How to develop personality

How to develop personality 

Personality is a very big part of our life. Personality is our identity. There are different parts of personality that give us new identity. Without personality your life has no importance. If you have a good personality, people will also ask you that we also want to create a personality like yours. You can become an inspiration for them. So today we will tell you how to make a personality.

How to develop personality

1) Personality development.

Every person wants his personality to develop, he should be popular in the society, people should see him with respect from the society. In the same way that life is not of any use which cannot be used for others. Every person can be popular if he Be vigilant, careful and concerned about your personality and periodically do personality analysis to refine the good and try to overcome the shortcomings. Some measures have Suggest A to be read so Vden simple but they make part of these personalities will prove extremely effective and influential -inhen should incorporate in your daily life and miracles Watch. 

1] If you want to progress in life, then honestly analyze your personality characteristics.

2] When people are discussing in a serious case or are in trouble, do not make fun of them, otherwise you can be considered a careless person of a funny type.

3] For personality development, you need to be a good listener, even if you do not agree with what is being said in the situation or you do not like it.

4] When conversation is going on, do not try to persuade yourself.

5] If you are given a gift by someone, do not forget to praise the gift given by him and thank the giver. It does not matter whether the gift is compatible with your expectation or not.

6] Make people feel that you are well aware of their presence and like them.

7] Even if you do not get the desired success or you feel your defeat, you should still maintain calmness and patience. If you succeed in any field or your victory, then Shalin should remain.

8] Problems should be tried to solve problems in a planned and creative way. You should try and do better than your level and try not to spoil the relationship with others.

9] Finding your shortcomings, you should try to solve them by analyzing them.

10] One has the freedom to live his life in his own way, but our lifestyle should not obstruct the life of another and we should never try to weaken or degrade the other.

11] The resources available with us should not be used to degrade others, but should be used for all possible help of others.

2) Self evaluation.

We should try to recognize our potential. The best way to do this is to put ourselves in front of the mirror and ask ourselves questions in psychology, this is self evaluation. That is, we need to evaluate ourselves. We should recognize our own shortcomings and good. We should not only consider ourselves as superfluous, most knowing and not inferior but we should evaluate ourselves properly. SwOT analysis is the best way to do this. If we recognize our personality, then nothing can stop us from moving forward because which path is right for us, and which is improper. We will have the understanding to understand. The intense desire to learn opens the doors of our progress. It brings us new opportunities. The importance of understanding yourself as worthy, intelligent takes us behind. Humility, grace, simplicity, simplicity, Lochta adds four moons to our personality. A successful entrepreneur should adopt the above things.

3) Exercise. 

The inertia of the practice of deeds is beautiful, the mark lying on the stool in the rasari. Continuous effort to fulfill an objective never fails, it is possible that the hack may not succeed in the first attempt, but the planned, thoughtful work must succeed, do not lose courage. The mission and vision of whatever work we do should be clear.

4) Personality. 

Many times in daily life we ​​use the word personality. Sometimes someone's personality is said to be good, sometimes he says that there are shortcomings in his personality and if these shortcomings were not there, he would have been a successful person, etc. Now the question arises that what is the persona? Personality in a general sense is defined by what the external side of the person looks like, such as the person's food, speech, way of life, movement, movement, co-operation, etc. Because all these things Appears to us and the first impression of any person comes from these things but this is not a complet definition of personality. There is another aspect of personality which is not visible to us. It can be called part of the heart or heart like inner strength, kindness, compassion, love, goodness, benevolence cooperation, fearlessness, fear, fear, deceit, fraud, conspiracy jealousy, prejudice, decision making, etc. An analysis of the work or behavior that has been done continuously or has been made to suit the situation can be seen. You can analyze a person's personality to a great extent by combining both internal and external characteristics. You can do own personality could be analyzed remotely aware of the shortcomings found in the person putting them forever and can improve upon in your personality that personality grooming grins in English. These questions can be considered about personality analysis. Another thing to consider is that Mirror never lies.

Question] Are you an interiors? Are you outward? Are you bisexual?

Question] Are you eloquent or are you afraid to say your thing in front of people?

Question] Are you brave or afraid of risk?

Question] Do you emphasize confidingence? 

Question] Do you have the ability to take decisions on your own? Or you always need help.

Question] Do you take initiative or believe in following others?

Question] Do you keep on searching for new opportunities or like innovation as you like?

Question] Do you know management skills or have a desire to learn?

Question] Do you consider children as enemies or consider their words?

Question] Do you believe in kindness, compassion, benevolence?

Question] Do you keep personal work, behavior and profession separately.

Question] Do you believe in the spirit of revenge?

Question] Don't you want to see another in your field?

Question] Do you believe in adopting the latest technology?

Question] Do you have the spirit to teach and learn from others?

Question] Do you believe that you can take others along?

Question] Are you familiar with the changes happening in the world?

Question] Can you handle yourself according to country, time, situation?

Question] Do you always believe your policies are right?

Question] Do you believe that there is no need to improve your personality?

5) Self confidence.

This is a word of Self confidence English which is enough to know and recognize our entire personality. Self confidence is called confidence in Hindi and confidence means trust or confidence in oneself, that is, I can do this I will be able to achieve my goal, I will not leave the path without any difficulty in my path, etc. If we believe in ourselves, then the society or people will also trust us It will seem, if we do not trust ourselves, then the other should not trust us because we do not believe in ourselves, and the other should not believe in us because we are a person with weak intentions. It is a matter of work that is used in our daily lives and reflected in our work and behavior. It is the spirit that helps in making the right decisions and thus Changes can be made in the lives of Rare and other people. A popular saying is faith in the mind, we will succeed. It is also said that "the losers of the mind are the losers, the victories of the mind win" Taken, determined that nothing will stop him from moving forward and he will have success. Whenever a person starts a new work, the difficulties during that work are a natural process. The best option is to face it, running away from difficulties will be weakness and this will be the moment where the fire test of our self confidence will take place. The result of our efforts can be both favorable to hope and also unfavorable. If not desired success If we get it, then we have to know where the mistake is being made, because of that, how can they be overcome. Also it will be necessary to make sure that Do not let the mistakes be repeated. Failure can only be a proof that there is a lack of effort, which can be overcome if the desired goal can be achieved. And it is also natural to say "Falling Lion In the battle aboard the riders, what will fall to those who walk on their knees ”. In the end, it will be said that confidence and success complement each other.

6) Personality development of youth.

I was on 22 March 2013 workshop held at the Polytechnic College Hoshangabad which was on the topic "Skill development and opportunity for diploma holders" where I was supposed to speak for about 3 hours as an expert in personality development, entrepreneurship and career guidance. As a teacher we In these three hours, I found that the students have great potential, but like Paramveer Hanuman ji, they do not have full knowledge of their own powers. Like Hanuman ji, he needs a true whip and guide like Jamwant to put the power of youth in the right direction. Today India has about 65% youth power. If this young power gets the right guidance and direction, then India needs Nobody can stop becoming a superpower.

7) Personality.

1] Personality is made up primarily of three things. 

1> Character

2> Behavior behavior

3> Narria attitude

2] There are three types of personality.

1> Viriform extrovert

2> Interior Introvert

3> Amphibian ambivert

3] Important things for person development.

1> Body languageIII

2> Quality voice

3> Communication skill

4> Presentation skill

5> Confidence

8> Community discussion.

4] The following things can be included in the personality for community discussion. 

1> Ability to work as a team

2> Communication capability

3> Reasoning ability

4> Ability to lead

5> To initiate

6> Firmness

7> Elasticity

8> Creativity

9> Give voice to

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