8 Best Motivation Short Stories

Best Motivation Short Stories 

Friends, I am presenting very good stories to you. You will get motivation after reading these stories. Friends, if you like these stories, then tell them in the comment box. So that I also get motivated and I keep writing very good stories for you.

8 Best Motivation Short Stories

1) That's why different approaches. 

Seeing the simplicity of Kabir, some of his disciples were sad. One day a courageous disciple said, 'Guruvar why do you live with simplicity? You are a perfect man. In such a situation, weaving your cloth is also strange.

Kabir smiled a little, and then said, I used to weave my stomach in the first place, but now I can cover everyone's body to cover the body of God and to practice my intention. That is, every person's viewpoint is different. The disciples understood the depth of the Guru's words.

In short

The elder is the one who lives with the interests of others in mind. There are many such examples of simplicity and humility of Kabir. These inspiring things make them different from the oars.

2) The circumstances have always changed.

Once Lord Buddha was going somewhere. He was walking on foot, tired for this reason and sat down under a tree. Anand was also present with his other disciples. Lord Buddha said, 'Anand is a waterfall near here, bring water from there.'

Anand reached near the waterfall, but dirty water was flowing there. They did not understand how to fill the water. He stayed for some time and the water got cleared. He filled the clean water in the kamandal. And went to Buddha.

He told all the events about Tathagat. "At that point Buddha stated, "Take a gander at the euphoric nature, not the condition."The situation changes, but nature remains constant. As you saw how the dirty water of the spring became clean after a while. '

In Short. 

This is also the situation for humans. Man changes like the water of spring. Man does not always stay there according to his nature but he changes. This is eternal rul.

3) Who is the best.

Emperor Chandragupta once said to Chanakya, wish Chanakya! Would you be beautiful? Chanakya said, 'Rajan! A human being is identified by his qualities, not by form. ' Chandragupta then asked, 'Can someone give an example where the form is small in front of the quality.'

Then Chanakya gave the king two glasses of water to drink. Then Chanakya said, 'The first glass of water was of a pot of gold and the second glass of water was of a clay pot. Which did you like? ' Chandragupta said, 'the glass filled with spicy'.Nearly the emperor Chandragupta's wife was present He was greatly impressed by this example. They said, 'The gold pitcher of which work can not be quenched. No matter how bad the pot, but the thirst quenches itself with the water. That is not a form, it is great. '

In short. 

It is worshiped not because of human form but because of its qualities. The form is not the same yesterday but the quality remains as long as there is life. And live even after death.

4) Fulfilling duty is the duty of every person. 

The ceremony was going on at a New English high school in Poona (Maharashtra). A volunteer was appointed at the main gate, which was given the duty to greet every incoming guest. In this program Chief Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade came as the Chief Guest at that time.

As soon as they reached there, that self-service stopped them and demanded an invitation letter. Ranade said politely, 'I do not have an invitation letter.' Then the volunteer said, 'Sorry you can't go in.'

Seeing Ranade at the main gate, members of the welcome committee immediately arrived there. He started taking them inside. Then that volunteer said, 'If I do not allow my duty to be fulfilled, how will I fulfill this duty? I do not like the policy of discrimination at all.

Later this volunteer became known as Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

In short. 

It is the duty of every person to fulfill the duty. But it is also a duty to alert the interruption in fulfilling the duty.

5) We run away for a lifetime their behind.

A fox lived in a forest. She usually woke up early in the morning, but woke up a little late that day. As soon as the fox came out of his house, his tail was towards the sun. Shadow was falling in front. Seeing the shadow, the fox first came to know the form of his body.

His appearance was very large in the shadow. Then the fox thought, why did he hunt a big creature. Bus ! In this confusion, he was so overwhelmed that the desire for big hunting in the dense forest reached.

The sun had come on the head till now. The fox was also very hungry. He thought why not be the victim of an elephant today. The hungry fox wandered around in search of the elephant. She got tired and started resting in one place. But the direction of the sun had changed in the sky.

The fox was seeing its shadow small. The fox thought that my size is so small, why don't I hunt a small creature now, a frog is enough for me. I was wandering around because of the illusion of shadow in the useless. When he came to know about this, he made a small hunt of his own and after a meal, fell asleep under a tree in a deep sleep.

In short.

This is a motivational story, it means that human beings like this also run behind their life like shadow. When he has knowledge of conscience, his attitude changes. And he walks on a new road. Whose path leads to the house of God on the positive path.

6) Home meets true education.

Santu Vinoba Bhave's mother's name was Rahunuai and father's name was Narhari Bhave. Narhari Bhave always helped the needy people. He usually kept one or two students always with him. He took special care of his diet.

If the food survived, they would eat the food themselves, but they prepare and feed the children fresh food. Vinoba ji kept watching all this. One day, he asked his mother, 'Mother says that God resides in everybody, why do you give me cold and why do they eat hot rotis?'

Mother said, 'Son! I do this because my fascination has not yet gone; I see my son in Vinoba. And among those students, the divine On the day you start seeing me like God, you will also be eating hot roti in that day. '

In short. 

The thoughts of Vinoba Bhaveji parents were so intelligent and poignant that their son later became a great person and came into the category of great men. That's why children get the right education from home only.

7) Humans are all but real human beings are such people. 

There was a hotel near a city. Whose master was kind and gentleman. The hotel used to earn good income. That Seth's life was moving happily. He had no one in the family, the parents had died long ago. He was not even married.

One of Lalchandra's specialty was that he used to provide free meals for every disabled person coming to his hotel. This work continued for many years. He used to give grains to the birds every morning. In doing so, he got a lot of peace, usually talking to his friends.

One day the gentleman asked Lalchandra, If you do this then you will not be harmed. Then Lalchandra said, "I give every grain of birds every day." I noticed that a moth of a bedridden bird chooses no other bird.

It is a bird that has this feeling, then I am a human being. I thought I should also feed every disabled person. From then on I walked on this path. Doing so, I get spiritual comfort.

In short.

Humans are all, but humanity is in some humans. This is the real person who is truly the real person who is happy to find happiness in others' sadness.

8) After the doom nothing happens Then it will be. 

Once Khalifa Omar was giving a speech. He asked the people, 'If you give any order to the people, will you all agree with that?' A woman said, 'No, how can we believe?'

Then Khalifa Omar asked, 'Why?' The woman said, 'You are wearing such a long gown but my husband's skin does not even come to the knees. This clearly shows that you have taken more cloth in your share from the royal store.

Hearing the woman, Khalifa Umar said, 'I do not know how it happened?' My boy will answer it. ' The boy came forward at the signal of Khalifa Omar. He said, 'My father has not taken more cloth than the royal store. I have given them the clothes of my part. Then his clothes became so long.

The people's head bowed down to the Khalifa with reverence. But the woman trembled due to fear. He feared that the Khalifa would punish him. But Khalifa did not get angry at the woman. But Khalifa said, as long as this woman is fearless like people who speak the truth, they are present in this world. Until then there is no danger to our religion. 

In short. 

That is, a society of cowardly cowards never progresses, every kind of progress can be made only when those who tell truth boldly play the top role in the society. It has been said, 'Despite the doom, if something is permanent in this world then it will be' truth.

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