21 Tips to Improve Personality Best । Personality development

21 Tips to emprove personality best । Personality development 

Before reading 21 tips of Personality Development, let's first understand the importance of personality from a story. You went to watch a movie, you are standing in line, a person came from behind and broke the line and reached near the window first.

The same situation happens to almost everyone. And in this situation your reaction reveals your personality. Your attitude creates your attitude, and your attitude makes your image in the middle of the people.

It depends on your reaction that you will not be able to enjoy the movie. The right reaction protects you from stress and makes your image good, while the wrong reaction makes you tired and also degrades your image.

Handling a situation is an art, which has a good effect on your personality and you handle every situation bigger than that.

Now in this case what I have said is the position of the line next to the movie window. There can be three reactions in this situation.

1] You see the band breaking the line, you get angry and shout. And you say, "Hey brother how long have we been standing in line so why are you in the middle" and when that person does not stand behind you, you do not get the chain.

2] You stand calmly, what can a man do now, you will have to do it.

3] You say to the person smiling very well, "Listen brother, please come to the line, thank you"

Now what do you think is the correct reaction?

First flare and scream, this reaction is not right and you too believe that this reaction is not right. But knowing this, you see this reaction.

And you will not even think about how many side effects this reaction has. Your BP is high, you get tired, Jagda can increase and your enjoyment will also be over.

Every time the anger leaves a jersey on your face and you visit this next seen with you. And in your home in your workplace, you talk to it again and again.

And in this way, your behavior becomes the same and in every situation you react the same way.

Second, to stand calmly and to calm down, these signs do not and should not be done in your mind. An image of yourself is formed which deepens with time and your confidence is decreasing. It becomes your behavior that you have to follow everywhere.

This behavior never gives you as much, reduces your ability to take risks, and gradually you get away from success and are close to failure.

Now the third courtesy left, with tenderness, smiling, saying your words and not taking tiredness and not getting angry.

My experience says that most of the time your smile makes you win. But even if that person does not believe, then my opinion is to remain calm but do not go to any previous reaction. The third reaction means that by smiling, you will definitely win at 7 out of 10 positions.

And in this way your confidence will start increasing and in this way you will have a positive attitude. Your image will be better in the middle of the logo. Your respect will increase and people will trust you. You will never feel tired and your personality will also be good.

And this will lead you to success. 

21 Tips to emprove Personality best

By taking an example of ourselves, we understood the matter correctly that how we can make ourselves impressive and positive, which has an effect on personality.

After the example, now I also tell you some tips, so that you can improve your personality.

 21 Tips to emprove personality best। Personality development

1) Like Your Nearby People. 

You have to accept this thing that no human being can be perfect in this world, if you do not like any particular person because in that person you do not have the thing or the habit that you expect that everyone If you should be in humans, then in this way you will feel bad about every human in this world.

Believe yourself like people, behave well with them and talk to the patient. Improves personality.

2) Learn from everyone. 

When you go to new place to get something in your life, Such as school, college, office, company, etc. So there you may not be able to perform well.

And this happens with every human, so for this you have to talk to the people of that new place - talk about the atmosphere there. 

One has to learn from the personality of the people there. Learn by looking at others, by mistake, you will get younger in learning.

3) Be a good listener. 

This thing will take you to the forefront, it is very important for you to come to know how to listen well to any person while speaking, and how to act your body language so that the next person feels that you are listening to him.

Every person in this world needs someone to listen to him carefully, so if you do this, then your relationship will definitely start to get better and your personality will start showing a lot of difference.

4) Don't get your.

Maybe you are older, or even younger, in your personality, if some lamb tells you at your mouth, then in such a situation, instead of arguing and awakening with that person, thank him, and try to overcome that deficiency.

5) Wear dressing according to place.

By the way, event, wedding etc. But while going, everyone keeps their dressing good and according to the place. 

But do you keep yourself in a well dress when someone comes to you for a business meeting?

No ? So you have to understand its value because your first impression is the last impression, which makes a huge impact on your personality.

6) Improve your English Speaking and Communication. 

It works everywhere like office, company, college, events etc. If your English speaking and communication skill is good, then your this. level appears.

It is said: When the mouth of a person opens, it is known that what is inside it?

7) Stay real. 

Regardless of where you go or talk to anyone, never be fake and fake, you should behave in the same way as you, this is your most wonderful personality.

8) Don't judge. 

If you are talking to someone and you know what is going on in the person's life, then do not judge the person without knowing anything.

No matter how far a person may move, but he cannot judge the life of any other person, you can only judge his own life.

9) Remember to speak slowly. 

Like suppose you are standing in a place where someone else is talking in your just pass too and you are talking loudly to your friend, in such a situation your personality is affected.

It is very important that you stay focused on which place you should talk slowly.

10) Fun at the time of fun. 

If any human remains serious all the time, then very few people would like to join that person. Because in addition to work and serious time, every person also needs fun and laughing time.

Because every person wants such a friend or a person in any relation to make him laugh.

11) Be honest. 

Believe that due to your sincerity, every person would like to talk to you, if you do this in your business, then your chances of getting deeper will increase more.

Taking this thing above yourself, do you like to talk to a person who is angry and does not smile or a person who keeps a smile on his face all the time and is humorous? So like the people you want in your life, be the first yourself. 

12) Improve body language. 

This is one of the most important points in personality development, it is very important to have that type of body language along with your way of talking. It helps people to understand your point.

One can see this in a good motivational speaker, while explaining their different things, body movements also vary.

13) The more you study, the more interesting you become.

The more books, articles on the Internet, reading magazines, autobiography, etc., your knowledge and interest will increase, then you can talk to any human being in a much better way, whereas the unreader can talk as much knowledge and talk as you. Will not be the subject of if you read something everyday. 

14) Keep your way. 

Instead of ignoring everything, you can tell your interest to the person in front of you about your interest, by keeping track of your interest, the person is more attracted to you than keeping or giving work.

15) Meet new people. 

By meeting new people, it is good to talk to unknown people, if you submit your first impression with the new people, then by doing this you can impress every person and create a very good image.

16) Support. 

Always support your junior, whether in college, school or office. Supporting others can add a very high quality to your personality. And not only for the purpose of doing good personality, but your mind should also wish that you. Help the next one. 

17) I will respect you. 

This is a simple funda, whatever way you talk to the front, you will discuss it in the same way that the person in front will respect you.

18) Like someone else. 

Every person is right on their side, you have to understand that every human is good in this world, only your attitude of seeing can be wrong, by adopting this habit you will become more connected to people.

19) Learn to forgive mistake. 

You yourself also want that if you make a mistake, then the person in front is someone who forgives you because the mistake is made by humans, so what you expect from others is that the person in front of you forgives you first. You should learn to put the habit in yourself, you too should come to forgive others for their mistake, it becomes positive personality and every such person is attracted to you.

20) Learn to apologize. 

You are not only apologizing to someone, then you are not only apologizing, but you are also learning how to apologize, I mean you are becoming more sinful from inside and a time will come when you It would seem that apologizing is the personality of a very big and good person.

Apologizing does not mean crying emotionally, if you talk to a person from the front and solve the matter properly then it is an apology.

21) Do not disturb nearby people while talking on the phone. 

If your phone comes while in the office, then it is better to go outside and talk properly, instead of disturbing those near.

When you are in an urgent meeting, or in college and school class, then keeping the phone silent is also a quality of personality.

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