How to success in life

How to success in life 

Friends, it is of no importance if we get comfortable success. Do not get success like this, we have to work hard to get it only then we become successful in it. Success is achieved after hard work that's why we understand its importance, Only then we get real pleasure. Success comes with confidence only then our life changes in a different way. And at that moment our life sets a new goal.

Break the chains of the comfort zone if you want to get success!

A cup of tea, a warm or cool room to suit the weather, a comfortable bed and slow music in the ears. Can there be a better life than this? Surely your answer will be "no". Now wait for a minute and think… If Hemsha stays like this, can it lead to a worse life. Of course this time too, your answer will be, "No". It all sounds good for a while. But if you have to stay like this, then it is very painful. Why not? Yes, because there is no development in this life, there is no possibility, there is no adventure.

Remember when we used to go to the fair by holding the finger of my mother and father in my childhood, I used to enjoy climbing in a roller coaster. Sometimes up, very up, sometimes down. Where is the fun in walking the same way on the ground. But as soon as we grow up, we start locking ourselves in the dock.

We cannot do this, we cannot do this. Then Monotonous, bored with life, blames God in the silence. He has given everything to the neighbor but to our fate…?

You more likely than not heard the platitude, "At whatever point the one above gives tearing down cover. "But just think that if your shed is small then what can poor God also do. Here, thatch means not the roof of the hut or palace, but thinking. It means to say that if you think small or refuse any change then you will not be able to progress in life.

Even then, many people will talk big things but they will not accept the slightest change in their lives. Such people miss every opportunity that comes due to not being able to accept new circumstances. Then you are surrounded by despair and depression. Ever wondered why this happens? The only reason behind this is their comfort zone.

How to success in life

1) What is this comfort zone?

The direct meaning of any human being to reject change is that he wants to walk in a built-up pattern, which we commonly call the comfort zone. We get so used to living in it that we don't think about anything other than that. This comfort zone is a small circle of limited thinking that we have drawn around us. Our attachment to such a narrow realm adds fear to our pledges. We are afraid to accept anything outside this scope.

Actually, the comfort zone is a special mental state. We are so badly engraved in it in our everyday life that when we live inside it, we do not experience any excitement deeply… .No enthusiasm, no Passion, no passion, nor love, nor attachment, nor fear, nor panic, nor sorrow, nor happiness. Everything mechanically.

Woke up in the morning, brushed breakfast, went to office, did routine work, came home watching TV and slept. Or like this, life cuts into a pattern. Therefore the stress level is very low. Because whenever we think of something new or want to feel deeply in any of the above expressions, our stress level increases.

2) How is this comfort zone formed?

A small child always wants to do something new, wants to do everything in a different way. Immediately, parents do not interrupt or do not. Teachers go to school and do not interrupt. Elder siblings tell what is right and what is wrong, this process goes on throughout their lives. The child starts doing what others say because he is afraid inside that if he does not do what is being said, then the most different, strange thing in the society will be felt, people will evaluate him negatively. He is afraid of being rejected by Sama.

Sometimes parents and teachers kill the child to get him to say his sentence and punish him. Gradually, the child starts following the laws made by the society. It is also true to some extent that in this way he becomes a citizen accepted by society. But the same child grows up and is afraid of doing anything new for fear of being rejected by the society.

Father has said to become a doctor…. Want to sleep. Even if the mind is trying to become an artist. Marry with your mother's choice. Even if you want to forget the girl / boy you like for the whole life.

Emotions are brutally suppressed, feelings of doing something new or doing something on their own wish because the fear of what people will say dominates the mind.

3) Why break the comfort zone?

Because only then you can find your real value… because only then you can identify the hidden possibilities within you. Just imagine if a river were to run in a straight line just for its comfort, would it ever reach the ocean? No, that is why she cuts the cut stone, where the stone could not be cut, it changes the direction of the stream, if it is needed, if it flows a little in the opposite direction, after looking at the favorable place, take back the right direction. The river teaches us to break our comfort zone and move in every way in every situation… to reach our goal. 

Benefits of breaking the comfort zone. 

The efficiency of your work increases.

When something new happens suddenly in life, then you easily adapt with it.

If you want to do something new in the future, you can easily do it.

You can increase your creativity easily.

Most notably, you do not live by cutting lives.

4) Why it is difficult to break the comfort zone an important experiment. 

There was a very famous experiment on the comfort zone. It found that when we work in the comfort zone, our stress levels are normal. It can also be called the minimum anxiety level. We live comfortably in it. If we increase the level of stress slightly to get out of it, then our performance improves. This place is just outside our comfort zone, which is called the maximum anxiety level. That is, our body can easily tolerate such stress. Our best performance remains in it. After this, if the stress level increases then the performance decreases. Performance increases to zero after one level, performance becomes zero. The thing to understand here is that every human being naturally wants to stay at zero stress level.

If you increase the stress level a little, then the performance will improve and the results will come positive. But if you suddenly increase the stress level more then the results will come negative. It happens with most people that they put all their strength together by making very high goals, but they do not bear this much stress. Then they leave half the work and come back to the comfort zone. That is why it is very difficult to break the comfort zone.

5) How to break comfort zone?

It is clear from the above experiment that if you have made a very serious habit of living life in a special way, then it simply means that you are imprisoned in your comfort zone. If fate changed your course and suddenly you If you get an opportunity to do something new in life, you will not be able to do it. Your anxiety level will increase so much that you will not be able to tolerate stress and will come back to your comfort zone.

You may have seen such examples that many times the children who are comfortable at home return to work after getting a job in another city, or the girls who are raised in their maternal homes are unable to bear the pressure of work in the in-laws. Necessary to adapt to life let's keep Your comfort zone extended. There are some ways that you can easily come out of your comfort zone. Let's see them:

6) Increase small steps. 

There is a need to divide large work into small pieces and move forward gradually increasing the stress level. This will keep your comfort zone extended. For example, if you are hesitant to talk to people, then for the first time, just say hello with smile, next time you should talk one, two line. To come out of the comfort zone, it is important that you recognize your fears and move towards them every day.

7) Sometimes do things differently. 

You should do your daily work differently. Many people get so used to their pillow that they cannot sleep without it. So sleep in another room sometimes. Go to office by a different route. Shop from a shop you haven't done till today. Pledge not to eat anything special for a week or to make something differently. Gradually you will find that you will not feel much difficulty in adopting new circumstances.

8) Rule of decision in two minutes. 

If you make a decision after assessing the circumstances for a long time, then you are often unable to take a decision. Your comfort zone leaves you in a state of indecision and you are left behind in the race for success. Which vegetable will be made today… think in two minutes. Decide which of the two shirts to take in two minutes, decide which new route to go in two minutes. With this, you will assess the entire situation within 2 minutes and your brain will go faster.

9) New places to visit. 

The alien city, the alien countrymen When you go to another city, you have to do many adaptations such as weather, climate, food and drink. When you repeatedly go to other cities, your comfort zone is completely destroyed and when you come back from above, you come with a lot of experience. That is, one free with one. Is not it fun?

10) Learn something new. 

There is so much knowledge in the world, if you spend every day in the same work of office or home, then you will be imprisoned in the comfort zone. Learn something new Read books on new subjects, learn new languages, drive cars, photo graphs, but always learn something new. Then see how the track of your monotonous life changes.

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