Real life Inspirational stories of success

Real life inspirational stories of success 

1) Understand the warning, there will never be any loss. 

A teacher was preaching, 'Keep faith in God. God protects everyone. ' A disciple was taking each word in his heart in surprise.

The second day the disciple was passing through the forest. Then a man came running from the front. He was shouting, 'Save! Crazy elephant is coming here only.

The disciple repeated the words of Guru ji in his mind, 'God protects everyone.' And the disciple walked without fear. After a while the mad elephant came chirping from the front and ran away pushing the disciple.

Best inspirational stories of success

The disciple narrowly survived and arrived at the ashram after suffering an injury. The disciple expressed doubt in front of Guruji, "I have faith in God, but God has not protected me."

Guru ji said, 'Taking care of your faith in God, a guard went to warn you, but you did not warn and kept on growing. Still the mad elephant left you after hurting you.

That is, he would have crushed you. Have faith in God and try to understand the warning given by him. He protects everyone.

2) It is difficult to find them in this world.

Was a philosopher. He used to be absorbed in contemplation. They used to speak, they used to say very deep things. People used to respect him a lot. But sometimes his words were strange, and he could not stop laughing on his own.

One day people saw that the philosopher Sir was going somewhere with a lantern burning in his hand. It was the afternoon time. It was sunny Light was spreading all around. In such a situation, what was the difference in walking with the burning lantern in hand!

Real life Inspirational stories of success

Seeing that scene, people were laughed with laughter. But the philosophers were moving forward with serious feeling. Could not keep up with a man. He asked the philosopher, where are you going with the lantern during the day.

The philosopher looked at him, and said, 'Something is lost, I am looking for it.' In curiosity, the man asked, "What's lost is yours." The philosopher said in the same tone that 'humans'. I am looking for the same.

By that time many more people have reached there. Hearing the philosopher said together, 'Sir, what are you saying? Are we not human? Darshinik said, no, 'You are not a human being?

Then people said, 'So what are we?'

Look, the philosopher said, 'Some of you are businessmen, some are engineers, some are teachers, some are brothers. But regret that none of you are human. A person is one who treats everyone equally, loves everyone. Just grope your heart and see how much truth is there in my talk.'

3) Failure is more important than success.

There comes a time in everyone's life when all things are happening against you and there is disappointment from all sides. Whether you are a programmer or something, you stand at that point of life where everything is going wrong. Now whether it can be a software that has been rejected by everyone, or you can have a decision which has proved to be very terrible.

In any case, truly, disappointment could easily compare to progress. All the businessmen, scientists and great men in our history have failed many times before becoming successful in life. When we are doing so many things, it is not necessary that everything will be perfect. But if you stop trying because of this, you can never succeed.

Real life Inspirational stories of success

Henry Ford, a billiard and owner of the world famous Ford Motor Company. Ford failed in five other businesses before becoming successful. If someone else had broken five times due to failure in different business and sinking in the loan. But Ford did not do this and today is owner of a bilinear company.

If you talk of failure, Thomas Alva Edison's name comes first. He did about 1000 failed experiments before making light bulbs.

Albert Einstein, who did not know anything until the age of 4, and was illiterate until the age of 7. People considered him as mentally weak but on the basis of his theory and principles, he became the greatest scientist in the world.

Now imagine what would have happened if Henry Ford had sat down disappointed after failing in five business, or Edison would have given up hope after 999 unsuccessful experiments and Iintin would have thought of himself as a weak brain?

We would have been unaware of many great talents and inventions.

So companions, disappointment could really compare to progress… ..

Failure shows the path of success to man. Some great man has said that -

Winners never give up and losers never win

Today all people curse their fate and circumstances. Now just imagine if Edison too could stop thinking of himself as unlucky, the world would be deprived of a very big invention. Einstein could also curse his fate and circumstances, but he did not do so, why do you.

Even if you have failed in some work, then what is the end? Is it not, try again, because those who try will never give up.

Friends, failure is the beginning of success, it should not panic, but try again with full enthusiasm. 

4) Learn to make the impossible possible.

There are definitely some tasks in every person's life that they always find impossible to do .. And when another person comes and shows the impossible task possible, then we think that man is very lucky.

Actually, you have never done the hard work required to do an impossible task ..

Nothing is impossible, but a little difficult. When something is so difficult that we cannot do it easily, then we start saying it impossible, when this impossible word sits in our mind, then we stop trying again.

Real life Inspirational stories of success

You will remember that in the first one-day cricket, scoring 300 runs was a big thing for any team, if a team scored 300 runs then their victory would be certain because by that time it was impossible to beat 300 runs. Used to be

But time changed, new people came… Runs started becoming faster on the pitch and today it is a very minor thing to score 300 runs in one day, now people beat even 400 runs.

In the first ODI, there were many compliments on scoring a century and it was impossible to score a double century in ODIs. Nobody thought about that…

But our master blaster Sachin Tendulkar broke the illusion of the people and set a record by scoring 200 runs in one day .. And this story did not stop here, only a few days later, explosive batsman Sehwag scored a double century. After this, many people have now scored 200 runs.

So friends, there was nothing impossible .. But the work was very difficult, so we considered it impossible.

It does not matter if you consider it impossible. Oh no matter if you didn't try. Doesn't matter.... if you give up. 

But remember one thing .. One day a person will come who will make this impossible possible .. And by doing this, that person will be swept into the world and will only say that he is lucky.

There is no shortage of hard workers in the world. If you are not, someone else is right .. Some one will come and heap the cycle of impossible.

So friends, remove the impossible word from your mind and brain because this word is preventing you from moving forward.

5) The echo of the right thing seems late.

It is about the time when the freedom struggle was going on in India. In those days Kashi Naresh called a conference on the problems of Hindu society. Raja Rampal Singh of Kala Kankar also came in it. He used to take out a newspaper.

Raja Saheb started his speech making fun of the audience present. One young man did not like this. The young man went near and said, "Don't use rude language for the public." Raja Saheb became angry. He did not even care about the dignity of the stage. After this, he rained even more abuses.

Real life Inspirational stories of success

Nobody dared to stop Raja Saheb's speech but on that day, that young man did it. When the limit was exceeded, the same young man got up in a meeting and said to the king, "If you cannot speak gracefully on an open platform, please sit down."

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, he thought that now surely this person will become a hymn of anger. But Surprise Raja Saheb quietly descended from the stage and went among the attendees. After some time, the young man received a letter from Raja Saheb.

In that letter, "Dear friend, which nobody has done till date, you did not do anything inappropriate but prevented me from doing anything inappropriate." I cordially invite you to assume the position of editor of your newsletter. Only an unbiased person can grace this post and you have all those qualities.

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