How can I achieve success in life

How can i achieve success in life 

Friends, we can do anything if we want. We have to work very hard to get success, we have to take resolve to work hard. And, Our determination is our greatest strength. There will be many difficulties in the way of our goal, we will have to face the difficulties ourselves. Only then will we be able to reach our goal. 

1) What is the biggest thing you can do!

How can I achieve succes in life

1] Where does a great work begin?

I think, it starts with the thought - what is the biggest thing I can do?

Friends, our life is what we made it with our choices. At any given time, we have many choices… there are many choices… Which choice we choose defines our life. People who really do great things… they choose only one option… .and that is to choose the work that they really like to do…. This is the biggest thing that they can do on the basis of their existing conditions, skills and talent.

If Mahatma Gandhi had wanted, he could have cut his life by advocating comfortably in South Africa… but the biggest thing he could do in front of him was to work for the freedom of India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni could have spent his life in a railway job… .But the biggest thing he could do in front of him was to play from India.

You may fail in the big thing you run after… but remember -

Those who fail in chasing their dreams are better than those who succeed in making others' dreams come true.

what's your dream? What is the biggest thing you can do in front of you?

2] Here I would like to clear three things. 

⇒ First, 

I am not talking about fantasy here… you really have to think about what you can do…. There is a belief from within you to take it. That is, you do not have to think about what big things can happen in the world, you just have to think about what is the biggest thing that you can do.

⇒ Second, 

That big thing you can do can change with time. And there can be many reasons for changing. 

You have done what you thought and now you want to do something bigger.

You realize that it is not possible for you to do what you wanted to do (and it is absolutely fine…), and then you decide to do the next big thing. Etc. 

⇒ Third,

That big thing can be anything. It is not necessary that it changes the lives of crores of people it can only be so that your life changes. It is not necessary to be a non-materialistic thing, it can also be to earn money and become the richest man in the city.

Feeding hunger is a big thing for someone, so it is a big thing for someone to be the biggest dancer So remember that you should only mean what is the biggest thing that you can do in your own eyes!

Are you doing that "big thing"? Or at least know what it is? If you are doing it is a very good thing, even if you know, then something is better. But if you do not know what it is, then you should know it and then try everything possible to make it a reality!

3] But know what is the biggest problem in this?

The problem is that we are so entangled in small things that we do not think that Life's Great can become our reality, not just a style statement. This life can become really great and it is only to become great. If I am not able to make it great then it is my fault. If you cannot make it great then it is your fault. 

Let's close this mistake and make this life great!

2) If you want to rise, then lighten yourself!

Have you seen any mountaineer climbing up a mountain? Does he go upstairs with a heavy load or carry on with only the necessities?

Definitely, he only climbs up on the things that are important and helps him climb on top of it.

What if they even load unnecessary things on themselves?

Then will he climb up? Will he be able to achieve the height he wants to touch?

How can I achieve succes in life

1] Will not be able to do it!

The same thing applies in our lives. If we have to rise high… we have to become number 1 in our business... we have to excel in our jobs... we have to become the best salesman of our company… we have to be first in our class… we have to be expert in our game… Need to remove the burden of unnecessary things on your own!

2] Superfluous things? What extra?

If you pay attention, you will see many such things which are useless… which prevent you from rising up…

Your negative thoughts… your laziness… the fear inside you… When you are inside, then you will see many such useless things that if you get rid of them then there will be no stopping you from reaching the peak!

3] Is it easy to do. 

No, it would have been easier if everyone was at the peak… and then the peak would have no value.

It is not easy to do this… rather it should be said that it is difficult to do this…. Because we have been tied in a set pattern of life for years… we have a way of thinking… there is a habit of working… all this cannot be changed overnight… but it is important to understand that. 

4] It can be changed!

It can be changed how we think… It can be changed how hard we work… It can be changed how much courage we show… and if you have not reached the peak you want to reach today You have to change it… otherwise-

If you still continue to do what you have been doing till date, then you will still continue to get what you have got till date…

Do you have to remain dissatisfied throughout life? Do you have to go away with the sadness that you did not do what you wanted or to live with the happiness that I get what I want.

To reach the summit of a mountain of life, you also have to lighten yourself…. You have to erase the negativity inside you… you will have to eliminate the laziness that has held you back till today… You will have to defeat the fear that stops you from hearing the voice of your heart… See it once and then you will know that really Life is so beautiful. 

Perhaps you are wondering how to do this?

You know… after reading all these, there will be many people who will think the same… and what will happen after that?

Nothing… the same old routine… the same old life… the same mediocrity… the same burden, which they will carry through their lives…

They will find their answer… they will find some way to unload their garbage load… .they will not complain that they have not been given any readymade way… instead they will thank God… that they have by any means Burn the spark to reach the peak of life in them!

And one day they will definitely reach that peak from where the world looks very beautiful!

Let's meet on top!

3) If you want to succeed, leave it as an excuse!

Those who are loosers definitely have some excuse to justify their failure.

How can I achieve success in life

1] You will get to hear such things from the mouth of such people….

⇒ I did not get a chance.

⇒ There was no atmosphere of studies in the house.

⇒ Fate did not support.

⇒ Or any other such statement.

2] But on the contrary there are some people who consider themselves responsible for every good and bad thing happening with them, they say on failure.... 

⇒ I did not take advantage of the  opportunity.

⇒ I should have studied more.

⇒ I will change my destiny with my hard work. 

⇒ Or any other such statement.

And only those people who give no excuse of their failure succeed later.

A man was blind but he never gave an excuse to be blind.

A man was deaf but he never gave an excuse to be deaf.

A man was poor but he never gave an excuse to be poor.

A man was expelled from the company whom he had erected with his blood and sweat… but he did not give an excuse to be fired.

A man was almost bankrupt but he never gave an excuse for bankruptcy.

A man who had been fired by the school by his teacher as a retard, never gave an excuse for being retarded.

The blind man was Erik Weihenmayer who, despite being blind, had climbed Mount Everest.

The deaf man was Ludwig van Beethoven who composed some of the best music in the world.

That poor man was Dhirubhai Ambani who made India's largest company "Reliance".

The man to be fired from his own company was Steve Jobs, who was fired from Apple in 1985, and 11 years later in 1996, he was made CEO of the company again.

The bankrupt person was Amitabh Bachchan, who, despite ABCL's failures, did not give up and regained his lost empire.

And the man who was fired by the teacher as a retard in childhood, no one else was Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist in the world….

Friends, if all these super successful people could give excuse and justify their failure like ordinary people. But they did not do this, they did not hide behind any pretext… They kept on scolding… They did not give up and made their dreams and hard work realize their dreams.

Excuse or change your luck with your hard work?

The decision is in your hands… I went to work hard!

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