Obey the elders । Motivational story

Obey the elders motivational story 

We should always obey the orders of our elders, those who do not listen to the elders make many mistakes in their lives. We should always remember that our parents always think well about us and never think bad. Whatever work we do, be it right or wrong, we should get advice from our parents about that work. People who do not listen to their parents, they work, but they do not know whether the work is right or wrong, later they learn that the work I have done is wrong, and then they think I wish I had listened to my parents. So we should always take the opinion of our elders.

Obey the elders motivational story

1) Obey the elders. 

There was a very dense forest, there were mountains and cool water springs flowing. Many animals lived in the forest. In the cave of the mountain lived a lion - a lioness and two young children of these. The lion and lioness loved their children very much. When the lion's children went out into the forest with their parents, they loved it. But lions - lionesses rarely took their children with them. They used to leave the children in the cave and go in search of their food in the forest. The lion and the lioness repeatedly used to convince their children not to forget out of the cave alone. But the older child did not like this. One day the lion - the lioness had gone into the forest, the older child said to the younger - let's drink water from a waterfall and take a little walk in the forest. I love scaring deer. The young child said - Father has said that do not leave the cave alone. It is very forbidden to go near the waterfall. You wait let father or mother come. We will go and drink water with them.

The elder child said - I am thirsty. All animals are afraid of us. Then what is there to fear? ' The little child was not ready to go alone. He said - I will obey the parents. I am afraid to go alone. The elder brother said. You are a coward, don't go, I go. The older child came out of the cave and went to the waterfall. He drank a lot of water and then started moving around, covering the greens. There were some hunters that day in the forest. When the hunters saw the lion's child walking away from a distance, he thought that holding it and selling it in a bird house would fetch good money. The hunters surrounded the lion's child from all sides and broke it together. They put the blanket on and caught the child. What would the poor lion do. He had not even grown as big as a dog. They wrapped him in blankets and tied them with ropes. He could neither splash nor growl.

The poachers sold this child to a bird house. He was locked in an iron box. He was very sad. He was very much missed by his parents. He repeatedly growled and scratched iron rods. Was, but the rod could not be broken by its scratching.

Whenever that lion's child saw a small child, he was very growling and jumping. If someone could explain his language, he would definitely say to him - you must obey your parents and elders. One has to repent after not obeying the elders.

I am captive here because of not obeying elders.

⇾ Broch. 

We learn from this story that we should always obey your elders. Whatever they say is right.

2) Always listen to elders and choose service

It is our duty to obey parents, in-laws, gurus etc. This will only happen if the person believes that he is superior to us. Governance Deepika Arunashree said this at the Dharma Sabha at Jawahar Path Samta Bhavan.

She said that when we have two options and we have to choose one, service should always be chosen. On the one hand, high-level religious practices such as samyak, pratikraman, the other option is service to ill parents and gurus.In such a situation, service should be our goal.Rajendra Pagaria undertook eight fasts.On Gurupurnima, many Shravaka-Shravikas meditated on oil.This information was given by the president of the association, Abhaykumar Bhandari.

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