How to Believe in yourself । Motivation story

How to believe in yourself motivation story 

There are many problems in our lives. People say, do it, do it, but you should not do what you feel is right there. We should believe in ourselves, be confident in our decision that we can do it. Some times we get frustrated after listening to people, but should not do it. What people will say, but do not listen to them. Definitely seek their opinion, but you should make your decision only after deliberation and should not depend on others. Only then we will be able to stick to the decision we take. We must believe and believe that we can do this work. We keep thinking that we cannot do this, we should not think that we should always think positively. We keep thinking that we cannot do this, we should not think that we should always think positively. So today I want to tell you something. If you liked this article, then please tell in the comment box.

How to Believe in yourself. Motivation story

1) Sky with hope. 

The two kings fought. The victorious king besieged the defeated king's fort and imprisoned all his trusted officers in prison. Among the prisoners were the defeated king's young ministers and his wife. Both were imprisoned in a special part of the fort. The prisoner came and explained to them that they should accept the slavery of our king or else they would die hungry and thirsty in captivity. But the self-respecting minister did not accept slavery, so remained silent. The inspector left. The building in which these two were housed had hundred doors. There were big locks on all the doors. The minister's wife's health was deteriorating and she was very nervous, but the minister was calm. He comforted his wife and said, "Don't be disappointed." Even in the darkest darkness, there is a ray of light, and by saying this, he started pushing every door. The door did not open. Looked at about twenty-five doors, but none opened.

The minister grew tired and his wife's disappointment increased. She said - is your mind right? There are so many big locks, how will those doors open with your bumps? But the minister did not get frustrated and he kept pushing the doors with the same passion. He pushed ninetynine doors, but not a single one was opened. The wife teased him and made him sit. But after a while he stood again and pushed the hundredth door. His tenon crept as soon as he pushed. The minister speculated that this door might open. He began to push the door with double enthusiasm and in a short time it opened. The minister responded calmly - so that all the doors never closed in life. After leaving that door, the minister and his wife gained freedom from captivity.

The one who moves with patience, victory is his only.

2) True prayer. 

Was a priest. People used to watch him with great devotion and devotion. The priests would go to the temple every morning and stay there throughout the day. People started coming to him from morning to pray. When some people gathered, there would be a group prayer in the temple. When the prayer was over, the priests would preach to the people. The same city was a cartman. He would continue in his work from morning till evening. With this, his livelihood would go on. He feels very sad thinking that I always work in the business to feed my stomach, while people go to the temple and pray. There is hardly any sinner like me in this world. The carman of the killed Atmaglani reached the priest and expressed his grief. 'Priest! I have come to ask you whether I should leave this job and start coming to the temple regularly for prayer. The priest listened to the trainman seriously. He asked the carman, 'Well, you tell me that you transport people from one village to another in the car from morning to evening. Have there ever come such occasions that you can get old, disabled and children in your car for free? Have you taken from village to other village? The trainman immediately replied, "Yes priest! There are many such opportunities." Even when I feel that the passer-by is unable to walk, I take him in his car. The priests were very excited to hear this about the trainman. He told the carman, "Then you don't leave your profession at all. The true prayer of God is to give relief to the tired old, disabled, patients and children from suffering. The truth is that you are praying true prayer. 'The trainman was overwhelmed on hearing this.

3) Servant and mistress. 

There lived a rich woman named Videhaika in Shravasti. She was widely known for her calm and gentle behavior. There was a servant named Kali in Vedheeka's house. Kali was very skilled and loyal in his work and conduct. One day Kali thought, 'Everybody says that my mistress is very calm and she never gets angry, how is this possible! Maybe I am so good at my work so she never got angry with me. I need to find out if she can get angry or not. ' The next day Kali came to work with some delay. When Videhaka asked him about the delay, he said, 'Nothing special.' If Videhaka said nothing, he did not like Kali's answer. The next day Kali came a little late. Videhaka then asks her the reason for the delay. Kali again replied, 'Nothing special.' On hearing this, Videhaka got very angry, but she kept quiet. When the same happened on the third day, Videhaika of rage hit Kali's head with a stick. Kali's head started bleeding and he ran outside the house. This thing spread like fire and Videhaka's fame got mixed up in the soil. He who perseveres even in difficult circumstances can overcome his evils.

4) Rights and duties. 

Four thieves stole a cow. The thieves divided it in such a way that each thief would keep it in his house one by one in turn. On the day of the turn, he would have taken out the milk, but no one would have given the grass to the cow because he thought that the grass would have been fed by the first day and the next day. If I do not feed one day, what will be the difference?

Due to this thinking of the thieves, this sequence went on daily. No one fed the cow to the grass, which dried up its milk. It became weak and eventually died.

Those who escape from rights and duties also suffer losses and get inadequate.

5) Words and wings. 

A farmer fought fiercely with his neighbor. Later, when he realized his mistake, he felt ashamed of himself. He was so ashamed that he approached a monk and asked, "I want to atone for my mistake." The monk said, 'Bring a bag full of wings and blow it in the middle of the city.' The farmer did exactly what the monk told him. On returning, the monk said to him, 'Now go and collect all the feathers you have flown in the bag. When the innocent farmer arrived to do so, he came to know that this task was not difficult but impossible. Well, taking the empty bag, he came back to the monk. Seeing this, the monk said to him, 'The same would happen with the words coming out of the mouth. is .' Therefore always weigh your words and speak them.

6) The behaviour. 

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, a Pandit of Karnavas used to abuse abuses every day, but Maharishi used to listen to them in a calm manner and would not answer anything.

One day when he did not come to abuse, Maharishi asked the people the reason for his not coming. People said, "He is sick."

Maharishi reached her home with fruits and medicines. Seeing the Maharishi, he fell at his feet and apologized for his Assad behavior. After this his abuser was left forever.

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