How to encourage friend । Inspirational short story

How to encourage friend inspirational short story 

We get all relationships from birth. But We make the relationship of friendship ourselves. Friend is love in words. Friend is closest to us. Friends can make us good or bad. That is why today I am going to tell you the story of both friends in which one friend help another friend. After reading this you will get very good inspiration.

How to encourage friend. 

There was a village named Jabalpur. A boy named Ramu lived in that village. He was a very good boy. Ramu was always happy. Once it happened that he failed in his studies. He went under a lot of stress. The smile that used to be on his face was no longer visible. He even stopped talking to anyone? He feeling that there is no goal in my life. As the days passed, time went on. His nature become irritable and started feeling unhappy about any small thing. But Ramu's grief did not come to an end.

How to encourage friend inspirational short story

Then suddenly after some years a friend of his comes to his village. His friend name is Karan. Karan comes to meet his friend Ramu at his house. When Karan comes to Ramu's house, Ramu refuses to meet him. Karan started to think that my friend Ramu was not like this before, so why did it become like this now. Karan meets Ramu's parents to find out all this and talks to them, then his parents tell Karan everything about what happened to Ramu.

Then Karan decides in his mind that I will definitely take my friend out of this misery. Then Karan meets his friend Ramu, He meets and says only that my friend, failing in studies ends our life, We do not have any goal. Did our life end by failing studies, No my friend, you have not failed in life. You don't give up, you can win, you can move on. Only after failure we get success my friend. This way, After listening to Karan, Ramu feels that whatever my friend is saying is right.

That old smile returned to Ramu's face again. Then his family rose to joy. Once again, due to Karan, happiness returned to the unhappy person's life. No person has been able to do till today, that Karan did it. Encouraged his friend, gave him new hope.

↣ Broach. 

Friends, we get to learn from this story that if a person gets a little sad in his life, he does not forget that sorrow. Slowly he goes deeper in misery. If any person helps the unhappy person in the same way as Karan helped Ramu, he can live a happy life again.

↣ How to encourage. 

someone is pursuing a goal, sometimes a self-doubt starts coming in that I will be able to do it or not, if I fail, etc. And in such a situation, if we can remove her self-doubt, encourage her, then it will be a great help.

1) Encouraging words by speaking 

2) Motivational deeks by gifting.

3) Inspirational sites, 

4) By suggesting motivational videss on youtube.

5) Give examples of real life success.

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