Short inspirational stories about life

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about short inspirational stories about life, this is insprinational stories. 

1 Chang your thinking. 

The real reason, always for the sake of what we do not want, is to always find justification for justice. And become anxious. What are the situations in which man can not calm down? What are the situations in which man can not become romantic? What are the situations in which man can not enter silence and peace for a while? Under all circumstances, it may be possible if he wants to be. In Yunnan, a wazer was sentenced to death by his emperor, everything was fine till morning. At noon the soldiers of the house of the Wazir came and they surrounded the house and went to the Wazir and informed that you have been imprisoned and the emperor is commanded that you will be hanged at 6 in the evening. His friends came to the house of the Wazir, a big meal was organized, that was the birthday of Wazir on that day. A big musician was called. He was just present with his harp. Now his music was about to start, the musician's hands fell loose. The harp he hinged on, the friend became depressed, the wife started crying. But the vizier said that it is very late in 6 hours and till then the song will be complete till then the food will be completed. The king is very pleased that at least he has not hanged till 6 o'clock. But why did the harp stop? Why did the food stop? Why are friends sad? It's very late in the sixth ring. There is no need to stop anything until six. But friends began to say, how can we do the food? The musician began to say, now I play the harp? The situation is not quite suitable. The man started to laugh at which to be hanged, he said, what would be a favorable situation? I will die at six o'clock, will it not be fair that before I hear music, before that I should laugh with my friends, I can speak, get it? Will it not be fair that my house should be a place of festivity, because at six o'clock in the evening I have to go away.

Short inspirational stories about life

The people of the house started saying, the situation is no longer suitable that now play the harp, the situation is not suitable that there is now a food. But the man began to say - what would be the unfortunate situation? When I have to go away for six at the same time, will it not be appropriate that in the coming moments, I listen to music, will it not be appropriate that friends should celebrate, will it not be appropriate that my house be a festival, that In my memory at the moment, they would have stayed for a little while in my memory which I had experienced in the moment of farewell in the last moment. And there was a harp playing in the house and there was food in that house; If the people were sad, the musician was sad but he was happy; he was happy; the king came to see the news that he is not a madman and when he came home Veena was sitting in the house and when the king went inside, the Wazir himself was also sitting in joy. So the king asked you, you got mad, yes. It was not news that the death is coming to you at 6 o'clock. ? The news has been received, so we have made the celebration of fun intense. There was no question of relaxing it, because at six o'clock I would go away, then by six o'clock we have intensified the celebration of joy. Because it will be remembered at the moment of last departure. The king said - Hanging such a person is useless, the person who knows to live can not be punished for death. He said - I take the punishment back. It is not okay to kill this dear man with your own hands. What are the circumstances in life, what is the situation, it does not depend on the situation that is what it is? It depends on what kind of situation do you take? In what way, in the sense of which, I do not think there can be any situation that prevents you from going towards pleasure and happiness in your life. If you want to stop yourself, then the matter is second. Then every situation can stop. And if you do not want to stop yourself, then there was no such situation and it could never happen. Try to see your vision with a little bit of attention. Do not blame the situation for a little while on the matter that my attitude is my attitude to understand the situation, my approach, my presence, there is nothing wrong, I am not taking things in the wrong way. Then you will find happiness of sorrow, success failure, everything depends on your perspective, change your thinking, then you will also see victory in defeat, you will also feel sad.

2 Where there is no danger, the man sleeps. And the danger starts when he sleeps. 

There was a teacher, the young man taught the boys to climb on the pendo. Was teaching a boy. There a prince came to learn. The prince went upstairs to the top, to the branches of the tree. It was coming down, the old man was sitting quietly watching the tree sitting. The boy will be left ten feet below, then the old man stood up and shouted, be careful! Son, be careful, descend! That boy was astonished He thought, this old man is crazy. When I was up to a hundred feet and from where I fell, there was no chance of escape - when I was at the top of the top, then it did not say anything, quietly closed the eyes, sitting under the tree! and now! Now that I have reached the bottom, there is no danger now, the mad is screaming, be careful! careful! Coming down, he said that I am surprised! When I was above, then you did not say anything - when was a danger, was the danger? And when I came down, where there was no danger, those old men said, the experience of my life is that wherever there is no danger, the man goes to sleep. And the danger begins when sleeping. There was no danger above ... because of the danger and because of that you were awake, were conscious, you could not fall. I have not seen anyone falling on top till today ... how many people have I taught? Whenever someone falls, falls down or climb down to ten feet feet. Because he gets rest assured. Sleep as soon as it is settled. The danger is present when sleeping. Where the danger is inaccessible, the danger does not stop there, because it is conscious. Where there is no danger, the danger goes awry, because it goes to sleep. Humans have slept more than all the birds. Because in life he has mobilized more security than all birds and animals. No animal-bird was sleeping so much, as much as man. See, a cow is sitting near your house. Just shake your eyes and the crow will spread over it. Shake your eyes You shake hands and the crow is ready, it is awake. Look at the animals running, watch them, see them standing .... They are conscious.

Short inspirational stories about life

The man has built a kind of security, one kind of protection around him. And because of that security, he has slept comfortably. And the truth is that all security is false. Because death is so big that all our security is proved false. No security is ours. But a false, we have created a false assumption that we are safe. There is no human safe. Life is insecurity, there is insecurity. What is safe? Your wife is safe ... that you think, even tomorrow she will love you? Your children are safe ... that you think, they will respect you when they grow up? Your friends are safe ... that they will not become enemy tomorrow? In what sense are you safe? Your death is to prove all your security to the two couples.

3 How to live life that there is no security in life. 

A man built a palace. There was a door in it that no enemy could enter the house. Strict guard was kept at the door. Then the King of Pados came to see his palace. He said, and everything is fine, it is very good, I would like to make a similar palace. But one mistake is in your palace. There is a door in it, it is a danger. Death can come in through the door. You please, shut this door and shut it down. Then you will be completely safe. Then no one can come in, no one can go out or no one can go out. That king said, I thought it came to me too, but if I lock the door too, then who will need protection? I will die. I am living because the door is open. So the other king said, this means that if the door closes completely then you will die. A door is open so you are living a little. Two doors will open, you will live a bit more. But all the doors will be open and you will live completely. But we are afraid to open all the doors, and therefore can not live. They lock all the doors of life, then in the inner security, they fall asleep in safety. We understand the same gold as life. Live life in such a way that there is no security in life.

Short inspirational stories about life

Maybe after reading this story you are not the one who was before falling. Suppose you have gone somewhere and there is no need to return to you. Which is necessary? What is the reason to accept this fact that you have come to four hundred, four hundred will return back. Someone may not be able to return. One day it will happen that you will go somewhere and you will not be able to return from there. No one lakh people lose their lives per watch. Somewhere on the earth You will also lose a moment. That moment can be the moment, the moment to come may be. There is no security either. Due to security, you are pointless who is asleep, depriving all life, from the joy of life, the knowledge.

4 Unless you read yourself, you will understand that all books are useless. 

Inspiring Story Hafiz was a farmer from Africa, he was happy and satisfied with his life. Huffy was happy because she was satisfied. He was happy because he was happy. One day a wise man came to him and told Hafiz about the importance of diamonds and their associated strength. He said to Hafiza - Agar, if you win thumbs, it is also big diamond, then you can buy the whole city. And if you win big knots with big diamonds, then you can buy Pura country for you. The wise man went there from there. Huffies could not sleep that night. He had been dissatisfied so that his happiness was also finished. On the second day, Huffies arranged to sell his fields and to arrange for the visit to his family and to go searching for diamonds. He wandered across Africa, but he could not find them.

Short inspirational stories about life

He found them in Europe but they did not even find him there. Span had completely woken up at the psychological, physical and economic level. He was a young man, he had roamed in the river Barcelona himself. The man who had bought huffies at the time of this, he was drinking water for his camels by having those days, in the nerves of the sisters, only then, in the morning, the sun rises on the other side of the nail, one fell on the Paththar and that Indra bow The way is awful. Thinking that the stone will be good in that meeting, he picked it up and decorated it in his living room; that afternoon, in the afternoon, the man who told me about this Hafiz's diamond came to this new owner of the eyes, he saw the illuminated pathway- Asked - what the huffies have returned? The new owner answered - but why did you ask this question? The wise man responded, because he is a diamond, he is recognized only by seeing them. The new owner said- No, this is just a path, I have raised it from the drain. Let me show you, there are so many paths in it. They raised many paths from there and gave them a handle to test them. They are the stone diamonds only. They found that the diamonds were buried in that place for a long time. When our point is right, we feel that we are walking on the ground made of diamonds. The chances are we are buried under the feet, and for this we do not have to go anywhere to find them, we have it with us, so that only we can recognize that person.

But we always see the green grass always green. Let us conquer God, never use our tempting temptation. In the same way, others keep looking at the things we have. They would be happy to get us the place to exchange our place. We get a very good Sikh from this story. We get seminars for getting the passion, passion, passion and positiveity. She is inside our own. Yes! You can read as many books you want, but unless you read them, you will understand that all books are useless.

5 Tit for tat. 

The fruit that is as simple as the fruit. Once in the buffalo and the horse was fought. Both lived in the same forest and the passports were grazed. By going the same way, drinking water from the same waterfall. One day the buffaloes were fought in a couple of times by killing Singh and injuring the horse. When the horse saw that he could not win with buffalo, he ran away from there. The man approaching the man prayed to help him. Man said - Big buffs are big, they are very strong, how can I win them? Avoid doing the thing that will save you from the monster - it will be in your life. You face the horse. He explained that you sit on my back, take a thick stick, I will be running fast. You hit the poles and kill the buffalo. And then tied the rope. Man said - what will I do by bind him? The horse said that buffalo gives sweet milk, you drink it. The man agreed to the horse. The man sat on the back of the horse and started walking and eating the buffalo. When the poor buffalo fell asleep when the beggar fell, the man tied her up. When the horse finished the work, now leave me, I will go to grazing. The man began to laugh loudly, he said, I bind you too. I did not know that you could come to ride. I will drink buffalo's milk and sit on your back and ride the horse. The horse cried a lot, very sorry, what could have happened now. She jested with buffalo, she had to bear the consequences of herself. What is the fruit of the taste.

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