Meaning of personality development

Meaning of personality development 

There are many people around us who do not know about personality. We need to know what personality means? Every person has a different personality. So today we will know what is meant by personality.

Meaning of personality development

What is the meaning of personality development?

We are all familiar with the term Personality or Personality. We use this word as the attributes or attributes of any person in our life. We are often found saying that person's personality is very good or "What a personality!".

But in the true sense, we have been able to understand the broad form of this word.People often associate personality with physical attraction or beauty, but we have not understood the broad form of this word. The word Personality derives from a Latin word Persona which means mask; Which the Romans used to work in the theater and to play different characters.This means that the personality is the same as we look or can be seen by others. But this became a very narrow definition of personality. 

1) Personality can be properly understood by this definition. 

Personality is the dynamic organization within the individuals of those psycho physical systems which determines their characteristic, behavior and thought or which determines their unique adjustment to their environment. 

This means that personality is formed not only with physical qualities but also with thoughts and behavior which also determines our behavior and our adjustment in society. A person is not born with an innate good personality, but in order to be successful one has to develop qualities within himself. Develop such qualities that affect others as well as yourself.

Being physically beautiful or intelligent is only one aspect of personality, but for good personality it is necessary to use knowledge properly and make your gestures and posture in harmony with it.

"The primary prerequisite to upgrade your character is right observation since you see what you need to see 'we see the things through our brain not through our eyes', to stay away from your negative emotions and remove the inferiority complex. It is not atall that if you are not physically attractive, then your personality is not good Martin Luther King, Gandhiji, etc. were not physically attractive, but their personality is an example for human race. Because these individuals vanquished their negative feelings and confided in themselves. The way to overcome negative emotions is love yourself, feel good about yourself and make realistic life goals.

Instead of becoming better than your peers, try to be better than yourself.Stress and fear are two very big reasons that do not fully enhance our personality, it is very important to recognize our inner fear and try to be free from it. The biggest fear that is in the mind of any person is the fear of failure which can be overcome only by repeated efforts. Your personality can be developed by using positive attitude, self confidence, self motivation and good body language. Because constructive emotions originate from speaking the truth about yourself and tolerating your character, and physical attributes, moles, scars and all; and to acknowledge yourself undeniable.

Along with the role of thoughts and behavior in personality, physical characteristics cannot be denied. The meaning of physical characteristics is not of a beautiful face, but of high level of energy, personal hygiene and activeness, as well as knowledge of the right manners, how to speak and treat others is very important. A significant piece of our character is our own relationship. A person's personality can also be judged from how he manages his personal relationships or how successful he is.

2) The famous physiologist 
Hippocrates first divided personality into four parts. 


He believed that Sanguine people have high amount of blood and they are happy and also keep others happy and do not think much, melancholic is very systematic and logical, everything is due to understanding, Phlegmatic people are of a calm tendency, they are not overlyagitated and are choleric angry, they also have high leadership quality due to which they dominate others. From this you can guess that every kind of personality has its own specialty and in this world all these four types are needed so that balance can be maintained. All of us have these four traits or personality, but some have more qualities than others, and in others, all these are not due to physical qualities but due to our natural instincts. We have to recognize each other's personality and make adjustments accordingly. Suppose you are sanguine, then it is not necessary that your partner is also sanguine, maybe it is melancholic or choleric, but if you are sanguine, then you may not be able to make wise decisions due to your playful nature. Someone with a melancholic personality can guide you better.

We should react by sensing the personality of the person in front because every person is unique in this world. We should respect every kind of personality and continuously try to develop our personality, because personality is to human as fragrance is to flower.

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