Always Keep your thoughts high । Motivational stories

Always Keep your thoughts high । Motivational stories 

A man noticed that a child was watching his precious car very carefully.

The man made the boy sit in the car. The boy said: - Your car is very good, it will be very expensive, right?

Man: - Yes, my brother has given me a gift.

Boy (thinking something): - Wow! How good are your brothers

Man: - I know what you are thinking, you also want such a car, don't you?

Boy: - No! I want to become like your brother.
Friends, we can do anything we want, but we should have the courage to do all that.

Always keep your mind high। Motivational stories 

Always Keep your thoughts high । Motivational stories

1) What will you become? Lion or jackal. 

Once there was a person. He was moving from his village to the city for some work. There was a forest on the way from the village to the city. When he was passing through that forest he felt thirsty, then he went towards the river flowing in the nearby forest. He drank water and after drinking the water started rolling back and he saw it. There was a jackal sitting on the bank of the river, who might not be able to walk. He was surprised to see that it cannot move, then how is it alive.

Then suddenly he heard a loud roar of a lion. The man climbed a tall tree and started waiting, then there came a lion who caught a fresh prey in the mouth. The lion might have filled his stomach, watching it all carefully. So he put the victim in front of the jackal and went away. The person was watching all this carefully; he thought that the divine leela of God is imperfect. He arranges for everyone. Then he got the idea that if God can help this helpless jackal then he will do mine too. There was deep faith in God, so he sat on a high rock on the banks of the river there and started doing devotion to God. Spent one day, then spent two days, but no one came. His condition began to weaken now, yet he stubbornly held that God will help me. Time passed and that person died, went straight to God after dying and started saying to God. is! I saw God in front of my eyes. When you helped a helpless jackal. I served you all my life but you did not help me. Then God smiled and started saying, what do you think when you were going through the forest, you had gone to the river on your own free will and seen it all. "No, I was thirsty for you and I had sent you to the river too; but I regret that I had sent you to the forest to become a lion but you came as a jackal." Is when God gives us the opportunity to recognize our true form. But it depends on us how we are receiving it. May we help the helpless and poor people as lions or even become jackals despite everything. He was helpless because he was helpless but not you. You have the ability that you can help those people who are living unaided life due to the circumstances.

2) More than luck and ahead of time, nothing gets. 

There was a Seth ji who had a lot of wealth and Seth ji helped the poor with that money, built orphan ashrams and dharamshalas etc. Due to this charity, Seth ji had great fame in the city. Seth ji married her daughter in a big house but due to lack of luck in the fate of her daughter, her husband turned out to be a gambler, alcoholic, speculator, which ended all the money. Seeing this condition of her daughter, Sethani would daily tell Sethji that you help the world but why do not you help your daughter in trouble. Seth ji used to say that till the fate of the daughter-son-in-law does not arise, till then I will help them even if there is no benefit. When their fate arises, everyone will be ready to help themselves. But the mother is a mother, if the daughter is in trouble, how will the mother feel relieved. Sethani used to think in this way how to help the daughter financially.

One day Seth ji went out of the house when his son-in-law came home. The mother-in-law respected the son-in-law and the idea of ​​helping the daughter came to her mind that why not put arshafia in the laddus of Motichur which would help the daughter and the son-in-law would not even know. Thinking this, the mother-in-law kept Arsafia in the middle of the laddoos and while leaving the son-in-law vaccinated, gave five kilos of pure native ghee ladoos containing Arsafia to her son-in-law. Son-in-law left home with ladoos The son-in-law thought who should carry so much weight, why not be sold at the sweets shop here. And the son-in-law sold the packet of laddus to the sweet-seller and left the money in his pocket.

On the other hand, when Seth ji came from outside, he thought that he would take the ladoos from Motichur to the sweet shop for the house and Seth ji asked the shopkeeper to make laddus. Were. When Seth ji came home with ladoos, when Sethani saw the same packet of ladoos, Sethani threw the ladoos and saw Arsaphia and beat her head. Sethani told Seth ji till Seth ji's arrival from son-in-law and hiding Arshafiya in laddus. Seth Ji said that fortunate I had already explained that his fate is not awake yet. Seen pieces were neither in the fate of son-in-law nor in the fate of sweet-seller.

That is why it is said that more than luck and before time, no one has got anything and will not get it.

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