Inspirational short stories about life

Inspirational short stories about life 

There are many obstacles in our life. We are afraid but should not be afraid of them but face them. Sometimes we get it wrong. And start wondering how we made this mistake. But new learning comes from mistake. The problem is with everyone.,but person who finds a solution to his problem himself, he is able to do something in his life. The person who earns money by working hard, is always happy, he has complete confidence in himself that I will be able to bear whatever grief in my life. There are also people who earn money by stealing, robbery, murder, they are never happy in their life, their life is painful and they get upset. So we should always make money by working hard. I hope you enjoy this article. 

How to understand yourself. 

Today I will tell you how you can deal with your problems.No one should be afraid of problems but should face them.Only then your problems will be solved.If you read the 4 ways written below, then you will be able to understand well.

Inspirational short stories about life

1) Obstacles make us stronger. 

There used to be a pious farmer in a village. His crop was often spoiled. Sometimes he used to get flooded and sometimes his crop would be ruined due to drought. Sometimes the heat was extremely cold, sometimes it was so cold that the poor could never fully get his crop.

One day the farmer got sad and went to the temple and stood in front of the idol of God and said, God is divine of course, but still it seems that you have no idea of ​​the farmyard. Please do let the weather happen once according to me, then see how I fill my granary. There was a voice on the sky that "and the things that you would like will be done after this, and this year I will give you this." The farmer came home very happily and he sowed wheat crop.

What happens is that God did not do anything according to that year and when the farmer wanted sunshine, it would rain when he wanted, but the farmer never let the storm and the storm come. There was a very good crop. The plants were snapping big. Over time the crop also grew and the farmer was happy.

Finally the time for harvesting came, the farmer went to the fields with great joy and as soon as he entered the field to cut the crop, he was very surprised and his happiness also vanished because he saw that there was not a single seed in the wheat earrings. His heart was shocked. The farmer got sad and said to God, "O God, what is this?"

Then Akashwani said that "This was bound to happen, you did not let the storm, thunderstorm, hail, come at all, while it is the difficulties that give power to any seed and it continues to grow in the midst of all the difficulties and Produces thousands of seeds like yourself, even if you have not allowed it to come, how can you tell me how to grow? ”The Lord said that these plants kept growing hollow without any challenges. This was to happen.

On hearing this, the farmer realized his mistake.

Friends, as long as there are no obstacles in our life, problems do not come, then we do not even realize our strength. Obstacles make us strong so that we do something new and bigger in our life.

Just never be afraid of obstacles and difficulties and keep on moving forward facing them.

2) Make a mistake get progress. 

Many times a person is unable to remove his own errors. In such a situation, he should seek the help of a person who can find out the real errors.

Was once a craftsman. Whenever he made an idol, he himself would find its shortcomings and then make another idol in which there are no deficiencies. He would destroy the first idol and sell the second idol in the market. Once he made a very beautiful idol. When he saw that the idol was lacking, he was surprised. He closely observed that idol and found that there is no shortage in this idol, so he started crying. His cry was heard by another craftsman living in his neighborhood. He came to him and asked the reason for his crying. The craftsman said that I do not see any deficiency in this statue. The neighbor asked when there is no deficiency then why are you crying? The craftsman said that I cannot improve my art until I see my shortcomings. Today I do not see any error, so I am crying. If you make a mistake in this idol of mine, I will be very grateful to you. The neighbor carefully looked at the idol and found some errors in the nose, waist and fingers of the idol. The craftsman was very happy knowing the flaws of his idol and understood that many times we do not know our own errors when other people see them. That is why, by removing our own errors and correcting others as well as correcting their errors, a person can progress a lot.

Only by observing and correcting one's mistakes can a person progress on the path of progress. But many times the person is unable to remove his errors. In such a situation, he should seek the help of a person who can remove his errors and guide them to rectify them.

3) Face the problem firmly. 

Running away from problems does not solve them. Problems can be overcome only by coping strongly.

A famous speaker was once walking on the bank of a lake. He was engrossed in some serious thinking. There was a group of trees, at which some monkeys lived, at a distance from the lake. When the herd of monkeys saw the speaker, they proceeded to scare them. When the herd of monkeys came near them, the speaker suddenly lost his attention. He saw that the huge and gigantic monkeys of the Red Mouth were not far from them. Seeing them coming, the speaker got nervous and turned around and ran. The monkeys also ran after them. The speaker felt that his life would no longer be saved.

Then an elderly person passed by. He saw the speaker running and also the herd of monkeys lying behind him. They immediately understood what is the matter? The veteran elder shouted loudly to the speaker and said, "Stop, don't run away." He turned back and stood in front of the monkeys. This way the herd of monkeys stopped. When they stood upright in the same way, the herd of monkeys fled from there.

The incident deeply affected the speaker. On the same day he mentioned this incident in his speech and said - I would not have survived if I was running away from those dreaded monkeys. Monkeys would kill me. But when I stood in front of them, they ran away quietly. Similarly, they do not get away from migrating from crisis and problems. We have to face them firmly in front of them only then they can be controlled. Many problems of human beings have arisen on their own, if those problems are to be solved then human beings should settle down for some time and go to the root of those problems and finish facing them.

4) Hard earned cash. 

One was Seth. Outside his kothi sat a cobbler on the side of the road who used to chant hymns or a song in the middle while repairing shoes, but Seth ji never noticed the cobbler's songs. Once Seth ji fell ill. Caught the bed. When he was alone in the house, he heard hymns of cobbler. While listening to the hymn, his mind moved away from his disease and went towards singing the cobbler. This gave Seth ji a lot of rest. He felt that his pain had subsided.

One day he called the cobbler and said, "Brother, you sing very well." My disease was not being cured by the big doctors, but hearing your hymn has started to be cured. He gave fifty rupees to the cobbler. Cobbler was very happy after getting the money. But his mind did not work. He forgot to sing praises He did not sleep when he went home at night. He started thinking what to do with this fifty rupees, where to keep it. Seeing the condition of the cobbler, his customers also started getting angry at him, because he did not work properly. On the other hand, Seth ji's condition started deteriorating again as Bhajan stopped. His entire attention went towards disease.

One day Seth ji thought that he would call Mochi and ask why he stopped singing. Next day Mochi came and said, 'Seth ji, keep your money with you. I will not take it. ' Seth ji asked, 'Why, did anyone say anything to you?' The cobbler said, 'Nobody said anything, but this rupee made my life hurt. Neither sleep at night nor rest by day. I also missed singing bhajan. The happiness in earning your hard work is not in the foreign money. Your money has also broken away from God. That is why I am returning it.

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