6 Best short Motivational stories

Best short Motivational stories 

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about 6 best short motivational stories, after reading these stories you will get very good inspiration. This is motivational stories.  If you like these stories, then please tell in the comment box so that I too can be inspired and keep writing similar stories for you.

6 Best short Motivational stories

1 Feeling like such a wish. 

Once Lord Buddha was giving discourses in a city. After the sermon, he finally said, 'Wake up! Time is going out of hand. ' In this way the discourse meeting of that day ended.

After the meeting, Tathagata said to his disciple Anand, walking a little distance. Anand walked with Lord Buddha. They had just reached the main gate of the Vihara that they stopped on one side and stood.

People coming to listen to the discourse were leaving Ebahar, so there was a crowd atmosphere, but a woman came out of it to meet Tathagata. She said, 'Tathagata I am a dancer'. Today, my dance program was decided at the house of the city's best, but I had forgotten about it.

After that, a robber met Lord Buddha, he said, "Tathagata, I will hide something from you. I forgot that today I had to go to a place to rob me, that I remembered my plan as soon as I heard the sermon today."

In this way an old man came to Buddha and the old man said, 'Tathagata! Running behind things around the world, living around the world. Now the day of facing death is coming to a close, then I feel that the whole life has become useless.

Today my eyes opened with your words. From today I will try all my faults and try Nirvana. When all the people departed, Lord Buddha said, 'Joy! I gave only one sermon, but everyone interpreted it differently.

 In short. 

This is to say that the person who gets the bag, the more donations he gets. Even to attain nirvana, the bag of mind has to be worth it. For this, it is very important to be pure in mind. It is the same in this inspiring context.

2 That is why say do good deeds. 

Once, with the intention of teasing the oilers, a person dissolve lime for a milk and put it in a vessel. Swamiji saw the milk container and drank it silently.

The person thought that lime would soon show its effect. But to the contrary, nothing happened to Swamiji, but the person started feeling nauseated.

That person fell at the feet of Swami ji And started apologizing for his mistake. Then Swamiji said, 'The water of lime has been drunk, but the effect has also happened to you because it has only one reason and it is that both of us have the same abode of soul. If you will hurt another, then you will have to suffer that also.

 In short. 

You should not hurt others, sometimes you do not have to suffer it.

3 Being patient keeps get knowledge. 

Once Mahatma Buddha went away from him in a meeting without saying anything. Hundreds of people came in that meeting Came less than the other day In this way, this number became very less one day.

Only 50 people reached the last day of the discourse. Mahatma Buddha came, he looked around there and went back without saying anything. This time the time has passed. Tathagat came and went away.

Whenever he came to deliver the discourse, there was only one person there. He asked, why did he stop here? He said because of the patience. Thus Tathagata gave knowledge to that person alone.

 In shorts. 

Grit is a feeling that builds big things. And the unbalanced circumstances also become soft. Therefore, patience should never be left with. This is given in the context of Tathagat.

4 Do not waste time in such things. 

Lord Buddha knew the importance of time very well. He never let his every moment go in vain. Once a person came to him and said, Tathagata you talk about liberation every time. After all, who would be sad? And how can it be overcome?

The questioner's question was meaningless. The Tatas did not want to be involved in the absurd discussion. He said, 'Hey brother! You did not even have to question. The question was not who caused the grief, but rather why it hurt.

And the answer is that you will not feel sad for not spending time in fruitless discussions. This is exactly the same way that someone poisoned someone with a sharp arrow and then asked him, who made this arrow? Brother, it is necessary to treat him with that arrow and not to waste time in the words of meaninglessness.

 In short. 

Many people, in many absurd things, shed time like water, the flowing water can still be protected but once the time is gone it can never be brought back. So spend time thinking wisely. This is a precious heritage given to you by nature.

5 Do not underestimate anyone. 

Once the widest path said to the trail, 'I think you move around me.' Pagrangi politely said, 'I do not know why people like you prefer to walk on me. When I am very young with you. '

Accidentally, a vehicle came and stopped. There was a small bridge in front. On which the board had said, "The culvert is damaged, do not take big vehicles from here." A lot of people were sitting in that bus. His driver asked him to land. People walked towards the other side of the footpath. In this way the bus passed through that culvert and left with passengers.

Both the way and the trail were watching the sequence of events. Then the path said, 'In today it is understood that the smallest thing becomes useful even when the time comes.'

 In short. 

Needle work and needle work can only be done by the sword. That is, you cannot fight a war with a needle nor sew clothes with a sword. That is to say,nothing should be underestimated.

Then whether it is alive or inanimate. Sometimes even the smallest thing does wonders, which even the big thing cannot do.

6 Haley told helaak, hard earned money. 

Centuries ago there was a Seth named Hellak in Greece. His son's name was 'Chalak' and the name of his daughter-in-law was 'Heli'. Helawk's daughter-in-law had a tendency of a religious person. But Helak was a devious person. His grocery store was, he cheated on every customer.

That's why people began calling him in the name of Vanchak Seth. The amount he earned was spent soon. Helack's daughter-in-law always advised to leave these bad deeds. But Seth never accepted his talk.

Putravadhu said that when there is bread, cloth, house and enough money, then why do we need to bother people in this way. Seth found this strange but he thought once to see the matter of daughter-in-law.

Then that Seth tied a gold item of money without cheating and threw it in the river. He also wrote the address of his house in that bottle. A crocodile ate that bottle. A few days later that crocodile got caught in a fisherman's net.

When the fisherman slashed the stomach's stomach, it came out. Seth had a lot of sleep in the bottle and she had a little sleep. According to the fisherman's address, he reached that Seth. Seth was very happy to get that money. And from that day he left the evil deeds forever.

 In short. 

Hard earned money can be found even after it is lost. This wealth keeps you away from all kinds of health and problems. Therefore, we should always earn a living by working hard. Money earned through wrong ways gives little pleasure. But the end is always extremely painful.

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