Best Motivational stories for students

Best motivational stories for students 

1) Ray of Illumination.

Rohit was an eighth grade student. He was very obedient, and was always ready to help others. He lived in an ordinary locality in the city, where the electric poles were installed, but the lights on them were bad for years and no one would fix them even after repeated compactions. 

Best Motivational stories for students

Rohit would often see people coming and going on the road getting upset due to the darkness, he comes to his heart how to overcome this problem. For this, when he used to say to his parents or neighbors, he would avoid it by calling it negligence of government and administration.

A few months passed like this and then one day Rohit took a long bamboo and electric wire from somewhere and with the help of some of his friends, buryed him in front of his house and put a bulb on it. When people in the neighborhood saw it, they asked, "Hey, what are you doing?"

"I am trying to light a bulb in front of my house?", Rohit said.

"Hey, what will happen to this, even if you put a bulb on it, the light will spread in the entire locality, even those who come will have to face trouble!", The neighbors questioned.

"Rohit said, "You are correct, yet by doing this, in any event I will have the option to spare individuals from the front of my home from issue." And saying this, he hung a bulb there."

When the bulb lit at night, the matter spread to the whole locality. If someone ridiculed Rohit's move, someone praised him. After a day or two, people saw that people hung the bulbs in front of some more houses. What was it then? As the months passed, the entire mohalla lit up with light. One step of a small boy had brought such a big change that gradually the news spread throughout the city, newspapers also published this news prominently and eventually the administration realized its mistake and the street in the locality. The lights were fixed.

Friends, many times we hesitate to do any good work because the change that we feel seems too small. But in reality our one small step has the power to take the form of a big revolution. We should not miss doing the things that we can do. Even in this story, if Rohit does not have light in the entire locality because of that step, then his step would be as great as it is when it is illuminated. Like Rohit, we should not wait for the change to happen, but, as Gandhiji has said, we should be the change we want to see in the world, only then we can spread the ray of light in the darkness.

2) Extraordinary Thinking. 

Once four children in class VI got equal marks in the exam, now the question arises as to who should be given first rank. The school management decided that the principal will ask a question to all four, the child who gives the most accurate answer will be declared first. The four children appeared, the principal asked the question - what is the fastest in the world? The first child said, I think - "The thought" is the fastest, because any thought comes to the mind faster, no faster than that. The Principal said - Well, the right answer is the second child said, I think Is - "Blink of an eyelid is the fastest, we don't even know and the eyelid blinks and it is often said," Blink of an eye "is done.

Best Motivational stories for students

Principal said - Very well, children are brainwashing. The third child said - 'Electricity, because in my garage, which is a hundred feet away, when the light is on, we press a button in the house, and immediately there is light, I think the lightning is the fastest. it occurs..... Now it was the turn of the fourth child. "Everyone cautiously "Were tuning in, in light of the fact that practically all the three kids had just referenced all the sharp things." The fourth child said - diarrhea is the fastest. . All fours.... Principal said - prove how? Child, yesterday I had diarrhea, it was two o'clock in the night, by the time I could think something, or blinked or pressed the power switch, the diarrhea had done its job. Needless to say that only this extraordinary boy was declared first.

3) Quit Ego and Start Learning. 

The process of learning starts with being born on earth as we get older, the learning process also gets expanded, soon we learn to get up, sit, speak, walk. With the process of growing this, sometimes our ego becomes bigger than us and then we stop learning and start making mistakes. Talking about how this ejaculation blocks our development path, I am remembering a sentence which would be good to discuss here.

Best Motivational stories for students

Once upon a time, a great thinker named Ouspensky of Russia once visited Saint Gurdjieff at his house. Both started discussing various topics. Ouspensky said to Saint Gurdjieff, "I have gained a lot of knowledge through deep study and experience, but I want to know more." Can you help me? Gurdjieff knew that Ouspensky is a scholar of his subject, who has little pride in him, so speaking directly will not work. So after thinking for a while, he picked up a blank paper and said, while raising it towards Ouspensky, "It's a good thing that you want to learn something." But how can I understand what you have learned and what you have not learned so far. So, you do that whatever you know and what you don't, write about both of them on this paper. It is useless to discuss what you already know and it is better to discuss what you do not know.

The point was simple, but somewhat difficult for Ouspensky. His pride of being knowledgeable got clouded. Ouspensky knew a lot about a subject like soul and God, but he did not even think about element-form and distinction. After listening to Gurdjieff, he got into thinking. Even after thinking for a long time, when he did not understand anything, he gave that blank paper like it was to Gurdjieff and said - Sir, I do not know anything. Today you opened my eyes. These words, said by Ouspensky, politely influenced Gurdjieff and said - "Okay, now you know the first thing to know is that you don't know anything." This is the first ladder of knowledge. Now you can be taught and told something. That is, an empty vessel can be filled, but it is not possible to fill a drop of knowledge in a pot filled with ego. If we keep ourselves ready to receive knowledge, then we will be able to become worthy of learning. To become knowledgeable, it is necessary that a man should resolve to get knowledge and he should not only bind himself to a guru, but accept it wherever he comes to know good thing. ''

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