3 Best Motivational stories for students

Best Motivational Stories For Students 

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about best motivational stories for students this is motivational stories. 

1 You can accomplish your goal, just have faith in yourself. 

It is very old that a king ruled in a state.The king had a very beautiful daughter.One day the king announced to the whole kingdom, that he wanted to sway his daughter.People from all over the state are invited.

The preparation of the Swayam in the state were going on fast.

Maharaja was also coming from abroad. Gradually the date of swayamvar came closer, the kings and princes of neighboring states also came to participate in the swayamvara. The king laid a condition for the swayamvara - he built a big pond and many crocodiles were left in that pond.Now the condition was that the person who would swim this pond and cross from one shore to the other, the king would marry his daughter to the same person.

3 Best Motivational stories for students

When all the people gathered on the banks of the lake, they began to tremble with fear. Many huge crocodiles inside the pond were waiting for their prey spreading their mouth. No one was daring to move forward, after all, who should put his life at stake. No one was ready to come forward.

All the people were looking at each other's face, so a young boy came out of the crowd and jumped into the pond. The eyes of all the people were torn on seeing him. The boy started swimming at the speed of the storm and proceeded towards shore, dodging dangerous crocodiles and crossed the pond with great courage and cunning.As soon as he got out, people lifted him on the shoulder, people started saying - Wow, what a brave boy. Someone asked - Where did you come from so much power that you crossed this lake?

The boy panicked and said - Hey, do all the other things later, first tell who pushed me?

Friends, you must have laughed a little after reading this story, but think deeply, there is a very serious message hidden in this story. Where did such a power come from within a boy that he crossed the crocodile pond? Thinking about this carefully, you will find that all the powers are present in you in the world, but you never recognize them, do not refine them.The boy also had no divine power, instead he used the power hidden inside him, woke up his courage and did what people could not even imagine. 

Many times when we compare ourselves with other people, we find that our friend is very rich but we are not, from where our friend has reached, such and such a person achieved success at such a young age. But the truth is that the ability that others have is also in you, as much as the mind is with you, you also have every courage and every power, you don't even know your abilities, you yourself Remain unaware of

Have you ever heard that the sage - Mahatma used to do penance in the forest and get powers. What do you think? Will some powers come from outside and assimilate inside them? Not so at all. In fact, they used to get their powers awakened by austerities, used to recognize their powers. Swami Vivekananda has said - the whole universe is contained within you. And this thing is 100% true.

Do not be afraid of problems, no trouble in the world is bigger than your courage. If you are not able to succeed in any of your goals, then believe me you are not working to your full potential. There is no goal that you cannot achieve. You have the power to make every impossible possible. If you need it, just to know yourself, to identify your hidden powers. On the day you succeed in doing this, success will automatically wash your feet.

Friends, in this article I have tried to tell you that you can achieve every goal, your capabilities are endless, just to awaken yourself and identify the powers if needed. Do share this article with your friends on Facebook so that this article can reach more people and you can also reach out to us. Go to the comment box below and write us your thoughts.Thanks !!!!

2 How to reinvent yourself. 

We all go through our bad days, some of the bad situations leave you in a stance and that time two things usually happen or you can make them happen, you let yourself stuck there or You muster up your courage and think of reinventing yourself. 

Reinventing is indispensable because this denotes to life, life is all about struggles, no matter how many times you fall eventually you have to stand high. So whether you are on your job and you collapsed, whether you fail in a relationship the key is to reinvent yourself and how you can do this, take a look below.

3 Best Motivational stories for students

1 Get resilient and irresponsible. 

You need to think in a more rational and realistic way for getting resilient and irresistible, being irresistible doesn’t mean that you never fail, will never lost rather it means you will not collapse if something goes wrong because as long as life exists problems and hurdle will occur, it’s you who have to stand still.

2 Create your new image by setting new goals. 

What was to happen and had happened now its time to set new goals, for setting the news goals you need a new you. Begin with a fresh new image, no more practicing of old routines, old perceptions, etc. your new image would make you do the things with great energy.

3 Support yourself to rely on yourself. 

The hand who will always be there for you for lending a helping hand will always be your own one, learn to rely on yourself. Make yourself understand that it’s ok to commit mistakes now you need to be more challenging.

4 Discover your strengths. 

For discovering your strengths the best and easiest way is to take some personality tests and opt for the psychometric tests, these two tests are conducted online for free.

5 Organize your finances. 

Manage your finances for starting up a new venture, so lean to organize so you could spend money on the due ones without much hassle.

Reinventing may sound difficult but trust me after reinventing yourself you can discover a totally changed person in you who would be stronger, resilient and confident.

3 Why reading is so important for everyone. 

With regards to getting some data and information then a solid accentuation is given to perusing. It is a sound movement that creates incredible characteristics in you. Perusing a book or some decent stuff ^from magazines and paper furnish your brain with massive learning and you get mindful of differing kinds of things. Here we will tell you why perusing is significant? So we should begin.

3 Best Motivational stories for students

1 Get exposure to new things. 

When you make reading your daily or most frequent doing activity then you actually widen up your imagination, you get acquainted with new things and you tend to get a great exposure of the things you were unaware of.

2 It improves your memory. 

Reading sharpens your memory because your mind functions well when you engage your mind in reading. Your memory muscle gets engaged when you spend your time in reading and this functionality assists in improving your long term memory.

3 You learn to stay focused. 

With reading activity, you unintentionally learn to pay attention, to stay focused. This habituates you in concentrating on what is being done.

4 You get fluent. 

Reading makes you fluent, what is input also bring an output so when you read extensively you start speaking with fluency without any hitches. This improves your communication skill too.

5 It develops your language. 

Through reading your growth of language learning gets improved, what you read it goes to your mind and you start viewing, observing and doing the things with a different angle.

6 Self - improvement. 

Reading improves your inner and outer, the knowledge you get through reading polishes your personality in several ways because the vast knowledge enhances your confidence level, confident body language adds grace in your personality and you become courageous to share your opinion on every matter and on every platform.

So in short and simple words activity of reading opens up new avenues of imagination for you, By reading, you can discover new ways and perspectives to see the things. You feel improved and confident because your knowledge that is bestowed on you through reading has given so much that it becomes easier for you to have your say before others.

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