Top 5 stories of success

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about top 5 stories of success, this is successful stories. 

1 Story of mighty courage. 

There was one goat. One of her sheep. Both were roaming in the forest. She was thirsty for the goat. She also felt thirsty. Goat said - 'Come on, drink water.' She also added, 'Yes mother! Come on! Drink water.

To drink water, he headed towards the goat river. Yamuna also went towards the river to drink water.

Both go. Talking about. Talking about. Tinker. Tubak-Tubbeck. Tubak-Tubbak. In goats, goat told lamb - 'Take courage by working with courage, the crisis gets over. If the sadness prevails then the path to rescue from the disaster It comes out only.

Top 5 stories of success

Mother's learning lamb tied the knot. Both reached the river bank. Goat worshiped the river by reaching there. My also bowed the river. The river greeted both of them and informed them, 'The wolf has to come. Power Drink immediately and go home. '

'The wolf is dirty.He tries on small creatures like me. He kills him and eats.He is also arrogant. Why do you let him come to you. Why did not you refuse drinking water? Smile: 'I know that the wolf is filthy.' I do not like her habit of harassing smaller creatures than her. But what to do.

Whenever he comes to me, it is a thirsty 
Religion is Without yawning. I can not deny it. 

The goat was thirsty for a lot of stress. Mother also had a lot of thirst. The two bowed down on the river. The river's water was cold. She also was sweet in it. The goat drank plenty of water. I also drank too much water.

The goat was drunk by drinking water and drinking water.

If the stomach got lighter then both of them then leaned over the river. They started drinking water. The river wanted to say something to them. But both of them were silent looking at drinking water. The baby got up and drank water. I also got water after drinking water. Then he got a jerk of loudness. The rash eyes, the monstrous dealer wolf stood in front of him. The blood of his body was frozen.

Lamanna also panicked at seeing the wolf.

'Hey wow! Today it is also hot food with cold water. It is good that both of you got here. A lot of hunger is hungry. Now I will eat you before eating your appetite. I will drink the water later.

By then, the goat had got hold of it.

'Six; chhicha; how dirty you are. The flies are buzzing at the mouth. It does not seem to have been washed for months. I did not say it.

'Let's go!' This is the forest minister. Big things of the elderly. How can we understand them? Maybe the wolf, the grandfather has vowed to not wash his mouth.

'What are you waiting for?' Just before a while, he has cleaned his face by rubbing in the sand. 'Wadiya Gurraaya.

'False somewhere. If I was washed, what would it look like? Look at the river in the river. Look at the truth.'

The wolf started thinking. The girl is big.He is not confident. What would lie in this ninth month, even if the lamna would be lying? It was rugged by the river, but on the other there is a dirty mud. Then there is no envy in seeing the river and peeping in it. It is unlikely that I can see in the water and both of them run away. "Ooh, where will they run away? I will catch in a swirl.

'Look! I am going to wash my mouth. Do not try to take part in it. Otherwise, I will die badly.' The lady threatened. The hand started adding to the hand, 'Our birth has happened to eradicate the hunger of ours. Our body The forest minister's appetite for the degradation came as a big thing for us. What can be more important to you than this.You must wash your face calmly. From here, twenty steps ahead of the river's water is absolutely clear. Go there and wash your mouth. Do not believe it. Programmed I'm moving along. "

The wolf has spoken to him.He raised that side where the goat had indicated. The water was deep enough on it. The edges were smooth. As soon as the wolf peeped into the river to see his face, the goat sealed his full strength by pushing back. The ladies pushed their heavy body and could not handle the bulk of the body and went to the river from 'Dhup'. As soon as he fell, the goat started running back towards the forest direction. There was lamb in front of him too.

Both came out of the river very far. The goat stopped at the safe place. Something stopped. The girl saw the lamb with pampering. The girl woke up with the winner in her mother's eyes. The faces of both were showing confidence. Goat Bid 'Understand something?' 

'Yes understood.'

'what ?

'Take courage with courage, then the danger goes away.'


If patience persists, then there is a way to escape from adversity.

She said, "Well done!" She started laughing with that. Lamb began to laugh with the mother.

2 Preparing for success. 

There was a nest of birds on my window. I saw that there was no sound from it for some days. I thought, now it should be removed. The nest was high. I laid the chair on the table and started climbing on it.

My 75-year-old father, who is still physically more fit than me, shouted - 'Stop it Sushil. You will not be made. I know that you do all the work. Hut, I get out. ' And he jumped up to the chair, like a young man climbs.

Top 5 stories of success

I was unaware watching him. It was understandable that they did not let me climb. He feared that I should not fall from that height, because in his eyes I am still a child and I can not do any work at his level.

It was a huge nest and was made in such a way that there were very soft stitches inside and it looked more soft than the padded bed.

Seeing him, Father made a voice to my daughter- "Bitto, look at the chicks' parents have built a comfortable house for them."

The BITTO ran away and cheered happily - 'Yes grandpa, it is very soft.'

Grandpa, where have they all gone? Chicks and their parents? Bitto eagerly questioned. 

'Son, the chickens grew up, stood on their feet and got blown up.' Grandfather took a deep breath and said. 

'And their parents?' Bitto asked with great innocence.

'Son, my parents could not live without their chicks, because of this they also left the house. As long as the children live, it is a house, or else it looks like a deserted forest. Parents raise their children with so many arrows and children leave them and leave. Do not talk two things together and do good. ' Grandfather was going to see me from the mischief-makers and was learning my granddaughter.

I know that in their learning this, there was
a message for me too.

3 Risks to be raised for success. 

Success does not always come from seeing the marksheets. Continuous diligence brings you to the summit of success.". Today's youths just like to read Motivational Story, but they are lazy to implement them. "At an equivalent time, youth would like success early, however they are doing not wish to require any risk.". Why do so, if we have to succeed, we will first have to risk. How long will you be successful till you do not take the risk? 

Top 5 stories of success

Every person has a master plan to succeed, but he does not work on it because of fear. Also, the master plan does not share anything with anyone so that no one else succeeds. By doing so, if he thinks that he is doing right, then there is no bigger fool than him. If successful, there is a person who does something different by risk. Friends, today we will tell you about this.

Most essential confidence. 

If you have to achieve success then you have to increase your confidence, if you do not feel confident then you will not be able to take risk and when you will not be able to take risk you will not be able to succeed. Successful people have a different selfconfidence. It is obvious that they believe in them-selves and whatever they do. These confidence did not come after being successful in them. It was already in them. You have confidence in yourself,

know him and go ahead. We do not want to be afraid of taking risks. Risks, with full confidence, should walk in the path of success. With this, you can achieve success.

4 My goal in my life for success. 

Different people have different goal in your life. 

My Goal in 2019 is to make an incredible most and do what makes me extremely glad. 2019 I am prepared for the following section 2020 of my life.

Top 5 stories of success

Various individuals have distinctive objective in your life. Some need to be rich. Some desire to move toward becoming pioneers. Some longing to be researcher. My aspiration in life isn't riches, influence or high economic wellbeing I am too unassuming to even think about aiming at any of these things. My objective is unobtrusive. It is to serve the week and the wiped out. The I need become a specialist.

My Goal isn't to be superior to any other person, however to be better then I used to be.

Subsequent to passing my H. S. C., I will show up in the test for Medical Colleges and I am buckling down.

The multi week online Goal program is hear.

After I have passed the M.B.B.S. examination. I will set up my Practice. I will be a decent specialist. Dislike the individuals who take high charges from their patients and do almost no to support them. It will be my main goal to server poor people and penniless. I will likewise treat the poor free. I will charge expenses frome the rich with the goal that I probably won't wind up in trouble. This is simply the objective I have set. I realize it isn't something simple. I will need to surrender huge numbers of the sumptuous for which man works throughout everyday life. I can't plan to live in fine homes or appreciate the solaces of present day life. I am too straightforward a man to go for any of these things. Administration of the poor is my point and I am certain God will enable me to accomplish this.

5 Secret of success. 

Once upon a young boy asked Socrates what is the secret of success?

Socrates told the boy that you meet me on the banks of the river yesterday. They meet, then Socrates asked the young man to move with them towards the river and when the rising water reached the throat, suddenly Socrates gave that boy Sir sank in the grip of water.

Top 5 stories of success

The boy started struggling to get out, but Socrates was strong and kept him immersed till he started falling as blue. Then Socrates pulled his head out of the water and, as soon as he got out, that boy was the first He was breathing fast, breathing fast.

The boy replied, "breathing"

Socrates said, "

This is the secret of success. 

"When you wish success as badly as you wished to breathe, then you'll twig." There is no other secret besides it.

Friends, when you want just one more thing, more often than not ... that is what you get.Well, look at the small children, they not live in the past or in the future, they always live in the present ... and when they Need a toy to play or a toffee to eat ... Then their full attention, their full power just gets to get one thing and as a result they find that thing.

Therefore, FOCUS is very important to achieve success, it is very important to have intensity in what you want to achieve success..and when you get that focus and that intensity, then you get success.

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