Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

Top 6 Inspirational stories 

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about top 6 inspirational stories, this is insprinational stories. 

1 It is better not to talk big, talk less. 

A person came around the world and started talking big things. Anyone who went to him would have asked him many questions. When this thing came to know about Gautam Buddha, he changed his way and came to that person.

That person questioned them 'who are you? Is there a Brahmin somewhere? The Buddha replied, 'He has complete authority over his body and mind. I'm such a man. '

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

When that person did not understand anything, he said, 'You give your answer again.' Then the Buddha said, 'Just as the potter builds the pitcher, the sailor rides the boat and the scholar participates in the debate, similarly the wise men rule themselves.' The young man again asked, "How would a wise man rule himself?"

The Buddha said, 'The mind of a wise man remains silent when people show praise or show embers of condemnation. Praise or condemnation has no effect on him. When the young man thought about himself, he was very self-absorbed.

He immediately fell at Buddha's feet and said, 'I was still in error. I used to think myself as a wise, but today I know that I have to learn a lot from you.

2 This is the world's largest fruit. 

In a country, a king named Vasu Sen used to rule. He was a man and a Chakravarti emperor. But his Raja astrologer turned his brain towards astrology.

The king did not do any work without seeing a muhurat. One day, Vasu Sen went on his country tour, on the way he got a farmer who was going to take the farm with a bull and a bull.

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

The state astrologer stopped him and said, "The direction you are going will harm you." Raj Astrologer said so because he was trying to reveal his knowledge to the king.

The farmer said, 'I go to the farm just like that. If this were the case, then I would suffer daily. '

The Raj astrologer said, 'Then you tell your hand.' The farmer got angry and said, 'Why do I spread my hand in front of anyone and I work hard. Muhurat and palmist see those who are unmanifest and slimy. I have no doubt on karma and karma.

Hearing this, the astrologer had no answer. But King Vasu Sen understood that there is nothing better than karma. Then he came to know that the biggest fruit of the world 'Karma.'

3 The importance of clarity is easy to understand. 

Imagine that you are standing on the outskirts of a big city and you are asked to drive to a particular house or office or house in that city, but there is a screw here. There are no sign boards on the road, and you don't even have a city map. The truth is that you have very little information about that house or office. The question is, how long do you think it will take to find that house or office in the city without the map and sign board? Goal Setting for Success Students in life The answer is that it can also take a whole life. If you ever find that house or office, it will be a matter of luck to a great extent. And the sad thing is that most people live their lives like this. Most of the people start a purposeless journey in the world without maps and sign boards. It is like starting work without goals and plans in life, they are like thinking things in the middle. The result is that after ten or twenty years of working on Amtore, they remain rigid. Look bad in a job. They remain dissatisfied with their spouse and are able to make very little progress and despite this. It does not happen automatically

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

Without clear goals, like driving a car in dense coals, if your car is strong enough, if you want engineering, you will be running a car while shaking, and you will not be able to catch the speed even better. Explaining the target instantly fog. And you get a chance to concentrate on your utility and energy. Goal setting gives you the strength to press the accelerator of your life and move quickly towards the success you really want to achieve.

4 On the occasion of merit, not external beauty but merit comes in handy. 

A reindeer arrived to drink water in the lake. He was very happy to see his shadow in the water and started saying - Oh! God has made my body so beautiful. It is as if you have put your head in the box. Singers spread their life long on it. How much God has given such a lovely and strong cow to God? He said, "It was sad to fall on his feet and said," But how thin is this feet, dry and bhadde. " Oh God, what was your disadvantage to you that you gave me this ugly leg and all my beauty was mixed in the soil. Then suddenly he heard the voice of the hunter dogs. With the support of his gourds, he was going through a lot, he ran so fast that the hunter went far beyond the grip of dogs. But at the same time, Long Singh of Long Singh Singh was framed in a tree, he put a lot of pressure but Singh could not get out.

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

So the hunting dogs came and broke on him. The eyes of twelve singhs were opened and he died and said - I came to understand that only those feet that were tall, thin, dry and crippled could save my life. But the horn could not protect my life if I had already known that really beautiful is that which comes to our work, then today I do not have to lose my life. The indication of the story is that no person or object should be assessed on the basis of Surat depending on the condition. On the occasion of merit, not external beauty but merit comes in handy.

5 You should be satisfied with what you have.

Whenever a coa sees peacocks, God says in his mind how beautiful the form of Moran is. How much fun it would have been if I also had such a beautiful form. One day Koey saw many wings of Moro scattered in the jungle, she was very pleased and said, "Oh God! Thank you very much to hear my call. I become a good peacock with these wings right now. After this, Coe put peacock feathers around his feather. Then he saw the new look and said - now I have become beautiful even with the morose, now I enjoy walking and enjoying it. He came in front of the monastery with great arrogance. The peacocks roared upon seeing him. A peacock said- Just look at this evil cowboy, he has gone on to become a peacock with his wings thrown over us. All the peacocks crumbled on the corners when they heard the thugs hit the thugs and cluttered tightly with the toes. And beat him to death. 

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

Koa ran to the other side and started complaining about Moro, then an elderly Cao spoke - listening to the things of this mischief. It used to ridicule us and was stunned to become a peacock. It is not enough knowledge that the person who is not satisfied with his own caste gets insulted everywhere. Today it has come to meet us after dealing with Moro. Soon after listening to all the cows, they got good repairs of their The essence of the story is that God. We always think about looking at the things of others, I wish I had this, but we are never happy for what we have, while there are many people who do not have as much We have.

6 Avoid bad times like this.

It was evening. Mahatma Buddha was sitting on a rock. He was staring at the setting sun. Then his disciple came and came and said angrily, a landlord named 'Guruji' Ramji 'has insulted me. If you go immediately, you must teach him a lesson of stupidity.

Mahatma Buddha smiled and said, 'Dear you are Buddhists, no one has the power to insult the true Buddhist. You try to forget this incident. When you forget the topic, where will the humiliation remain? '

Top 6 Inspirational stories in 2019

But Tathagat, that sly has used abusive words against you too. You have to walk. You will surely be ashamed and will be sorry for your actions. Just, I'll be satisfied.

Mahatma Buddha understood that the spirit of retribution had arisen in the disciple. Sopodesh will not have any effect on this. Thinking something, he said, Good Watts! If that is the case then I will definitely go to Ramji, and I will do my best to explain it. Buddha said, we will go in the morning.

It happened in the morning, it happened. The disciple was engaged in his work and Mahatma Buddha in his sadhana. The next day when the disciple did not say anything to the Buddha even after noon, the Buddha himself asked the disciple- 'Dear! Do not you go to Ramji today? '

No Guru! When I thought again on the incident, I realized the mistake was mine. I deeply regret my act. Now there is no need to walk near Ramji.

Tathagata laughingly said, 'If this is the case then now we must go to Ramji sir. You will not apologize for your mistake.'

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