Top 5 Successful Stories For Life.

Successful Stories For Life 

Friends, in this article today, we are going to tell you some such stories which are going to prove very helpful for us because it is successful stories.

1 To be Successful In Life Is Very Important Choppy.

The great philosopher Socrates once met a young man. He asked for a way to get success. Socrates asked him to come the next day. The next day the young man asked the same question again, then Socrates asked him to come again the next day.

Even after several months passed, the boy would come every day and Socrates avoided him to come the next day. One day the boy said, 'I come here everyday from so far, I sit well in your courtyard. Seeing me again and again in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, day will make your heart melt. '

Socrates did not pay attention to the boy, but he was certainly happy. At night, Socrates promised the boy the secret of success the next morning. The next morning Socrates took the boy to the river bank.

Top 5 successful stories for life

Socrates brought the boys to the banks of the river and said that you take a dip in the river and then I show you how to succeed. As the boy took a dip, Socrates grabbed his head and pressed it into the water.

The boy started flirting. Socrates asked him to take the plunge again. As soon as the boy went in, Socrates pressed his head again. Once Socrates was not allowing him to leave. The boy started banging very loudly.

The boy came out as soon as Socrates left. Socrates said that you will splash for success in the same way as if you were splashing for air, as if you die without it, then success will be in your footsteps.

In Short. 

There is no shortcut to success, one has to work hard for success. If you do this then you definitely get success. What Is Successful Life. 

2 What Is Successful Life. 

A son asked the father, Papa, what is this successful life?

The father took the son to fly a kite. The son was watching the father carefully fly a kite. After a while the son said, Papa because of this thread, the kite is not able to go up, shall we break it !!

It will go up

Top 5 successful stories for life

The father broke the thread. The kite went up a bit more and then came down with a waving and fell away to an unknown place. The father then explained the philosophy of life to the son.

Son, the height we are in life. We often feel that some of the things that we are bound by are preventing us from going further such as:




Parents, teachers etc.

And we want to be free from them. Actually these are the threads that keep us at that height. Without these threads, we will go up once. But later we will have the same fate that happened without the kite of thread.

So, if you want to stay on high in life, never break the relationship with these threads.

Successful life is the height attained by successful balancing of ties like thread and kite.

3 Nothing Gets More Than Luck And Ahead Of Time.

There was a Seth ji who had a lot of wealth and Seth ji helped the poor with that money, built orphans and ashrams etc. Due to this charity, Seth ji had great fame in the city. Seth ji married her daughter in a big house, but due to lack of luck in the fate of her daughter, her husband turned out to be a gambler, an alcoholic, a bookie, and all the money was lost. Seeing this condition of her daughter, Sethani would daily tell Sethji that you help the world but why do not you help your daughter in trouble. Seth ji used to say that till the fate of the daughter-son-in-law does not arise, till then I will help them even if there is no use. When their fate arises, everyone will be ready to help themselves. But the mother is a mother, if the daughter is in trouble, how will the mother feel relieved. Sethani used to think in this way how to help the daughter financially.

Top 5 successful stories for life

One day Seth ji went out of the house when his son-in-law came home. The mother-in-law respected the son-in-law and the idea of helping the daughter came to her mind that why not put arshafia in the laddus of Motichur which would help the daughter and the son-in-law would not even know. Thinking this, the mother-in-law kept Arsafia in the middle of the ladoos and while leaving the son-in-law vaccinated, gave five kilos of pure native ghee ladoos containing the Arshafia to her son-in-law. Son-in-law left home with laddus. The son-in-law thought who should carry so much weight, why not be sold at the sweets shop here. And the son-in-law sold the packet of laddus to the sweet-seller and left the money in his pocket.

On the other hand, when Seth ji came from outside, he thought that he would take the ladoos from Motichur to the sweet shop for the house and Seth ji asked the shopkeeper to make laddus. Were. When Seth ji came home with ladoos, when Sethani saw the same packet of ladoos, Sethani burst into laddus and saw Arsafiya and beat his head. Sethani told Seth ji till Seth ji's arrival from son-in-law and hiding Arshafiya in laddus. Seth Ji said that fortunate I had already explained that his fate is not awake yet. Seen pieces were neither in the fate of son-in-law nor in the fate of sweet-seller.

That is why it is said that more than luck and before time, no one has got anything and will not get it.

4 Teach Children To Face Life's Difficulties. 

Today's students, youth and especially those who do private jobs, need a lot of motivation because now life is not that easy.Everywhere you will get a strong competition and we have seen many times that some people become demotivate after one or two failures. This motivational story in Hindi for Life has brought us especially to such people so that they are never disappointed in life.There is a lot of struggle, discipline and patience required to get success in life and we have brought a similar story for you, which will give you a lot of inspiration after reading.

Top 5 successful stories for life

Guys, falcon i.e. Eagle is a bird that has great difficulty training since 

childhood.Generally, after the birth of the birds of the birds, chicks keep on eating for many days.For at least a month or two, the birds of the child rely on their mother to eat, but Baaz's children are completely reversed.

When an eagle's child is born, its training starts from then and this training is very difficult.

Just a few days after being born, the first stage of training starts in which the female hawk brings food for her baby but does not put the food directly in the child's mouth, but stands at some distance from her nest and eat Shows that chick froman equal distance.Now the child is hungry and needs to eat, so the chick has to struggle with all her strength and get out of the slurry.In the fall, he has to go to his mother where the food is lying.The chick is also injured in this struggle but the female hawk's heart does not melt.She stands away from the nest until the chickens reach it.

After a few days of training, the female pigeon presses her child in the paw and takes 10 to 12 kilometers in the sky and then throw the chicken up at such a height.This is the most difficult test for that chick.As soon as the female hawk throws her chicks down from such a height, the child starts falling down as if being thrown.When he is about 1000 meters from the ground, he starts spreading his wings in panic but cannot fly and he realizes that now he is going to die but only then the female hawk can quickly put that chick in the air.Presses into the claw and slams on the ground safely.

The female hawk keeps doing this until the chick learns to fly well.

In this way training begins in the childhood of a falcon so that he is also the most powerful in the life of this danger.Due to this strict training, an eagle can carry a prey twice its weight.We also learn a lot from this eagle's life.

Friends, we all love our children very much but always remember that with love also teach them to face the difficulties of life so that they can make their own personality and show their talent to this world.

How To Keep From Having A Judgemental Attitude? Five Tips For You. 

No matter how imperfect we all are but we consider it our utmost duty to pick holes in others, maybe perhaps it's in our disposition to judge others, their actions, decision, choices, etc. There will few amongst us who do all this with fairintention and rest of them do just because they are habitual arm-chair critics, they are mistaken about themselves that they are sent in this world for reformation, well this is not the right way of reforming, a judgmental attitude can never help in bringing bettermentrather it worsen up the things.So here we will guide you and help you in getting rid of being judgmental.

Top 5 successful stories for life

Profoundly Observe Your Behaviour.

Analyze yourself the way you analyze others, deeply observe your behavior, see when you are belittling others?what triggers you to think in a critical way in a particular moment?maybe you were upset that time, you could be hungry.By thinking in this way you would eventually figure out the actual reason for your behavior behind your judgmental attitude, this process of profound thinking about you is the first step of stepping back from being judgmental.

Look At Your Own Potentials.

Take a break of observing others and count your potentials, strengths, your brilliant mind shouldn’t waste its guts by thinking against others rather engage your mind to materialize your own hidden talents.You can do far better than that so avail your skills.By doing this you and your mind will be busy in something constructive.

Understand Other Perspectives.

Considering the perspective of others doesn’t just make us positive and neutral rather it breaks the cycle of negative thoughts, you get to know totally new perspective and then you instead of being judgmental you start getting empathetic to others.

Surround Yourself By Positive Company.

Distance yourself from those who habitually gossip about others, mock at other and ridicule others, don’t join them in all this and try to be with them who think positively and spread positive vibes.

Suggest Fairly Without Being Negative.

If you really want to help others then don’t draw their attention through judgmental attitude rather convey your suggestions fairly without any off the cuff remarks.

It takes great courage to be judgmental about yourself instead of harping against others all the time, there is always more than one way to skin a cat so whatever you want to pinpoint do it nicely wrap it up with positivity and tender words.Being judgmental isn’t the answer at all.

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