Best inspirational short stories

Best Inspirational short stories 

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about best inspirational short stories, this is insprinational stories. 

1 Source of inspiration. 

Friends, life is a struggle, there is stress, work is pressure, happy, fear! But the good thing is that these are not all permanent! In time, the flow of the river is all flowing! Any pleasure, whatever the situation Whether it is done or lost, it is never permanent, it dissolves in the continuous flow of time!

It is mostly that during the journey of life, we find ourselves being trapped in the pyramid of sorrow, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, despair, fear, disease etc. We become so subdued that the immediate circumstances are far away Even when we look at the distance, we do not even see the light of any light; the distraught-like troubles of the ants take away the form of an elephant coming near us and we have his After surrendering to fear and horrors, let the circumstances prevail over them, that situation shakes our entire existence, we are entangled in the whirlpool of despair, despair ... one moment seems like a mountain and by ourselves Due to not being "ready to perceive any beam of expectation, a great many people are frantic to put weapons before the circumstance!"

Best inspirational short stories

If you get trapped in an unknown, deserted desert, then there is only one way to get out of it, just keep on running! If you do not go through the river and do not walk your hands, then you will surely be drowned! There is such a moment in life, when it seems that there is nothing left to do now, in such a situation, just stay with your self-confidence and courage because. 

Once pleased with the service of a king, a saint gave him a talisman and said that Rajan put it in his throat and in such a situation, when there was such a situation that when you started, you are all going to be finished now, Make me feel trapped, there is no ray of light, there is despair and "dissatis- faction on each side, at that point you open this charm and read the paper kept in it, not before that!

The king wore that talisman in his throat! Once the king went to the forest to hunt with his soldiers! The king pursuing a lion was separated from his soldiers and entered the border of the enemy king, the time of dense forest and twilight, when only the voices of the horses of some enemy soldiers came to the king and he also brought the horse to his horse Putting the enemy forward, the enemy behind the enemy! Even after running far away, the king could not escape from those soldiers! Behal king of hunger thirst came to see a cave in between the thick trees, he immediately hid himself and the horse under the cover of that cave! And he stopped breathing, the sound of the enemies of the enemy horses began to come slowly! The king alone, surrounded by enemies, began to see his end, he felt that in a few moments, the enemy would catch him and kill him. He was frustrated with life, that his hand went to his talisman and he remembered the matter of a saint! He immediately opened the book and took out the paper and read it! That slip was composed "This will likewise cut"

As soon as the king suddenly saw a ray of light coming in the darkness, there was no support like drowning! He suddenly experienced an inexhaustible peace in his soul! He felt that this horrible time would be cut, and then why would it be worried! He said to himself, Your Lord and your trust, yes, it will be cut!

And that happened, the sound of the feet of the enemies of the enemy started coming away, and after some time there peace came! The King left the cave at night and came back in some way in his kingdom!

Friends, this is not just the story of any king, it is the story of all of us! We go so much in the state of affairs, work, stress, that we do not understand anything, our fear starts to dominate us, The solution does not look far enough, it seems that just now, everything is perfect, right?

When this is done, take two minutes in peace, take a deep deep breath! Remember your adoration and say it with yourself - this will also be cut! You will see magic completely, and you will feel the power to overcome the situation inside yourself! Have tried! Very effective!

Hope this formula inspires me in my life, it will prove to be inspirational in your life too!

2 Struggle of butterfly. 

Once a man was walking in his garden, a butterfly cockcone was hanging from a twig. Now the man started seeing him every day, and one day he noticed that a small hole was formed in that cocoon. On that day he sat down and watched him for hours. He saw that the butterfly was trying very hard to get out of that shell, but after trying for a long time, he could not get out of that hole, and then he became absolutely calm as if he had given up.

Best inspirational short stories

So the man decided that he would help that butterfly. He raised a scissor and made the cocoon's opening so big that the butterfly could come out easily. And this happened, the butterfly came out easily without any other conflict, but her body was swollen, and the feathers were dry.

The man watched the butterfly thinking that he would start flying by spreading his wings at any time, but nothing like that happened. On the contrary, a poor butterfly could never fly and she had to spend the rest of her life jittering around it.

The man did not understand in his kindness and haste that in fact, the process of getting out of the cocoon has made nature so difficult, so that by doing so, the fluid present in the butterfly's body can reach its wings and fly as soon as it comes out of the hole. .

In fact, sometimes the struggle in our life was the only thing we really needed. If we get everything without any struggle, then we will become like a crippled person. Without hard work and struggle, we can never become as strong as our capacity. Therefore, from a positive perspective, see the difficult moments in life, you will be taught something that will make your life's flight possible.

3 Flip forward. 

Long ago, there was a farmer living in a village. He had a lot of animals, from the same. 

There was also a donkey. One day, he went near a old drought-built farm in the pasta and suddenly slipped down in it. As soon as he fell down, he started shouting loudly - "Dhandhu-Dhandhu ... .hindu-thandu ...."

Best inspirational short stories

After hearing his voice, the people working in the farm reached the well, the farmer was also called.

The farmer took stock of the situation, took pity on the donkey, but he thought in his mind that there is no benefit to saving this old ass and it will also work hard and there is no need for well, I said, "I do not think we can save this ass anyhow, so all of you should work on your own, there is no benefit from losing time here."

And by saying this, it was only for moving forward that a laborer said, "Master, this donkey has served you for years, it would be better to let this die of torment like this that we buried him in this well."

The farmer also agreed, yes yes in his yes.

"Let's get together all of us in this well and start digging the ass and bury the donkey right here", the farmer said.

The donkey was listening to all this and now she was scared too much, she thought where the owner should save her, then inverted, they are planning to bury her. He became frightened by hearing all this, but he did not lose heart and remembered God and started thinking about leaving out there ....

He had lost his thoughts right now that the rain started to rain on him suddenly, the donkey thought to himself that if anything happens, he will not give up his effort.

Do not give up easily And then he began to bounce with full force.

The farmer also sank in a sour well filled in the soil like others, and peeping at it, he saw that as soon as the clay fell on the donkey, he jumped from his body and lifted it up. Whenever he was allowed to eat it That does ... jumps and climbs up .... Jumps up and climbs up ....

The farmer had also understood that if he was able to clean the soil then the life of the donkey could be saved.

Then what was he was dirting and seeing, the donkey reached the mouth of the well, and finally came out jumping out.

Friends, our life is similarly, no matter how much caution we take, sometimes the trouble falls into a loop of pits. Falling is not important, it is important to save. Many people accept defeat without effort, but those who try, God also send them help in some form. If the donkey does not endeavor to survive, then it can not be saved in the mind of the farmer, so it can be saved 

So when next time you fall in trouble, then try to flip it away. 

4 Find something like this in your every work. 

Some laborers were making stone pillars in a village. From here on, a saint has passed. He asked a laborer- What is happening here? He said - I do not see the stone cut? The saint said - Yes, I have been watching. But what will happen here? Embarrassed the worker - do not know.

Best inspirational short stories

Here the stones are going to break and they are worried about what will happen here. The monk proceeded. Got a second worker. The saint asked - What will be here? Called the laborer - See Sadhu Baba, there is nothing here.

Whether it is a temple or jail, what do I have I get 100 rupees in the form of daily wage. Just get the money in the evening and become my job. I do not mean what's going on here. If the sadhu got ahead then the third worker got. The sage asked him - what will be done here? The worker said - the temple

There was no big temple in this village. The people of this village had to go to celebrate another village. I am also of this village. These workers belong to this village. When I make a stone chisel by running a chisni, I have heard music in the chisel's voice. I am in bliss.

After a few days, this temple will be ready and it will be worshiped with pomp. Fair will take place. Kirtan will be I am happy with this thinking. This work for me, is not working. I always live in a fun. In the fun of building a temple. If I sleep at night then with the imagination of the temple and I wake up in the morning, I go to the temple to cover the pillars.

When I get more fun in the middle then I sing the hymns. Never had the joy of doing more work in life. The sage said - This is the secret of life my brother Just the difference is the difference.

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