness of others. He never thinks about improving himself. This is the lesson of this mirror that you could not understand. "

2) You have never seen so many merits.

A young man was very angry in the garden.

There was an elder sitting nearby,

He asked the troubled youth: - What happened, son, why are you so upset?

The young man angrily explained his wife's mistakes

The elderly asked the young man smiling dimly, can you tell me, son?

Best motivation stories for learning

Who is your washerman

Surprised young man

Asked: - What do you mean?

The old man said: - Who washes your dirty clothes,

The young man said: - My wife

The elder asked: - Who is your cook,

Young man: - My wife

Elderly: - Who takes care of your home and family, things,

Young man: - My wife

The elder then asked: - Who cares if any guests come,

Young man: - My wife

Elderly: - Trouble and sorrow

Who supports me,

Young man: - My wife

Elderly: - Who comes with you for a lifetime, leaving his parents' house.

Young man: - My wife

Elderly: - Who does your attention and service in sickness,

Young man: - My wife

Elder said: - Tell me one more thing, your wife cares for so much work and everything, did she ever take money from you?

Youth: - Never

The elders said that you saw a lack of wife.

But you have never seen so many of its qualities! Mother is a bank and father credit card

Once upon a time Rahul came out of the house with great anger. Was so angry that he accidentally left wearing Papa's shoes. He was thinking that I will just leave home today, and only return when I become a very big man.

When they could not get motorcycles, then why do they dream of making engineers. Today I had also picked up my father's purse. Which was not allowed to touch anyone. I know this purse will definitely be a diary of money. Know how much goods have been hidden. Must have been hidden from mother also.

That is why do not let anyone put their hands on it. As soon as I came out on the road through the rough road, I felt something stinging in the shoes. I took off my shoe. A little blood flowed from my AD. There was a nail on the shoe, there was pain but there was a lot of anger.

And, I had to leave, leaving the house. As soon as I walked some distance. I felt a deep grief in my feet, water was strewn on the road. When I woke up I saw the shoes were broken.

As soon as I reached the bus stop, I found that there was no bus for an hour. I thought why not search the purse. I opened the purse, saw a slip, wrote - I borrowed 40 thousand for the laptop, but I have the laptop at home?

The other saw a folded emerald, in which he wrote a Hobby Day in his office. He wrote Hobby wearing nice shoes. Oh, is that so…. Wearing good shoes?

But their shoes!

Mother says on every first date for the last four months, take new shoes and every time they would say, "Now it will take 6 more months."

Third slip. 

Give an old scooter, take a new motorcycle to the exchange, mind wanders as you read, Papa's scooter. ohhhhh!

Rahul ran towards the house .. Now she was not piercing the nail in the legs. He reached home but neither father nor scooter… ohhh no…. Rahul understood where he went.

He ran. 

And reached the agency. Father was there. Rahul hugged him, and soaked his shoulder with tears, no… no father..... I don’t want a motorcycle.

Just take new shoes and I want to be a big man now. That too in your way….

There is mother only one bank in the world with which you can express your feelings and sorrows with them.


Father is the only credit card in the world that has no money, yet he fulfills our dreams, gives us what we want, never lets us run short of money.

3) Practice is the greatest teacher. 

Guru Dronacharya was the Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas, giving them knowledge of archery.

One day Eklavya was from a poor Shudra family. Went to Dronacharya and said that Gurudev I also want to get knowledge of archery, you are requested to make me your disciple and impart knowledge of archery.

Best motivation stories for learning

But Dronacharya told Eklavya his helplessness and said that he should get education from another guru.

Hearing this, Eklavya left from there.

Long after this incident, Arjun and Dronacharya went to the forest for hunting. He was accompanied by a dog. The dog suddenly started barking at a place while running, he barked for a long time and then suddenly stopped barking. Arjun and Gurudev found it strange and they moved towards the place from where the dog barked.

What he saw going there was an incredible event. Someone locked his mouth through the arrow without hurting the dog and he could not even bark at will. Seeing this, Dronacharya was shocked and started thinking that I have not given the knowledge to shoot arrows so efficiently, nor has my dear disciple Arjun, nor does anyone here know such penetrating knowledge…. Then how did such an incredible event happen?

Then Ekalavya was holding an arrow in his hand from the front.

Gurudev was shocked by seeing this.
Dronacharya asked Eklavya, "Son, how did you do all this so quickly, And who has taught you all this?

Then Ekalavya said, "Gurudev I have made your idol here and after worshiping it every day, I practice hard as its equivalent and due to this practice, I am able to hold a bow in front of you today.

Gurudev said, "You are blessed! Your practice has made you such a great archer and today I understood that practice is the greatest teacher."

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