How to enhance your personality

How to enhance your personality 

It is very important to have a personality. We must recognize what kind of personality we have. We need to know how to understand personality, bring it out and how to express it to people. Different personalities are seen in every person. We have to know what are the shortcomings in our personality and what are not? He has to understand that then we can change it. If our personality is good then our day will also be good. Our mind will always be active and good thoughts will start coming in it. Positiveness will remain in us with good thoughts, due to which the environment around us will be very good. For this reason people will be attracted towards us.  

How to enhance your personality

Enhance personality. 

Today I will tell you how to enhance your personality. I made these 6 tips for you. If you follow these 6 tips, then your personality will improve. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you like this article, then please tell in the comment box. 

1) Trust. 

Hasil Adkins was a singer and musician. His special thing was that he used to write the lyrics of his songs on his own, play all the instruments himself and sing on his own. An instrument is difficult to learn and they used to do everything themselves. How did they all start? Hasil had a passion for music since childhood, when he used to listen to radio in childhood, he heard that RJ announced after the song that these songs are of such a beautiful singer as here you must have heard in radio that after the song announced It is known that you were listening to Sonu Nigam.

Earned Ko or Mohit Chauhan etc. Now because generally take the name of RJ singer like you, he (Hasil Adkins) felt that one man did everything and with this belief he started playing guitar by hand. Played drum from foot and sang along with himself. A misunderstanding gave him such a belief that he became a star. In the same way, we all have beliefs about us, what we can and cannot do, and our lives are as soon as we have our beliefs.

If you feel that you cannot complete your goals then this will happen but if you feel that you can complete your goals, you have potential, they have capabilities, they are talent to live your dreams then your goals Will be complete If your beliefs are strong then solutions are also found, actions are also taken and results also come. So stop doubting yourself and understand that what you want can be done, it will be possible and you will be able to do that.

Just keep in mind that whatever you want to achieve, keep your faith towards it and that trust should not be broken at any cost, under any circumstances, under any circumstances.

2) Idea. 

If you have a big powerful dog in front of you and a small cute puppy on the other side, and after some time, both of them are going to fight and you will be asked how you will win that little puppy, then what in your mind? Will think that you can win that puppy by fighting with that big powerful dog. Now we tell you to think that if you stop feeding that big dog and feed that little yellow properly, properly, then after some time the strength of that big dog will end and it will weaken and A small puppy will become more powerful and will be able to win in the same way. Two dogs are also in our mind with a positive attitude and a negative attitude.

You make the person who blossoms more, and he wins in your life. If you keep giving thoughts to your negative mind, do not expect that something positive will happen in your life. Yes, if you want that your life is positive, then you have to feed positive mind, that's why the anger on your face should be less and happiness more. There should be less hate and more love for oneself and others, less sad and more smiling. Because if you smile and see where everything is seen, otherwise with wet eyes, the mirror also appears blurred.

The thing that you take your mind towards, that is what your brain starts showing.

3) Focus.

Think we said to you that for one day only you have to focus on green color i.e. green color, that is, you have to focus on the things that you see as green color. If you want to focus on green cars, green posters, green shoes, whatever you see as green, then by evening your attention will start to go green on your own.

Green color itself will call you in fact where there will be no green at all, if it will be a little green, then it will start to appear to you, meaning by evening you will have deeply understood green color means you have formed a relation with it so , green color was already present around you, but now you start to see that the things we focus more on, we see more. Now what you have to do is replace this green color with happiness.

Just like green color was already existent, but now you have focused on it, in the same way happiness was also existing around you, now you have to focus on it for some time and then focus on gaining space instead of pain, tears. Instead of smile, instead of sufferings learnings, then like that green place, happiness will gradually start to appear, happiness will call you by yourself, in small things where no one can find reason to be happy. You can find happiness

In every event, you will be able to find reasons to smile in every incident. Happiness will become the reality of your life, your life will become more positive ie it will become awesome. so, my point is happiness is out there focus, you will get it.

You get only what you focus on, so focus on what you want to achieve.

4) Determination. 

You must have heard the word jacuzzi and if you have not heard then jacuzzi word is associated with luxury bath. A bath tub in which a mixture of air and water bathes you. This whirlpool bath tub is called jacuzzi but jacuzzi is the sername of the person who built the first time whirlpool bath tub, his company name is derived from jacuzzi which is today a world famous luxury brand.

Candido Jacuzzi's two-year-old son had arthritis. It was not possible for him to go to the hospital again and again, because the hospital was far away from home, he made such a mixture to mix the water and air in the bath tub at home and put it on the body, even if the doctors liked this concept And also recommended to patients, then Candido Jacuzzi started making bath tub and jacuzzi together, then such bath tub celebrities started to like, demand started coming from all over the world. And jacuzzi became the symbol of a luxury bath instead of a medical tub. Meaning he solved the problem of his family, not one father panicked in front of his son's illness, faced the problem, dared,

Made easy the treatment of his son and in this problem took such opportunity which is known as world famous brand jacuzzi. If you get nervous when you have problems, you become weak, start treating yourself as helpless, then problems never solve. But like Candido Jacuzzi, if you face the problems with courage, then you will be able to solve it, find the solution and use the opportunity hidden within the problems. Will be able to get them out, grow and grow. Some people say that problems have come, now nothing can happen and some say that the problem has come, what can happen now.

What can you learn from it, what opportunities can be taken from it, what can you take advantage of, so if you have problems in your life then these problems can also erase you and these problems can also make you It depends on you, it depends on you whether these problems will make you or they will erase you.

Troubles are not the symbol of stopping, these are the signs that help you to show the path ahead of your destination.

5) Excitement. 

We call ourselves modern country but it is a matter of regret that even today many of us are backward in mind, backward in thinking. Recently, a woman from a small village in Maharashtra was stopped from draining water from the public well of the village saying that she is a little young, and this pain hit her husband's heart. A new passion was born inside her husband.

The man, who was a man of every kind, started digging the ground for 2 hours every morning and four hours in the evening after the meditation. People refused him, called him crazy but he kept on. Every day for 6 hours, the ground was dug and in 40 days, the man alone dug a well in that land and today the water of that well benefits the entire community. It is called passion.

Whether the work is small or big but there are actions with passion and when this passion sticks with our thoughts, then we feel that whatever happens now, we have to live by doing it. Then this passion comes in the form of something like Bapu Rao Tajane dug a 40-foot well alone, Dashrath Manjhi broke the mountain alone, Jadhav Payag made a forest alone. Become a support for the restless people, become a shore for the restless people, live for yourself, live if you can live for thousands.

You can never achieve anything great unless you have enthusiasm for that work, no passion.

6) Definitely. 

We do not choose in which house, under which environment, under which conditions we are born, in which country we are to be born, in which religion, in which state we are to be born. We neither choose our parents nor our family and most of us do not even choose our own death, when we will die and, how we will not have this choice.

We do not get all these choices but we have a choice and that is our choice to live. We just have to choose how we want to live. To live with some purpose or with confusion, to live with dreams in eyes or to live with regret, to live with pride or with shame. Laughing - You have to live smiling or with sorrow, from birth to death you have a choice and that is the choice to live life. This is the one and only you have to decide, this and only you have to choose how you want to live. life is your choice.

Our life is finally the sum of all the decisions that we have taken at every turn, whether we have thought or thoughtfully and our life, whether good or bad, it is our determination and determination that shows the direction of good and evil and Only and only we are responsible for that.

If you have liked our letter and feel that it will change your life, then we will definitely tell you in the comment section.

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