Always be happy

Always be happy inspirational stories 

There will be sorrows in life but never be desperate. Try to be happy always. If you will be happy, then your day will also be good. It is said that if happiness increases by sharing happiness, then do the same, share happiness among your friends and family. By which you will feel good, you will be active in your work. Doing all this will boost your confidence and you can succeed.

1) As long as there is enthusiasm in life, success will continue.

The king stopped taking the old elephant into battle, one day he got trapped in the swamp, the elephant could not get out even after much effort.

According to a folk tale, a king had a very powerful elephant. Whenever the king went to war, he would definitely take his beloved elephant. The elephant believed all the things of the king. The king had won many wars because of elephants. Over time as the elephant grew older, the king stopped taking it into battle. The king entrusted the care of his servants to him. Now the elephant was well taken care of in the morning and evening, but he remained depressed due to not going to war.

Always be happy

One day the elephant went to drink water in the pond and got stuck in the swamp. Tried a lot, but the elephant could not get out of the swamp. The elephant shouted loudly. On receiving this information, the king also immediately reached the pond. The soldiers tried hard, but the elephant could not get out. The king summoned his minister. The minister knew the elephant very well. He told the king that you should play the drums and drums played in the war here. Accepting the minister's words, the king started playing drums and drums there.

When the elephant heard the sound of drums and drums, he immediately stood up and started trying to get out of the swamp with full force. Soon the elephant came out of the swamp. The king was surprised to see how the elephant came out. Then the minister told the king that this elephant used to go to war with you. When you stopped taking it to war it was depressed, there was no enthusiasm in its life.

He got lost after being trapped in the swamp. When he heard the sound of drums and drums, he felt that now he has to go to war again, the king needs me. Thinking this, its excitement returned and it came out.

2) Happy life lessons. 

When there is enthusiasm in our life, till then we keep getting success. That is why enthusiasm should be maintained in life. That is why one should never be disappointed. Everything should be done with full enthusiasm.

Always be happy


Was a rich man. He had many friends, in which a friend who was very poor, was a confidant of a rich man. One day the rich man invites all friends to his house to eat, all the friends come to the rich man's house. After the meal, the rich man realizes that he was wearing a precious diamond studded ring on one finger, due to some looseness, he has fallen. All friends help in finding the ring at home. But not available"A companion says - "You can look through us all." Because of one man we will all be under suspicion in your eyes forever ... !!"

All friends get ready for search ... except for one poor friend ... He refuses to do his search, all friends insult him.

The rich man leaves everyone with no search.

On the second day in the morning when the rich man puts his hand in the inner pocket of his coat, the ring is found. And he comes straight to the poor friend's house and apologizes for the insult done by his friends and asks for the reason for not doing his search. Poor friend, pointing to his sick son sleeping on the bed, says: "When I was coming here, he insisted on eating sweets, when you were eating food, I saw that dessert. Not eating it was kept in his pocket for his son.

If the search was done, the ring would definitely have been accused of stealing the right sweet, so it was better to bear the insult because if I told the truth at night, my son's name would have come in the middle ... and I did not want to tell my trouble !! " The rich friend also helped to treat her son.
This story proves what parents do not tolerate for the little happiness of their children ... !!!

3) Essence of life. 

One day, a tailor's son went to his father's shop as he was away from school. Going there, he carefully watched his father working. He saw that his father cut the cloth with scissors and held the scissors close to the foot. Then sew it with a needle and after the chest put the needle Put on your hat.

Always be happy

When he saw this action four or five times, he could not keep up with it, so he told his father .. that he wants to ask one thing to him? Papa said - say son, what do you want to ask? Son said - Papa Looking at you for a long time, every time you cut the cloth, after that you press the scissors under the foot, and after the needle with the cloth on the chest, put it on the cap, why?

Papa answered this - in those two lines, as if he explained the essence of life.


The answer was- Son, she does the work of cutting scissors, and does needlework, and the place of the cutting is always low but the place of the joiner is always on top. That is why I put the needle on the cap And put the scissors under the foot .. !!

4) Self satisfaction.

There was a crow who was very happy and satisfied with his life. Once he stopped drinking water on a pond. There he saw the white colored goose. He thought I am very black and swan is so beautiful, so perhaps swan will be the happiest bird in this world.

Always be happy

The crow went to the swan and said that you are the happiest creature in the world. 

Swan said - I used to think that I am the happiest bird in the world until I saw the parrot. After seeing the parrot, I think that the parrot is the happiest bird in the world because the parrot has two beautiful colors, so it should be the happiest bird in the world.

The crow went to the parrot and said - You are the happiest bird in this world.

The parrot said - I was very happy at first and thought that I am the most beautiful bird in the world. But since I have seen peacocks, I think that she is the happiest bird in the world because she has many different colors and she is more beautiful than me.

The crow went to the peacock at the zoo and saw hundreds of people come to see the peacock. The crow went to the peacock and said - You are the most beautiful bird in the world and thousands of people come to see you, so you are the happiest bird in the world.

Peacock said - I always used to think that I am the most beautiful and happy bird in the world but due to my beauty I have been imprisoned here. I am not happy and now I wish that if I were a crow, I would fly free in the sky today. After coming to the zoo, I think that crow is the happiest bird.

"The life of us has become something like this. We keep comparing ourselves to others and seeing others we feel that he is probably happier than us. Because of this we become sad.

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