True Motivational stories

True motivational stories 

1) This too will pass. 

There is a big famous Sufi story. An emperor called all his wise men and said to them - I want some such formulas, which are small, do not want big scriptures, I do not have time to read big scriptures. It should be a formula which is fulfilled in a promise and which is useful in every watch. Whether you see happiness or victory, victory or defeat, life or death, you should find such a formula. Those wise people worked very hard, disputed a lot and could not conclude anything. They were talking among themselves, one said - We are in great trouble, there is a big dispute, there is a conflict, there is no conclusion, we have heard that a Sufi Fakir is staying outside the village, he is available to the informant available to Pragya Yes, why don't we go to him? When they reached that Sufi Fakir, he was wearing a ring and took it out with his finger and gave it to the Emperor and said - Wear it. A small paper is placed under this stone, the letter is written in it, my Guru gave it to me, I did not even need it, so I have not even opened it yet.

True motivational stories

He had placed a condition that when there are no remedies left, be worthless from all sides, then read it openly, there is no such clue that he is very happy, so I did not read it openly, but there will definitely be some rule in it. . But remember the condition, promise that when there is no solution left, it will become helpless from all sides only then open it in the last moment. Because this sutra is very valuable, if it was opened normally it would be meaningless. The emperor wore a ring, many years passed, he was curious even then thought not to spoil it, then after many years a war in which the emperor lost, and the enemy won. Took over his kingdom. That Emperor ran on a horse and ran to save his life. The kingdom fell, all the friends, friends, family were left, two or four soldiers and guards were with him. They also slowly moved away because now there was nothing left. There was no question of even protecting. Dushman was following the emperor, then the emperor was running through a mountain valley. The sound of horses was coming behind him. Pran was in trouble, suddenly he found that the way was over, he was so terrible ahead, he could not even return, for a moment the emperor was stunned what to do? Then suddenly I remembered, removed the opened ring and removed the paper, a small promise was written in it, it will also pass. As soon as he read the Sutra, a smile came on the face of that emperor. One thing was thought of on his face, but the emperor was no more, my kingdom was gone, happiness has passed, when happiness passes, even sorrow cannot be stable. Perhaps Sutra says right now there is nothing to do but Sutra gave him some sleeping wire sticks. Gave some tools. This too will pass as soon as the dream breaks. Now he was not anxious, not restless, not nervous. He sat down. It was a matter of coincidence, for a while, the horse's noise kept on sounding, then the stop stopped, perhaps the soldiers went on another route. They did not know which side the emperor had gone through the dense forest and the Bihad Pahad. Slowly the horse's temper went away, he wore the ring back. A few days again he collected his friends back, then he attacked his enemy back, won again and sat on his throne. When the emperor ascended his throne, he was very happy. Then he again remembered that ring, he opened the ring, read the paper, then smiled again, the joy of the victorious euphoria, the arrogance of the victor was all gone. His wizards asked- You were very happy now that they have become completely silent. The emperor said when all will pass, there is neither anything to be seen nor anything to be happy in this world. So remember what you think will pass, if this formula comes in hold, what else is needed? Your grip will start to loosen. You will gradually start to get away from all those things that will pass away, what will be lost, what pride, for what purpose it will be passed. This youth will pass. The story returned after remembrance, the breath returned to the opposite of all the sorrow that the world gave, but did not go back to youth. All this will pass. This youth, this two-day squirm, this two-day feathers like butterflies will all pass. This two-day walk again deep silence, then the peace of the desert.

2) Greed is bad. 

One Seth lived in a city and had two sons, both young and unhappy. Seth himself worked hard and asked the sons to work as well, but the sons had no effect on his words. When Seth was old and dying, he called both sons nearby and said - I am giving you both a little money to do business, start a business with it, keep in mind, you will find a monster on the way. To abstain. As Seth opened the vault to pay, the two sons' eyes were filled with diamonds, jewelery and gold and silver. Seeing so much wealth in the vault, both of their hearts blossomed. 

True motivational stories

He thought that with this wealth, we can eat it for a lifetime. Then why do we need to go on business? Both did not think of doing business. Greed is a bad thing. When the father died, the sons thought that if I somehow end my younger brother, I will become the heir to all the wealth, the younger brother has a similar thought in his mind, why do I Does not kill my elder brother. The younger brother added poison to the elder brother's food, but as soon as he reached the elder brother with poisonous food, he was already ready. We can die, but lust never dies, as soon as the younger brother arrives, it breaks on him and stumbles and kills him. The younger brother brought food and lay on the bed and piled on the bed. Poisonous food did all their work. The father had rightly said that the demon was no longer someone else but the greed for accumulated wealth. Neither of the two sons could understand their father's sign and in the end both had to lose their lives. It is not that only greed for money is bad, greed is only bad. Then, even if it is related to anything. And it is not that this country has met only these two useless boys. This country meets everyone, if this world doesn't come into your life, don't worry, it will come and you won't even know about its arrival.

3) Sparrow's nest. 

Sparrow's nest was on a tree in a forest. One day it was cold. Three four monkeys trembling with cold took shelter under the same tree. One monkey said - "If we get a fire from somewhere, the cold can go away." The second monkey suggested - "Look, how many dry leaves have fallen here." By collecting them, we stack them and then think of a way to smoothen them. ”Bandro made a pile of dry leaves and then sat in a circular circle and thought how to light the pile. Then a monkey's eye fell on a firefly flying in the air and it jumped. Running there shouted - "Look, sparks are flying in the air." Holding it down and blowing it under the pile will light a fire. "" Yes, yes! Saying that the other monkeys started running there too. Gauraya sitting in her nest on the tree was watching all this spectacle. He did not remain silent. "She said - "Monkey siblings, this isn't a sparkle."”A monkey looked at Sparrow with anger and roared -“ The foolish bird dips quietly into the nest. Went to teach us.

True motivational stories

Meanwhile, a monkey jumped and managed to imprison the firefly by making a bowl between his palms. The firefly was placed under the heap and all the monkeys were flying around the heap. Sparrow advised  Brothers! You people are making a mistake. Fire will not be lit with firefly. Let the two "bounce the stones and spark a fire from it." The monkeys stared at Goureya. If the fire will not be lit, Sparrow then says - "Brothers! Follow my advice, try to rub at least two dry wood together. "All the monkeys were soaked because of the fire. A monkey rushed forward with fury and he caught Gauraya and hit him hard on the trunk of the tree. Sparrow collapse and died

⇒ Broach. 

There is no benefit in giving learning a fool. Only those who give a reverse learning repentance.

4) Confucius says not to lose your mind, keep restraint in this way. 

Once a seeker asked Confucius, how should I control my mind? Confucius asked the man, do you hear with ears? The seeker said, Yes, I listen only with ears.

Then Confucius said, I cannot believe you listen with your heart and you become disturbed by hearing it. Therefore, listen only with ears from today.

Stop listening You can see with eyes, I can not believe even today you start looking with eyes and start tasting with tongues. There will be self-control on the mind.

True motivational stories

⇒ In shrot. 

This inspiring theme is like a powerful formula. Only listen with ear, look with eye and taste with tongue. Do not connect your mind with them. This is the first step to control the mind.

5) Such people are the world's fools. 

A moneylender was very fond of collecting money. He was very proud of his ability. When a Mahatma came at his rate, he would respect him, but his heart would call him good and bad.

One day that moneylender served a Mahatma. Then giving a mirror, said, 'Maharaj, wherever you see the greatest fool of the world, give him this mirror.'

True motivational stories

Mahatma went with the mirror. After many years, that Mahatma came back to that city. But that moneylender was counting his last breath on the death bed. He reached the moneylender's house.

Mahatma ji asked the moneylender, 'Sethji, do you know any such education that can save your life?' Sahukar replied in 'no'. Mahatmaji then asked, 'Can your wealth save you from death?'

The moneylender said, 'No Mahatmaji. Then the Mahatma gave him a mirror and said, 'Seth ji! You are the biggest fool you have ever met, who lost your life in vain in front of money. '

⇒In short. 

Such people are the biggest fools of the world who think that if they have money then they can buy death too.

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