Always think good । Motivational stories

Hello friends, today in this article we are telling you about always think good, this is motivational stories. 

1 Arrogant crow. 

A swarm of swans was passing over the beach, at the same place a crow was also enjoying. 

"You guys fly well!" The crow said in an accent, "What can you do and what you can do, just flutter your wings and fly!" Can you fly with me like a fly ??? Can you show acrobatics in the air like me ??? No, you do not even know who is flying! "

Hearing the crows, an old man said, "It is a good thing that you do all this, but you should not boast about this."

"I do not know vanity - Vandan, if any of you can compete with me then come out and beat me."

Always think good motivational stories

A young male swan accepted the challenge of crows. It was decided that the competition will be in two phases, in the first phase, the crow will show its feat and the swans will have to do the same and in the second phase the crows will have to repeat the swan tricks.

The competition started, the first phase started by the crows and more than one showed an artificial barrier; if he ever squandered round, he would fly above the ground. Hans Hans was not able to do anything special to him. The crow continued to grow up and say, "I was already saying that you do not come anywhere else ... only that ..."

Then the second phase began, Hans flew and started flying towards the sea. Crow also followed her, "What are these amazing shows, but straightforward - even a simple challenge? You're really stupid! ", Said the crow.

But Hans did not give any answer and kept quiet, slowly he moved far away from the ground, and the crow's grumble turned down, and he stopped all in a while. Crow was now badly tired, so that it was also difficult for him to keep himself in the air and he was getting closer to the water. The swan was understanding the situation of the crows, but he became unaware, "Why are you touching the water again and again, is it also a feat of yours?" "No," same the crow, "I am sorry, I’m tired and if you are doing not facilitate ME, then i'll die here ... save me, i'll ne'er show pride. "

Hans had pity on the crow, he thought that the crow has learned lesson, now it would be better to save his life, and sitting on his back on the crow back to the coast and flying.

Friends, we should understand that even if we do not know, there is some quality in everyone who makes it special. And even if we have thousands of goodies, but if we boast of him, then we too have to be ashamed like a crow. There is also an old saying, "The arrogant's head is always low." So keep in mind that you are not even a crooked mistake.

2 Continuously stay alert. 

Sometime in the distant past there was a lion that developed so old that he was unfit to kill any prey for his nourishment. Along these lines, he said to himself, I should plan something for remain my stomach else I will kick the bucket of starvation.

He continued reasoning and thinking and finally a thought clicked him. He chose to rests in the cavern claiming to be sick and afterward who-so-ever will come to ask about his wellbeing, will turn into his prey. The old lion set his underhanded arrangement in motion and it began working. A large number of his well-wishers got executed. Be that as it may, abhorrent is brief.

Always think good motivational stories

At some point, a fox came to visit the debilitated lion. As foxes are sharp commonly, the fox remained at the mouth of the cavern and looked about. His intuition worked and he came to know the truth. Anyway, he shouted to the lion from outside and stated, How are you, sir?

The lion answered, I am not feeling admirably by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, for what reason don't you come inside?

"By then the fox replied, I couldn't want anything more than to come in, sir!"

Saying as much, the fox went to alarm different creatures.


"Continuously Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alert before Walking in Any Situation."

3 Monkey and sugari. 

There was cold knock in the beautiful forest, all the animals were engaged in preparing for the difficult weather that was coming. The sweet bird was one of them, like every year, she had prepared a wonderful nest for herself and the sudden rain And to avoid the cold, it was covered with chaos from the four sides.

Everything was going well, one day suddenly the lightning started crying and there was a lot of rain, due to untimely rain, the cold also increased and all the animals started fleeing to their houses. Came back in and started resting. It was just a few moments passed that a monkey came under the tree to save himself.

Always think good motivational stories

Sugari said to the monkey, "If you are so smart, why did not you build a house to avoid such a season?" On hearing this the monkey got angry, but she kept quiet and trying to save herself under the tree. felt .

Sugari again said after quitting, "The whole heat spent here in laziness ... It would be nice to build a house for myself !!!" This monkey said in anger, "Keep your sense, leave me worry . "

 Sugari became calm. 

The rain was not taking the name of the halt and the winds were moving too fast, the poor monkey was shaking from the cold, and was trying hard to cover itself. But Sugari had vowed to tease him, he said, , "I wish you had seen a bit strange, this condition today.

Sugari did not even finish his talk saying that the monkey said, "Be silent, stop this once again whispering... keep these words of wisdom with you and do not try to become a pundit." Sugari Shanti Added.

So far enough water had fallen, the monkey was completely stunned and was shivering badly. She did not remain so, and then she said, "At least learn to make home now." Soon after listening to the monkey immediately on the tree "Even if I do not know how to make a house but it breaks well ...", and saying that he broke the nest of the sage.Now the paddy had become homeless as a monkey and from the cold Was shivering.

Friends, it happens so many times that instead of cutting the help of a person in trouble, they start giving prominence around the world. Being a person, everyone is responsible for their status. We as a well wisher, If you can give advice on time, yes, but for the sake of any reduction, we can reach the status of Sugari bird. Therefore, you can help someone in difficult situations, but do not Do not preach unnecessarily.

4 Think Big. 

An dismissed young man from a awfully poor family was traveling within the train to travel to a different town in search of employment. At home, solely a vegetable was created, thus he unbroken solely roti for food on the approach.

Always think good motivational stories

After halfway through, he started feeling hungry, and took out roti from dejeuner and commenced feeding. The thanks to eat his food was a touch strange, he took a chunk of bread and place it within the dejeuner as if he was feeding one thing else with the bread, whereas he had solely roti !! His actions were dismayed to visualize this and different travelers near . The young man takes a chunk of bread each time and puts it in a very dejeuner of lies and account. everybody was curious why that young man was doing this. After all, one person didn't live and he asked him why you're doing such a factor, you are doing not have a vegetable, ANd if you set a chunk of bread in an empty dejeuner, then eat it as if it's a vegetable.

Then the young man responded, "Brother, this is often not a vegetable within the empty lid however i'm thinking that i'm feeding heaps of stuff in it, i'm feeding roti with ethics."

Yes, it's returning, i am feeding heaps with pickle pickle and that i feel sensible too. The young man responded

The neighbors additionally detected regarding this, and one person from them aforesaid, "When you had to suppose, then you thought of peas and paneer at the place of quality, you're thinking that royal cabbage you bought the style of it. consistent with your voice communication, if you thought of conduct, then style of ethics came then it might style if you considered delicious things. If you had to suppose, then why do you have to suppose thus massive once wondering it? "

Friends, this story offers U.S.A. the education that you simply can get as you're thinking that. tiny thinking are tiny, massive thinking can get larger. thus continuously suppose larger in life. verify massive dreams, then we'll get larger. In tiny thinking, identical energy and time are consumed the maximum amount thinking, thus once it involves thinking, continuously suppose massive.

5 Three short motivational stories 

Always think good motivational stories

1) What do I come frome goodness? 

Once Hazrat Bayyazid Bustami was sitting on the banks of the river with some of his friends, his eyes were lying on a scorpion which was submerged in water. When he caught him to save him from drowning, he stung it. After some time he went into the water again, again this time Hazrat continued to save him, but he stung it again. It happened four times that way, then he did not stay with a friend. He asked, "Your work is out of our understanding, it is stinging and you do not hesitate to save it." He smiled in a lot of trouble and said that when this evil does not work, then why should I be so fond of !!!

2) Laber like life. 

Hazrat Siddique Akbar Razi 0 became the Khalifa. His salary was being considered. He said that how much is the earning of a laborer daily in Medin the same amount should be fixed for me too. Hear this, any of the peers talked - how will you be able to pay so much money in Siddiqui? Hazrat Siddiq replied - My endeavor will be in the same way as a laborer. If not, I will increase the income of the workers so that my salary increases. As the wages of laborers will increase, the level of my life will also increase. 

3) Neighbours. 

There was a cobbler in the neighborhood of Imam Abu Hanif. During that whole day, sitting on a quiet hut on his shack, the boots kept tiring, but in the evening drinking alcohol, he used to foment and sing loudly. Imam, in any corner of his house, remained unaware of everything in the night, without any thing. The noise of the neighbors reaches their ears but they never get angry. One night, the noise of that cobbler was not heard. Imam became restless and anxiously waiting for the morning. In the morning, he asked about the cobbler in the neighborhood. It is known that the soldier has taken hold of him because he used to cry loud in the night and slept others sleep.

At that time Khalifa was the ruler of Mansoor. Despite repeated invitations, the Imam had never taken a step towards his dahlis, but that day he reached the court of Khalifa for the first time to rescue the neighbor. When Khalifa knew his motive, he stopped for a while and said, "Hazrat, it is a very happy opportunity that you bring a picture in the court. In your honor, we are not just your neighbors, but the orders for release of all the prisoners. " This sentence had a profound effect on the imam's neighbor that he left the liquor and then he never bothered the villagers.

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