Best motivation stories of all time

Best motivation stories of all time 

Friends, our life is such that a lot of miseries come in this life. How to face that sorrow depends on us. We should never remember grief, think about the future, that we can overcome this grief and create a new life.

1) Control anger. 

Once there was a boy. The same age is 12-13 years. He used to get very angry. He used to get angry at talk. And at such a time he does not control himself. Sometimes he sabotaged household items, sometimes beaten someone and sometimes got beaten badly in this affair.

Once, while playing like this, he got angry on something. He quarreled with fellow boys without talking. The boys were badly disturbed by his habit. So everyone together beat him tightly.

Best motivation stories of all time

When he reached his home after being beaten, he felt very humiliated. Seeing this, his father said- If you want, you can control your anger. The boy quickly asked - how?

The father gave him a lot of nails and said, whenever you get angry, throw a lot of nails in the tree in front of the house. Hearing this, the boy asked - how will anger control anger? The father explained to him and said - If you look at it, maybe there is some benefit. The boy understood this. He obeyed the father and kept the nails with him.

The next morning the boy had a fight with his younger brother. He got very angry. He was about to kill his brother that he remembered his father's words. The boy picked up the spikes and started pushing into the tree. Although this work was quite annoying, yet he kept hammering till his anger subsided. After calming down he started counting the nails, there were 30 nails in total.

The next day the boy got angry again. He spun 25 nails that day. The next day, when she got angry, she only spared 15 nails. Gradually, the days went by and the number of spikes that hit him kept decreasing. And one day came like this, when there was no desire to hit him with anger. Because he understood that it is easier to control anger than to nail in the tree.

Seeing this, his father smiled and instructed to remove all those nails. Hearing this, the boy was irritated at first, but then he removed those spikes somehow. When he told his father about the completion of the work, the father took the son's hand and took him to the tree. The father said to the son while looking at the tree, son, look at the marks of these hundreds of nails on the trunk of the tree. Because of how ugly the tree has become. In the same way, whenever you are angry at someone, the deepest marks of such wounds are made on the person's mind.

You are right, Father, I can feel the wound of these nests. Saying, the boy returned the box of nails to the father. Because he no longer needed to hit the nails to control anger. He understood both the implications of the nails and the consequences of anger.

2) Effect of association.

It is said that good associations and good ideas open the door to human progress. Consistency has great importance in human life. If you are in a bad company, no matter how intelligent you are, you will never be able to move forward in life, and if you are in the company of good people, then you will start seeing big problems even small.

Today we are going to tell you a true incident. Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the world who has made a great contribution in the field of science. Once Einstein was doing research on the topic of Physics called Relativity. He used to go to big universities and colleges and give lectures to people. Their driver used to watch them very closely.

Best motivation stories of all time

One day Einstein was returning home after finishing a seminar in a university, suddenly his driver said, Sir, if you give a lecture in the university on Relativity, this is a very easy task, I can do it too. Einstein said laughing, OK, don't worry, I will definitely give you a chance. Then the next day when Einstein went to give lectures at the new university, he gave his driver his clothes and put himself on the driver's clothes and asked the driver to take the lecture. The illiterate driver gave a lecture in front of big professors without any problem.

Nobody came to know that he is not Einstein. At the end of the lecture, a professor asked some questions to that driver, then the driver said, "Such a simple question, only my driver will answer it." Einstein as the driver came forward and answered all the questions. Later Einstein told everyone that the person giving the lecture was not Einstein's driver, so all the professors sitting there chewed their fingers under teeth, no one was convinced that the Relativity big professors could not understand how easily this driver gave him Have explained to others. It is called the effect of consistency, even an unread driver became so intelligent by staying with Einstein.

Friends, good thoughts and good company brings a sense of courage and positivity in human beings, so try to avoid bad addiction, bad habits and bad company, then life is going to be very bright after that.

3) Past yesterday.

Lord Buddha was teaching in a village. He said that everyone should be tolerant and forgiving like Mother Earth. Anger is such a fire in which the anger will burn others and will also burn itself.

All the people were listening to the voice of the Buddha in peace, but there was also a person who was feeling overbearing by all these things, by nature. He kept listening to all this for some time, then suddenly he started speaking with fire, you are hypocritical. It is your job to talk big things. is. You are confusing people. These things of yours don't matter in today's time

Best motivation stories of all time

Buddha remained calm even after listening to many such harsh utterances. He was neither unhappy with his words, nor did he react; Seeing this, the person became more angry and spit on Buddha's mouth and went away. The next day when that person's anger subsided, he started burning in the fire of remorse due to his bad behavior, and looking for them, he reached the same place, but where did Buddha meet he had gone to another village nearby with his disciples. .

The person asked the people about Buddha and while searching - he reached the place where Buddha was preaching. On seeing them, he fell at his feet and said, "Excuse me, Lord!" Buddha asked: Who are you, brother? what happened to you ? Why are you apologizing? He said: Have you forgotten? I am the one who treated you badly yesterday. I'm ashamed I have come to apologize for my evil conduct.

Lord Buddha lovingly said: Yesterday I left the same place and came and you are still stuck there. You realize your mistake, you repent; You have become clean; Now you enter today. Both present and future deteriorate by remembering bad things and bad events. Do not disturb today because of yesterday.

All the burden of that person came off. He fell at the feet of Lord Buddha and renounced anger and pledged forgiveness; Buddha placed Ashish's hand on his brain. From that day on, there was a change in him, and the stream of truth, love and compassion started flowing in his life.

Friends, many times we think of a mistake made in the past and again we are sad and cursing ourselves. We should never do this, once we realize the mistake, we must resolve to never repeat it and strengthen the present with a new energy.

4) Glass and diamond. 

There was a court of a king. Because it was winter day, the king's court was sitting in the open. The entire general assembly was sitting in the morning sun. The King placed something precious like a table in front of the throne. Pandit people were sitting in all the courts of Diwan etc. Members of the king's family were also seated. At the same time a person came and asked for permission to enter, upon getting admission, he said that I have two things. I go to the king of every state and I keep my point, no one gets tested and everyone loses. For this reason, I am roaming around as a winner, now I have come to your city.

The king called and said, what is the matter, he put both the items on the table. Same shape, same appearance, same color, same light, everything was the same. The king said, if both these things are one, then the person said, "Yes, it gives one, but it is different." One of them is very precious diamond and one is a piece of glass.

Best motivation stories of all time

But the appearance is all the same, till date no one has been able to test which diamond is it and which glass can be tested and tell if it is a diamond. If I get tested, I will lose and I will deposit this precious diamond in the coffers of your state.

If someone does not recognize, then you have to give me the same amount of money that this diamond is worth. Similarly, I have won from many states. The king said, I will not be able to test, the Diwan said that we also cannot dare because both are exactly the same. All the losers could not muster any courage.

There is no question that you will have to pay money if you lose, because the king has a lot of wealth, everyone was afraid that the king's reputation will fall. No person was able to recognize, after all, there was some movement behind, a blind man got up with a stick in his hand.

Give me an opportunity, with the help of a man, he reached the king. He prayed to the king, I am blind from birth, yet I should be given an opportunity, so that I too can test my intellect once and be successful and if not successful then you will lose anyway Is only

The king felt what was wrong in giving it an opportunity. The king said, okay, the blind man was touched both things and asked which diamond is in it and which glass is to be tested.

The legend says that the man said in a minute that this is a diamond and this glass.

The man who came after conquering so many states, bowed down and said that he is right. You are recognized and blessed. According to my promise, I am giving this diamond in the vault of your state.

Everyone became very happy and the man who came. He was also very happy that at least someone found a tester. That king and all the other people expressed the same curiosity to that blind person that how did you recognize that this is a diamond and that glass.

The blind man said that it is a simple matter, the owner is sitting in the sun. I touched both which were cold, the diamond which became hot, the glass.

Friends, to see in our life, whatever gets hot in the matter, it gets entangled, the glass and the one which remains cool even in the opposite situation is a diamond.

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